Meezer Monday

Look! I move so fast you can’t tell who I am!

And that’s what meezers are all about! We move. We talk. We do. Hence the reason I am a far better candidate than anyone else. I move and I get things done.

Do you like my new rug? My humans bought it a week ago. I’m just breaking it in! After all, you know something new really isn’t YOURS until it has cat fur all over it!


  1. Campaigns are exhaustin, but not always good fisccal exercise. All those local cultural mousies ta eat an all. So it is good ta see ya doin some serious spinnin work onna carpet. Keep up the workout routine. We need a “fit” President.

  2. You are an amazing flash of feline speed and grace.

  3. You are doing a great job of making that rug your own. Another advantage of moving fast is that you are a moving target. Harder to catch you!

  4. Oah Wowww…this is the coolest picture I have ever seen!!!!
    You guys are so amazing!

  5. Great! You are very, very fast. Great picture!

    Mindy & Moe

  6. Wow, I *do love the rug, and you are just too cool in motion that way!

  7. Chey, that is very true: Meezers are always in motion. Merlin certainly is. šŸ˜‰ That’s a very cool photo and a lovely rug!

  8. I like your new rug very much. Your blur of speed in breaking it in just adds to its loveliness.

  9. Wow! You are fast! We also use our rug for a nice scratching post!

  10. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Good Grief……your speed is amazing!

  11. Chey
    We all thought loved the picture of you…wow you were moving at warp speed…

    Helllloooooo Miss Gemini you were such a gorgeous tribble at the wedding…

    your boyfriendcat

  12. Moving and shaking!!! Its hard work furing stuff up for the first time.

  13. It looks like you are doing a GREAT job of breaking in the rug, Chey! I love the picture.

  14. Wow, Chey! You are truly inspirational! Great balls of fur!!

  15. wow that is some movin’ moves you got going on there Chey ~

  16. Two blurs of meezer fur! Stranj and beautipuss! Yoo haff so many talents Chey…

  17. My goodness! You certainly are a whirling dervish!

  18. It looks like you are moving so fast you split right into two! I like your new rug, it has pretty colors.

  19. You must be moving at the speed of light.. did Nubi teach you that old Jedi trick?

  20. Chey, is that you in that blur? What agility!

    Yes, you’re right about the rug. We got a new one and it didn’t smell like our house so I went around carefully depositing my scent on it.


  21. So,how much catnip does it take to go that fast?
    Purrs Mickey

  22. You look like a couple of tornados, in my opinion.

  23. Chey, you are zippy!
    Your new rug is lovely too!

  24. I think yur spinning! ::spin::
    Or yur in the Matrix mode an look a blur to us ::spin::
    I has to roll an scratch any new or cleaned rug.

  25. How DO you do that?

  26. Wow, I have never seen a cat move as fast you can move! I thought I was fast but not as fast as you!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  27. Your new rug has inspired you, Chey. I know how you feel; I think it’s the way that new rugs smell that drives us wild.

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