Sunday Guest Star

Well this week I couldn’t get out of the UK. With Storm leaving us and then Flynn’s buddy Eric not feeling well and Baby Mao spending many days at the vet I had a hard time considering anywhere else.

So as I wandered through London, I tried to get up high and get my bearings. Guess who saw me from their window?!

If I am not mistaken you on top of St Pauls Cathedral!!!! We can see you from our kitchen window! I swear to Bast that we can…seriosuly….we have an excellent view of St. Pauls from our house!

This made us smile so much…and if it in;t you on top of the Cathedral…then who is it? There is definitely Meezer up there :)

I love you Chey…take care and remain being the great Meezer that you are xxxx

Yes, you are right. It was our dear friend Storm. I had found her. And right from the top of St. Paul’s. It seemed a fitting place to be noticed by her.

Gandalf and Grayson agreed with Storm and I’m not sure if they knew where I was or that they were definitely agreeing that I am great (which of course I am). Alexi seemed to know where I was as well.

I definitely know Fat Eric knew where I was. He gave me directions:

Welcome to London, Chey! Now, from there you can just take a few stops on the Tube to Liverpool Street, jump on a suburban train for 7 stops and visit me at my house!!

Cool Fat Eric! I’ll be therein time for dinner! And it was a wonderful dinner. I visited with Eric and Flynn later and Eric didn’t yak for me. I found Yao-lin and Baby Mao.

Finally as I left, I decided I should call on Tyler seeing he had just lost his sister. If you haven’t been over there, you might want to go.


  1. How very fitting. I hope you said goodbye to Storm for all of us and had a nice visit with Fat Eric.


  2. How totally cool that Storm is your Sunday guest star! I love it. I will certainly visit Tyler very soon. I have been checking on Kali every day.

  3. How wonderful Storm saw you from up there! She was such a smart and brave kitty ~ and so is Fat Eric ~ purrs to both of them and you ~ we iz furry sad to learn about Kali…so much sadness in cat blogosphere this week…

  4. How perfect that Storm had the correct answer. Our eyes are leaking again thinking of her. We miss her dearly and are purring for her family.

  5. You picked the perfect time to visit London Chey!!
    In addition to family,I’m glad she had a great Meezer friend
    to see her on her new journey 🙂
    Purrs Mickey


  6. Isn’t London great? St. Pauls – he! Great!

  7. You picked the perfect spot to visit. I am so glad that Stormie got to see you!!!

  8. How fitting that Storm is your Guest Star today. Every time I read the final words that Stormie left, I get all choked up.

  9. Chey, Stormie is the purrfect choice for your Guest Star. She has been such an inspiration to all of us …
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. Oh yes, just the perfect guest star!


  11. Yes, many stops for you this weekend indeed. {{{hugs}}}

    Luf, Us

  12. How fitting that Storm was the first with the correct answer. You couldn’t have chosen a better place for her to see you from her window.

  13. Yes, it certainly does seem fitting for Storm to be your guest star this Sunday. We’re all thinking of her.

    And Eric. And Kali’s family.

    Here we go with the leaky eyes again.



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