Thankful Thursday

It is thankful Thursday and I am feeling a bit put out about what to be thankful for. I have lost another of my best supporters in Al Gore. My human keeps putting icky stuff on my gums to help my teeth.

My vet says that the Silicea that she put me on could actually cause the smaller looser teeth to just fall out. Gemini won the costume contest as a tribble and I didn’t win anything.

I guess I am thankful that I am not Georgia.

And I am most definitely thankful that bloglines seems to be updating all the feeds again. Can you believe I missed out on about five of Yao-lin’s posts? No wonder I haven’t been myself!


  1. Chey, we hope the stuff on your gums helps.

  2. I know the icky stuff on your gums must not be fun, but it’s just to help your toofies!
    ps – please smooch Georgia for me, OK?

  3. We hope your teeths are going to be OK, Chey.

  4. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Chey, we hope that your teefies feel better soon.

  5. Oh Chey……… 🙁
    You can be thankful that you have lots of friends in
    the Blogosphere 🙂 Purrs Chey !!

    Purrs Mickey

  6. GASP!

    Poor Chey! No wonder it is kind of hard for you to feel thankful today.

  7. Don’t you just hate days like that? Things will get better!


  8. I am also thankful that Bloglines seems to be working right again. I was sad to see how many things I missed!

  9. I know just how you feel, Chey. My mom has been fighting off the Plague and has been late with my posts and not as prompt and far-reaching with my comments!

  10. You’re the only think I’m thankful for. My house is so boring and you would think my Meowmy forgot how to type with the little amount of commenting we’re doing.

  11. Don’t ever give up, Chey. Politics is a tough way to make a living but don’t let it conquer your spirit.

    We hope your teeth don’t fall out.

    purrs and tail wags

  12. We are thankful that Mercury is finally out of retrograde! Hope that your teeth feel better. Please rest them up for our next Bite & Run. We are sorry about Al Gore, but since we are friends with him it would not be right to bite him.
    Perhaps i will have a talk with him.

  13. oh darling, I can’t believe you missed out on five of my posts! The shock must have been unimaginable. I am so thankful that you are now up to date with my antics!

    I am also thankful that you are a politician – the world needs you !!! xx never give up, never surrender! x

  14. Hey Chey, we are thankful dat you are on the cat blogosphere. 🙂 Does dat help?

  15. What a week indeed! I think its cuz thare is a full moon. Dats my story and I’m stickin to it.

  16. I gess it’s nice dat yoor not Georgia but yoo could be thankful she’s still around.

  17. Poor Chey were sorry yoo haded a bad week. But be nise ta Georgia. Shes yur sissy.

  18. Chey, there are other things to be thankful for, f.e. — name another cat running for presidency so successful as you? And about the trekkie contest… although we didn’t talked long with the jury (from other planets), we think they all felt a bit scared of your Borg eye…

    Headbutts and hugs, also to your sisters,
    Karl & Ruis

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