Sunday Guest Star

Well, this was a popular place. A number of cats knew where we were. Snow and Forest were the first to guess Multonomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, a few miles east of Portland.

Eric and Flynn verified Snow and Forest’s guess. They got postcards from there and verified it was Benson Bridge (We knew the bridge had a name but we didn’t recall, so we’ll believe you). Mr. Echo excitedly guessed correctly too.

Miss Peach knew it (as I knew she would) and she said:

Yes indeed it is Multnomah Fall on the Columbia River. We pass it each time we go to Portland with our beans. How cool that our beloved friends all the way in Pakistan were the first to guess right! They are some smart cats! I have been so bad at visiting all of my dearest friends…i hope I do not get banned from the blogosphere for lack of hospitality.

I am sure you will not get banned Miss Peach. What would we do without you?!

Dr. Tweety also knew as did Skeeter, LC and Ayla.

I have to recognize Daisy who thought I was at Knotts Berry Farm:

Um, are you about to go on the Log Ride at Knotts Berry Farm?

Um no Daisy I wasn’t, but what an interesting guess. Technically several others of you were correct as well. Yes, Multonomah Falls IS a waterfall and yes it IS on earth and yes, it is in the Pacific Northwest but alas, so many other cats guessed correctly.

I am not sure that places are getting easier, but we are trying to offer a variety of photos so that as many cats as possible have a chance to guess where I am!


  1. Hi, Chey! Those are all great comments for your Find Chey post. I will purr and purr for you while you’re having your dental work!

    I answered your question about dental work expenses under your Thursday post. I hope all goes smoothly and wonderfully for you, dear!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  2. When is your dental, Chey? We will be purring for you, know you will be glad to get it over with. Think of the flashing, dazzling smile you will have afterwards.
    Missy Blue Eyes

    pee ess: Well, I was probably the only cat on earth who did not know where you were. Well, me and Daisy.

  3. Wow ~ we guessed right!!! We iz furry happy ~ and we is very honoured to be your Sunday Guest Stars 🙂 We hope your dental work goes fine too – purrs from us all at the SnowForest clan…

  4. Concats to Snow and Forest.
    Good luck wiv your dental work. You’ll be able to put the bitey on wiv a big dazzling smile afterwards.

  5. Mommy feels kinda’ stupid ’cause she has been there before…

  6. Congratulations to Snow and Forest! We thought it was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (or Southwest when talking about Canada!) but didn’t know the exact location.

  7. We have to get out of the house more often! We nefur know where these beautiful pictures are! teeheehee!


  8. We congratulate all the smart kitties who knew where you were! We’re great big doofuses.

  9. I think I might need to start studying geography!

  10. I love playin yur game evry week. Thanks for wishing Tenny well. I’m not going to like her beeing gone much. She’ll smell so diffrint when she comes home. I hope your dentist visit goes good. I’m lernin how to be brave by watchin yoo!

  11. Congratulations to Snow & Forest! We need to get out more, too … 🙂

  12. We didn’t guess because we never get to go in the Out, let along out of state!!

    Maybe deer ate your tulips. That was a petunia you made the comment about, on our blog. Our irises haven’t even started to open yet, I think spring forgot us. It is only 54 today at noon…….Brrr……I am glad I am an indoor kitty.


  13. Wow! Datz bery gud! We hast nefer bin der.

    Luf, Us

  14. Mom says dat’s a place people go to watch trains, too, but she’s never been.
    Bonnie’s grumpiness was a life-long trait, so we don’t consider it a symptom. She was the Attack Tabby, guardin our house, from a furry young age.

  15. We must get out more often. We haven’t recognized any of the places you’ve visited.

    Like the others leaving comments here, we hope your dental will go well.

    purrs and tail wags

  16. I’m sending Boni with a couple of sausage biscuits. I have to do some work on a special post for tomorrow. Mom is SO hard to get to do things right. It may take me all day.
    your bud Pepi

  17. Good luck with your dental work. We’ll be purring for you.

  18. ConCATulations to Snow and Forest! I never know where anywhere is coz I don’t get out much. Good luck with the dental work Chey dear. I hope it’s worth all those squillions of green papers. Oliver had to have his teeth de-tartered but that was way back in the ’80s so any price comparison would be less than useful:) xxx

  19. Congrats to Snow & Forest!! That are smart kitties!!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Dr Tweety says:

    Chey!!! I yam gonna cooks you a tuna puree’… & den I yam gonna makes a mackerull mousse, & den I yam gonna cooks a jello de’ turkey! Den, dere iz lizard gizzardz, which iz furry soft, & denz, to finish it all off, some pink ice-scream. Duis will makes your toofs feel furry fine.
    I hopes dat Snow & Forest gets a chancee to see da Fallz in catson some day, if dey alreddy hazzunt. Purrty speac-tack-yoular stuff!

  21. I had no idea… I hate it when I can’t figure something out.

  22. Congratulations to Snow and Forest

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