Meezer Monday

Remember last week on Fashion Friday? Maggy at Zoolatry was wearing a hat that looked like mine. Lo and behold! She admitted that it WAS mine and she has returned it.

I feel so much better in my hat.

This is so much more fashionable when I go out and walk with friends like Tony and the Whapinator…

Want to see the original? I have it at the bottom of the main home shopping page.


  1. You look stunning as always!

  2. Wow, I *really love that look! (Both the hat and the tongue!)

  3. This is a very neat fashion on you~!
    Very good!
    Thanks for speaking up for me to Lego~!!! You are so touching!!

  4. Oh Chey – that’s a great look on you! My brother Rudy is giving you the wolf whistle!

  5. Fabulous hat, Chey! 🙂

  6. you are very stylish . I prefer however, to walk outdoors in my bathrobe and slippers to make everyone think i’m not quite right. – The Whapinator

  7. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Chey, you are looking quite fashionable in that wonderful hat!

  8. Looking marvelous Chey 🙂
    You always look good 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Miss Gemini
    Come quick…poor Ping has been catnapped and taken off in the PTU and he is being dropped off at the VET…he is not a happy boy right now. We are all so worried about him. He did not want to go and tried to elude Dad with his elusive moves, but he is only hoppin on three legs so he wasn’t able to get away. Our poor brofur…

    Abby and Boo

  10. As always you are a fashion icon!

  11. You look very smart in that hat, Chey!

  12. I love your hat!!! We want to thank you for your kind thoughts and words when our beans had to assist Miss Evita to the Bridge. We love you.

  13. I am very glad you got your hat back. Sometimes we do not realize how much we miss something until we get it back.

  14. Whoa! You’re quite a looker in that hat, Chey!

  15. Glad that’s back! Its such a perfect Chey hat.

  16. Very cool hat. If I wore hats, that is what I would wear.

  17. Cool hat…um, dat’s not real leopard is it?

  18. That’s a very stylish hat, Chey!

  19. Me likes your hat! Me likes da spots prints very much! Mommy calls it my camos!

  20. Spiffy lid, Chey. Of course, it’s not real leopard… right?

  21. You look very glamorous in your hat Chey. We are glad you got it back.

  22. Only you can really pull this one off.
    You look dazzlingly lovely

  23. I think both you and Maggy look great with that hat, Chey!
    But how on earth got she YOUR hat??

  24. I think it is essential that a presidential candidate be fashionable. What will you wear to your inagural ball?

  25. Dat’s not REAL leopard skin, is it? Oh, no, you wouldn’t do that. It looks really nice on you!

    You HAF to see this site! Are these kitties bein coerced? Don’t they know they haf 3, count them 1-2-3 feline candidates they can vote for instead?

  26. That’s quite a nice look for you.

    purrs and tail wags

  27. I saw that site Victor tole yoo about. Cats for Obama. Rocky Ann from Catster wuz even on it! Wile I haff nothin against Mr. Obama I jes cannot bring myself to turn on candidate Chey and post a pitchur on that website. (But if I did I wood post me burying my “W” doll in my bocks cuz my goodniss we need a change!)

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