Thankful Thursday Advice

I am taking this moment to thank you all for any advice.

Yesterday I went to the vet. I had to have a urine analysis because I spend a lot of time in the litter box. I had to have blood work because they want to do a dentistry again and I had have a vaccine. Gemini had only an exam. Our total was $360 in vet bills for all of this.

My estimated dentistry is between $675 and $975 depending upon how many extractions I have. They charge by the time it takes for this so of course it is a wide range. My human remembers when an expensive dentistry was about $350 for a large dog (more anesthetic which is the most expensive).

We realize that everything in Seattle costs more than in Portland and it’s been a good 8 years since she has had a cat who needs a teeth cleaning. We are wondering if this is a normal price range for dental (and general vet care) or if this seems high to the rest of the blogosphere? It’s tough to call around to vets to find out, because it’s hard to know what they include in any one given fee so we thought we’d ask cat owners if our veterinary expenses seem higher than usual.


  1. $360 for today all of you?
    Your estimated dentistry is between $675 and $975 depending upon how many extractions you have???

    You make Michico doesn’t know what to say…..

  2. In O Hi O it is between $300 – $400.
    In Kansas City we got a discount ’cause there are 4 of us.

  3. It sounds furry expensive to us, but we don’t know what US rates are. When I (Eric) went last year, I had three teefs stolen and the rest were polished and scaled and mum paid approx. $380.That sounds around the same as in Ohio. This year Flynn had his teefs polished and scaled and I had a checkup but nuffin done. That cost approx. $280 furr both of us.Blood tests on average are around $100-$120, so mum thinks that and the vaccine would be around $200 tops here.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a lot, but we live in the south and everything seems to be a little bit less. We have not had to have our teeths cleaned yet, but we do eat lots of crunchies.

    Our cousin BooBoo had to go to the Vet this week and had a cortisone shot, lab work and some medicine for his upset tummy. It was $174.

  5. well, Miles’ 5 extractions 2 years ago were $875. Our normal v-e-t visits range anywhere from $50-80. BUT, me and Miles haf inshur-ants which pays for most of our visits (and even dental work). When Miles had all the bloodwork done last summer it was more than $1000 (those FIP tests are really expensive and he had to have 3 of them)and the inshur-ants paid mommy back about $750. Mommy has to put Billy on the inshu-ants if they will take him (somefing about herpes being a pre-existing condishun and she doesn’t know if he can be covered for that or not). So to us, those v-e-t costs are about the same as they are here.

  6. OUCH! We are not sure what the cost should be… but that is alot.

    Is there a vet college around that you could go to the student clinic and pay less?

    We have a Monet painting we could sell on Ebay for you……

  7. The $360 sounds about right as those blood tests are ridiculously expensive!! Kind of a racket if you ask me but…. However, the dental amount sounds high. Especially since most dentals are actually done by techs and not vets. I think you should call around and see if that’s normal, I don’t think my VET would charge that much for a dental I’d think more like $300+. I’ll have my LL check later today when she runs to the bank (its right next to the vet and of course they all know me there…).

  8. We are sorry but we couldnt leave a message yesterday for some strange reason….we wanted to let you know we enjoyed your peace globe….

    wow we feel lucky with vet bills.
    Abby had to have one extraction and tooth cleaning 2 years ago and it was only $125.

    Our office visits just went from $30 to $35…we feel very lucky….

  9. That does seem like a lot of green papers. But whenever we go to see the vet, it always seems to add up to a lot more than we expected. My Mommie has started brushing my teeths every day because I was told my teeths are a little bit tartar-y. I do not know if it is working or not yet.

  10. Mommy says the V-E-Ts around here keep going up on prices, which makes it very hard for us to keep up with our health when she has to schedule it all around bills and stuff. None of her kitties have ever had to have an extraction, but she does know that a check-up with bloodwork for kitties is in the $100-$200 range, depending on what all they do.

  11. Chey, come see! We’ve given you an award!


  12. Ummm…our pictures today…..even Meowm couldn’t tell. And upon further inspection, she found that hse has put up two pictures of Junior. So I have made her change it!


  13. The vet bill sounds about like our vet for visits and blood tests…HIGH…, but we have never had to have an extraction so I can’t help you there.

