Thankful Thursday

I would like to thank my friend Storm for the Brilliant Weblog Award last week. I am so honored. I am even more honored as no doubt this is probably the last award Storm will be offering.

I am thankful that Storm’s people have found the cat blogosphere, one of the few places on earth where hundreds of cat lovers can read your story and know exactly what you are going through. Not everyone has had a cat who had to have chemotherapy but nearly every one of us has battled against loosing our loved ones. We understand the difficulty, the sorrow and what is sometimes even relief as we go through this decision process.

I realize that the blogosphere is saying Friday is a day of tribute for Storm, however I had planned on wanting to say thank you for the award today.   As a Siamese, I just keep talking.

We will purr for you to have a brilliant and wonderful day with your family Storm.

Oh yes, for those of you who think all Siamese look alike, that’s not me. It’s Storm.  You can tell. There are no extra long fangs.


  1. She’s so beyootiful…and to think, she was worried about not being beyootiful after all that horrible medical treatments. We think her courage, fight and grace made her even more beyootiful and we’re going to miss her.

  2. Miss Peach says:

    My tiny heart is breaking for Sweet Stormie. I know it is her time because she is so weak and wants to be at peace. What an amazing brave lady cat she is…I will always remember her bravery.
    I wanted to let you know today how much I treasure YOUR friendship….I just needed to let you know that!
    Love your Miss Peach

  3. My heart also breaking…
    We will meet at the bridge one day 🙁

  4. Dearest Chey…thank you for such a beautiful tribute to me…I have always enjoyed your blog so much and you have always been a constant friend to me, you are very special indeed…
    Love and purrs to you always my friend
    Stormie xxx

  5. We are very sad for Storm’s Mom. We know Storm has fought a brave battle and needs to go to the Bridge, but we will miss her so.

  6. Chey, you said such nice things about Storm. She has made a big impression on us all and will be remembered with great fondness.

    Mindy & Moe

  7. The Bridge is going to get a very beautiful and wonderful new angel…

  8. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Storm has taught us all about fighting, winning and grace!

  9. oh no, all Siamese look very different, and Stormie is the most beautiful Siamese.

  10. We are so sad about Storm. Our eyes are leaking.

    If you want, we have a special badge for all fo the kitties that participated in our pirate attack to free Mommy yesterday. Please come by and get yours if you would like.

  11. That was lovely Chey. Of course I knew it was Storm but I’m a meezer so I guess that means I can tell the difference a lot easier. I’m SO sad about Storm but I know its the best for her. She’s such a hero.

  12. I am so sad to hear that Stormie lost this final battle. Special purrs are going out from me to her family, and to her for a peaceful crossing.

  13. I feel honored to know Stormie. She is the bravest and most beautiful kitty I know.

  14. Wonderful post, Chey. We are so sad that Storm is going to the Bridge. We will miss her dearly. We are purring and praying for her and for her family.

  15. What a byootiful girl.

  16. Aww Chey you made my Momma’s eyes start leaking again. She says you are right that a lot of other people might not understand the depth of hurt, pain and sorrow that this would cause and she is also glad that Stormie’s Mom has found some comfort amongst those of us who truly do understand….


  17. concatulations on your award Chey and that is a wonderful tribute to your furriend Storm.

  18. Storm is going to leave a hole in all our hearts.

    Meowm says you feel free to teleport over and take care of the kits…they are wearing her out.

  19. Wonderful post! Thank you 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  20. We will all miss Storm : (

  21. We are very sad about Storm, too, Chey. It is so difficult for everyone that she goes to a place where we cannot talk to and touch her. But the Bridge is a beautiful place for a beautiful cat, and from there she will be healthy and young again look at us.

    And so we are sure she will also see that Gemini is one of the winners in our wedding reception Trekkie contest. Congratulations, Gemini!!

    The details and the other winners are posted at our joint blog.

    Karl & Ruis

  22. Storm will not be forgotten…

  23. Storm is soooo very brave and strong. We admire her and iz sending all our purrs to her and her family.
    Thank you for such a nice post.

  24. Your post was brilliant and Storm will be sorely missed. Our eyes are leaking while she has been the bravest of the brave. We really appreciate that you put into words what we were feeling…

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Willow and China Cat

  25. Dr Tweety says:

    We are furry sorry abouts dis beootyfull Ms Storm. She seemz like such a strong & resouceful kittee, & such a dear frend to you & so many otherz. Pleeze note dats we will be purrin’ fur you, her frendz, & her fambly.

  26. What a lovely post, Chey. Mom’s eyes are leaking again. We are all purring and praying for precious Stormie and her sweet family.

    And you are so right, the Cat Blogosphere is such a blessing for our beans, who love us so very, very much. Thank you for being my friend.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  27. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.
    We will miss Storm so very much, but she will be well and happy.
    Love and Purrs,
    Missy Blue Eyes

  28. Beautiful post for Storm, Chey …

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