Tabby Tuesday

Momma says I am ever so photogenic. I think she is right. I think she should take more photos of me, particularly those that are up close like this one.

However, Daddy got them a Wii this weekend for their anniversary present. They are going to get the Fit part too but they found the Wii at a good price here — Daddy has been looking at them.

Momma was playing with that more than she was talking to me. Can you believe it? Instead of sitting and watching a movie, and brushing me, they were pretending to bowl in the house! I don’t care if they bowl or whatever but I want to play too and no one got me a control!

I am going to go purr for my Ping.  He has a hurt leg and may have to go to the vet. He is ever so shy so this is very scary for him.


  1. Awww, Gemini, what a beautiful girl you are — you have such an expressive, sweet face! And Happy Anniversary to your humans. *smile*

    We Ballicai will purr for precious Ping!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  2. You are very photogenic and very beautiful. Our noses are similar, both look like little hearts.
    Great photos.
    I’m going to visit Ping now and see what is going on there.
    Missy Blue Eyes

  3. That’s a beautiful closeup of your face, Gemini! Gorgeous eyes!

  4. You are very very beautiful~!
    Michico says she wants to photo you personally so much, hehehe~~

  5. You are a looker!

  6. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Gemini! What a beautiful face! Mommy is trying to give you kisses!!!

  7. oh Gemini, you are ever so beautiful!

  8. ::::::THUD:::::

    Boo: Abby quick grab some water

    Abby: Why what happened?

    Boo: Ping fell out after seeing Miss Gemini’s closeup.

    Abby: OH I can see why now, Gemini you are looking so beautiful in your close up.

    ::::::aaaaahhhhhhhhhhwhathappened::::::the earth is spinning:::::oh my {points paws} its Miss Gemini:::::


    Boo: There he is out cold again.

    Abby: Thank you for your purrs for Ping, Gemini. He is going to the vet on Thursday (he doesn’t know it yet though)


  9. You are stunning… What is a Wii? We will purr for poor Ping.

  10. Oh no… now have a Wii in your house. Good luck with that…..just don’t get nailed in the noggin like Kaze did. Stay away from the Wi-mote!!! My humans want a fit mat too. I hear hula-hoop is fun!

  11. I feel bad for poor Ping – the vet isn’t a fun place to go even if you are a super social kitty!

    My Uncle Sean has a wii – mommy and Almost Dad go over to see him and play with it. Since we don’t have one at my house, I haven’t seen it yet. I think it is unfair. I bet I am better at it than the beans. Kitties are more coordinated, after all!

  12. You are very photogenic. Mom and Dad like those ups of us too. But they also like the Wii (although they don’t have one). Sometimes Mom and Dad play the PlayStation, and we can bite at the cords to try to get them to stop playing.

  13. Gemini, you certainly are very photogenic! Such a beautiful close-up! We have both been suffering from the lack of our humans paying attention to us also. We hope that your Momma and Daddy had a nice anniversary but now can pay more attention to you!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  14. Gemini, I think you are beautiful! You have a very sweet-looking face and expressive eyes.

  15. I agree, those close up shots are the best! It reely capchures yur pritty eyes. I gots a new portrait on my page today and Daddy sez he is gonna get it printed and framed cuz it capchures me so purrfecktly.

  16. those are perfect close up shots! you have stunning green eyes and we can see how soft your furs are. my beans got a Wii at a special deal too. i was neglected a lot the first few weeks…now they have “dancing with the stars” and i just get to laff at them.

  17. Our Lady says she’d stop anything to cuddle you. You’re gorgeous!

  18. You have a beautiful face, Gemini. They should be paying more attention to you instead of playing games.

    We hope Ping is all right.

    purrs and tail wags

  19. Gemini,you look so pretty close up!!
    I cannot imagine your Mom being too busy with other stuff!
    My Mom is too,but I don’t get it !!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Gemini you are such a lovely ladycat. Too bad your beans are distracted by the Wii thingy. Loving and playing with you would be much better.

  21. You are quite gorgeous, indeed.

    Luf, Us

  22. That is a GREAT picture of you!


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