Meezer Rule Wednesday: Never Give Up!

Al Gore, in his endorsement of Barak Obama said that even cats and dogs know that we are on the wrong course. Sadly commentators, refusing to see the legitimacy of my campaign, said this was in reference to the horrible food contamination. I know, of course that this was in reference to my campaign.

The past weekend Mr. Gore (or is it Former VP Gore? or maybe just Al), came to me told me he would be endorsing the young Senator from Illinois.

“Cheysuli,” he said. “I know this is hard for you. It’s hard for me. However I don’t think the Supreme Court will uphold the legitimacy of your presidential claim should you win. I’ve thought long and hard about this. I love your Nipothal ideas. If Obama wins, I’ll be in a position to be certain that they are implemented, particularly if I take this time to endorse him. He’ll owe me.”

I sighed. And then to add insult to injury…

“Even the Italians decided that their criminal leader was a more legitimate leader than you! And these people are far more liberal than Americans! If they can’t accept a cat who can?”

So now he has to bring up my being tossed out of the Italian Government?! Hello Al. Not fair. Not Fair at all.

But don’t expect me to give up my run for the Presidency because I am a meezer and I never give up!!!

Meezer Rule: Never Give Up!!!!


  1. Dr Tweety says:

    Oh Chey!!!!
    Didzent you tell Uncle Al dats you had da furst solar powered litter box?

  2. Never giv up. If you keep running, ya might not win, but if ya quit, losin is guaranteed!

  3. Chey, that is an excellent rule! If only we were American, we would vote for you.

  4. That’s the spirit Chey ~ never give up ~ love that artistic touch to the piktur!

  5. Never, ever, ever give up!

  6. Just goes to show that you can’t trust beans!!!!!!!
    Never give up!!!!! Go Cheysuli!! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  7. NEVER GIVE UP!!! do you need me to contact Tony and have him have a “discussion” with Al to change his mind? – Sammy

  8. **whew**
    We hadda hard time getting yur comments to pop up dat’s why I diddant leave a comment yessterday…I hafta to say dat wuz a purrty pixchur of yoo Miss Gemini, it made my hart go pitterpatter and made me feel a lot better. I am doing better tooday. Hoppin around a bit moore and I even came into da kitchen when Momma wuz openin up da stinky goodness. She had to feel me while I laid on da couch tho cuz I can’t stand up furry long.

    Your boyfriencat

  9. Never give up!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Never give up, Chey!

  11. You would never give up!! Plus, I’ve already packed my pink shmousie to move to the White House!

  12. We will never understand politics, Chey. Thank goodness we have you!

  13. Al! How could you? I am very disappointed in Al.

  14. Ptooey drivel. You don’t ever give up Chey. And “when you call him, you can call him Al” now that song is stuck in my head. d#mn

  15. Of course you never give up! Nor should you!

  16. Sigh, will we ever get the rights we deserve? Neve give up Chey, we need you to win and implement all the changes we deserve.

    Is there any way you could try to get into the Canadian government for me? We desperately need you up here. I am happy that our current Prime Minister and his family foster cats, but with you in residence I am sure the Canadian government would be much, much, much better.

  17. Dino, Egypt, & the kits says:

    Chey, you’re better off without Al’s endorsement anyway.

    He’s jealous he didn’t think of the Nipothal idea first. (You better patent the Nipothal idea before he steals it.)

  18. The more we think and hear about politics and government the more we think cats really don’t belong there, at least while humans are involved…If you got to be president you would have to deal with humans and we all know how ignorant, arrogant and dishonest all dem beans in politics is.

  19. Yes. You. Can!!!

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