  14. Its bin a long time since our peeple had to pay for cat dental work. Cat teeth helth month is in like Febryooairy and our vet has a speshul then, but if yoo need your teeth fixed now you need it now. Wish we were more helpful. Me and Tenny gots to go to the vet together today and I sure hope it won’t take that many green papers. It bedder not cut into my Tempayshuns fund…

  15. Sadly, that seems cheap for us Bay Area kitties…

  16. That seems a bit high to us – we’ve never had a vet bill that high, even when I had my bladder stone removed.

  17. I’m with Parker. My tooth cleaning I had 2 years ago was around $400. I didn’t have any extractions, but this cost included the additional work ups (blood, heart etc) and monitoring I have need before anysthetic because of my FIV. The actual cleaning for a cat without FIV would have been much cheaper.

    I know our VET told us the more anysthetic used the more it costs, but that is a wide range to quote you. I’m smelling a bit of a rat…mmm rat.

  18. Poor Chey 🙁
    As I am in Canada, it’s hard to compare,but our Vets are expensive too, but still similar to your costs.
    It’s too bad Vets are so expensive. More kitties would get care if more people could afford it ! On the news I hear about people dumping their pets because they cannot afford them 🙁

  19. It just costed mine Mom $400 for da vet to steal SEVEN of my teefs. That included the anty-byotiks, and the price of the rabies stabby stuff (that Mom didn’t ok them to give either). She liked going to dat stabby place because dey has what she considered fair prices. One of those high end multipple vet centers would cost lots more.

  20. Pee Ess. We won’t be going to any place to get owr teefs owt again. Next time we will use da old string tied to da door trick and lots of stinky goodness to help owt.

  21. wowie that sownds lyk alot, but where yoo lif is probably higher eferyfng higher than here.
    one of owr woofers, jd, had his teef cleaned last year and it was only $60.
    acause theres so many of us, owr beans brush owr teefs.

  22. Wow…maybe I should let the People brush my teeths after all…

  23. Okay, mom made daddy read this and he’s stopped complaining about our vet bills. Zippy had a check up and old lady blood tests and it costed $175…her dental with two extractions and meds (pain and antibiotic) and a follow up because she’s a senior cat cost $210…yours seems really high to us. We also haf inshurants to help wif da costs but mostly becawse mom never wants to hafta say she can’t afford a treatment to help save our lives.

  24. I have not had to have any dental work yet, but the last time I went to the V-E-T for my virus, with Xray, flooids, anteebioticks and boarding, it was US $475-My mom made a VERY BAD JOKE about leaving me there to mop floors to pay it of-BAD MOM!

  25. If ya can gif us more details on the werk, we will haf The Big Thing ask our V-E-T about the cost.

  26. If Jan reads this, she’ll make us go out and get jobs to pay for our own vet bills. We eat lots of crunchies and we’ve never had any dental problems, so we have nothing to compare those prices too. But is your vet buying a cabin on a lake, by any chance?

    Purrs and tail wags.

  27. Chey, we are so sorry to hear about your high vet bills. However, it is no fun to have hurty teef either. We just hopes that you will not have to get too many teef out. We just recently had check-ups, worm pills, and our shots and feel lucky that it was only a couple hundred for the two of us.

    Mindy & Moe

  28. Heh heh. Dorf ended up having 3 total teeth extractions and his additional fluid work after the first one ended up causing so many problems and everything ended up being $7100. Yup. $7100. As in seven thousand one hundred and zero zero point zero zero. Yup. And now he’s toofless and also going blind.

    And now we’ve switched over to a feline vet only clinic and she is more money, although we like her better.

    Good luck. Your prices seem about correct for our regular doctors who do a lot. For non-everything type doctors, they would be a bit high.

    Luf, Us

  29. Chey, I’m sorry I’m late answering this — my human went on an overnight trip and she’s just now getting us caught back up on our blogging.

    My dental work with one extraction was $380. Which is about par for the course for vets around here. And we Ballicai have a very, very good vet, so we feel fortunate. Our checkups are usually in the $80-100 range, depending upon what is done.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  30. In Madison, we gets our teefs cleaned fur round $200. You mite wanna call sum ofur vets fur estimates.

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