Find Chey Friday

Well today even I think I know where I am, but WAIT! I think it looks a little off… hmm? Did I mess up my teleporting AGAIN?

Where do you think I am? And remember as always it’s not just the most correct answer that gets Featured on Sunday Guest Star.

Happy Independence Day (a day named for Cats don’t you think?!)

Need More Cats because you’re staying home this weekend due to high gas prices (try my nipothal cars–oh wait… GM still refuses to make them) well then here are some great places.

Adding in a Hint:

I am not on Ellis Island. I am not in France. I am not in Las Vegas. I’m actually closer to home than any of those places.


  1. It looks like tha Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island, but maybe it’s really hers sisfur in Paris, France????

  2. If you are in New York, you are technically the face of “Liberty Enlightening the World” the correct name of the Statue of Liberty which sits on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. We don’t think you are at one of the two in Paris – on in the Luxembourg gardens, or the larger one that stands on Swan Ally in the Seine. The first one is only 15′ high and is surrounded by flowers and trees, and the second one has the Eifel tower as a backdrop (and is 35′ tall). (We had to do some research for this one).

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  3. Chey my friend, You are a very lovely Lady Liberty! I agree, every day is Independance Day for kitties!

  4. You make a lovely Lady Liberty, Chey! Happy Independence Day.

  5. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:


  6. KC you are on the right track. I am not in New York or on Ellis Island…

  7. What a great post!
    Happy 4th Of July!

    all the purries from
    Purrchance To Dream
    and Not The Mama, too!

  8. Okay, i’s plotting coordinates now to see if some of ’em could of gotten switched around abouts.
    Tha statue doesn’t look white, but maybe it does look lighter….

  9. …i’s still finks it’s Las Vegas, Baby.
    Hee hee.

  10. Look, it’s the Stat-Chey of Liberty!

  11. Wonderful photo!
    Hope you are having a Happy Fourth of July celebration. We are having a blast with Opus and Roscoe. Wish we could visit more but you know how it is. Oh well at least we get a little time once in awhile.
    Sassy & Momo

  12. Happy Fourth! I, of course, think a Siamese is the perfect symbol of Liberty, as we always do want we want to do!

  13. You are purrfect at the StatChey of Liberty! Happy 4th of July!

    Thank you for all your purrs and purrayers for me while I was sick. Meowm and I really appredciate them and they helped tons!


  14. u ar on da face uv da grate statyoo uv liberty on liberty island sumware between noo york city an noo jersey!
    happee 4th uv july!

  15. Hee hee, i loves it, tha Stat-CHEY of Liberty.

  16. Oh, my Cod! The very first time we actually know where you are we are too late! Well, isn’t that just great?!

    Happy Independence Day, Miss Liberty Cheysuli!

  17. Chey, you make the purrfect Lady Liberty, but we are stumped as to where you are if it’s not in NY! Our knowledge of other similar statues is so little … Hee Hee!

  18. Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!

    Fat Eric

    (waving a Union Jack!)

  19. You’re welcoming those hearts that yearn to be free, Chey. Let Freedom Ring! Happy 4th!

  20. Oh look!! It’s the Statue of LibertyChey Cat!!!!
    Why,even the plaque Chey is holding says July 4th!!!!!
    Smart LibertyChey on Ellis Island 🙂
    HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  21. LOL even we recognise this one! Happy 4th July Chey!

  22. Lady Liberty, Miss Cheysuli, a statue beyond compare.

    Happy 4th to all of you.

  23. a Statue of Chey. How cute.

    Happy Fourf of July.

  24. Hey it’s a great day da 4th of July. We are truly da independent ones.

  25. That is a great photo, Chey! I think they should definitely keep you up there!
    Happy Fourth!

    Roxy & Lucky

  26. That’s a nice-looking Statue of Liberty. Hope you can get your head back on straight when you zap back home.

  27. The only thing that China Cat & I think that we know is that it has to do with France… We think that there is a smaller statue there but that’s all we think that we know…

    Anyway, Happy Independence Day to you and your family, indeed!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  28. I love your face on Lady Liberty, Chey. As with the others, the only statues I know are the one in New York and the ones in France. Is there one in Seattle, by any chance?

  29. I came to find you Chey, since you asked. You must be lost again. Isn’t there one of those liberty things near you? Yeah, I’ve heard of it. Darn, where’s my thinking cap? I think I’ve lost it. Oh there it is! That park with a beach. Alki Beach. Yeah, that’s it. Makes me think of Alki-holics. Did France give yall that Liberty statue too? Or did you get it at a thrift store? Well, it’s purrtier with your face on it, anyways.
    your bud Pepi

  30. YEAH Pepi! I think you will be my Sunday Guest Star!!!

  31. Your face does not match the costume.

    Luf, Us

  32. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Hi Chey. You need to come back and check out blog! Mommy just tagged you guys for the cold box Meme. HEHEHEHE.

  33. You are a classic. When you are president i hope the French send over a Cheysuli de Liberty statue!


  34. You are at the replica of the Statue of Liberty at Alki Beach, West Seattle. Are we right?????

  35. Colmar France is where the littel one is located.

    You look very snazzy. Happy 4th!!

  36. Hi there Chey! How’s the weather up there? Hope your fourth was wonderful and not filled with too many boomies.

  37. Great photo, Chey, hope you had a great July 4th!.

    Mindy & Moe

  38. Skeeter, L, and Ayla says:

    Huh, we were sure you were in Las Vegas! Nefer heard of that beach place.

  39. What a nice place to be on Independence Day!

    ~ The Bunch

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