Find Chey Friday

Well once again I have managed to wander off the beaten path or perhaps on to as the case may be. Can anyone help me find my way home?

You know that the most creative answer is featured as well the most correct answer! Have fun.



  1. We think you are at the cat statue outside Betsy Ross Home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  2. Wow! You guys are good! πŸ™‚

  3. Whut da? We have no clue where you are!

  4. You’ve been immortalized as part of that cat statue/fountain, Chey!

  5. No idea where you are, Chey. But it’s a good look! Nice that beans make monuments to us.

  6. Huh. Just googled the Betsy Ross House (even though I’m an Aussiecat, I know who she was!). The website I found had this to say… “there is no historical record of Betsy Ross being particularly partial to felines”. So why’s it there? Do you know, Chey? I’d love to find out…

  7. wow. for once we knowed this one ‘acause mommy lived there for years. oh well. as for why the cat statue is there when Betsy Ross had no partiality to cats – well this is a city where one of the greatest pieces of artwork is a giant clothespin. we’re serious. a freaking 20 foot tall clothes pin. so, putting a cat statue somewhere it doesn’t belong is not unusual – there was a piece of open sidewalk and they stuck a statue there.

  8. We wouldn’t have known where it was. We thought you were out getting ready to meet your public. We can see the little cat beside you is in awe of meeting such a great purrsonality as you Chey.That was a good bit of PR too to let the other cat sit higher than you.

  9. Um, well, you know the Ministry of Magic building in Harry Potter? You know the gorgeous statues where Dumbledore hid? Well, I think you are there?

  10. Well, I’d say you’re someplace historic, because of the flag. One of the original states, I’d say.

    Is it a statue built in your honor? You know, since you’re running for prez as the first cat candidate?

  11. Whew, the pressure’s off! That’s a relief! Thanks, Ghost & Jade!

  12. HOWY BAST! Get offa dat rok! Canna yoo see it turns kittehs inta statues? RUN AWAYS!1!

  13. You are somewhere in my Meowmy’s iPhone! But I wouldn’t know otherwise because I never get to go anywhere fun to visit.

  14. SirWoody thinks that was a statue of the Cat Goddess Baset..being worshiped of course, so he took the statue and put your adorable,beautiful face on the Goddesses statue..

    **sigh** Pet just reminded SirWoody it will havta be a case of love from afar, cause you is married…

    Here is SirWoodys adaptation:

  15. I didn’t know where you were, but I want to visit now and check out that statue!

  16. Queen Snickers says:

    Well, I don’t know where it is. I’m guess it is in the northern states because of the flag. I do think one of those fountains would look good in our castle, can you order them online?

  17. is that Medusa’s house? those cats turned to stone so they must’ve seen something hideous…like an empty cat food cabinet. ack!

  18. I’m sure glad othercats knew, because I was stumped!

  19. Miss Gemini
    I did not have to go to the VET but Momma now thinks I should. She says Animal Cops last night and they had cats that had fallen on there with broken legs like what she thinks I may have done. I am still not doing all that well, but I am better. I still hurt a lot but I can scamper now which I wasn’t doing before. Momma just doesnt know what to do for me…….


  20. Good fing somecat else knew.
    hehehe on Sir Woody’s adaptayshun too.

  21. Wow! I had a hard time finding you at first, but then I looked for the most beautiful cat in the picture and there you were.

  22. But what happened to the water to play in? It can’t nearly be as much fun without the water!

  23. I cheated and Googled it, so I’m not going to answer, but it was so cool I just had to know right away! You have some cool trips you go on. Thanks for sharing that fountain picture because I never knew about it and I really like it.

  24. Chey, I am not certain but I am guessing you are somewhere in America.

    Other than that, I have no idea. My geography is appalling.


  25. Let’s see… there’s an early American flag in the background so you’re someplace that has to do with the Revolutionary war… And there is a very special cat monument/fountain there… okay, I got it! You’re at the home of the 4th Feline Battalion Regiment. Very few people know that patriotic cats took part in that war, using our teeth and claws as natural weapons. In fact, my family came to this country when my great-great-great grandcat, a redcoat kitty from the 102nd Her Majesty’s Feline Brigade, decided to jump ship and defect to America. As much as I would like to cite honorable intentions on his behalf, the family rumor is that he was against the Brit’s little known practice of using cats in lieu of cannonballs (how awful!).

  26. We don’t know where you are, Chey, but you have some interesting feline company there! πŸ™‚

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  27. The 4th of July is coming so a lot of places are displaying a flag. We would guess you are on the grounds of the Ernest Hemingway House but we always guess wrong, so you can’t be there. But if you are, would you please throw a glass of cold (it’s hot in here) water on us after we faint!

    Have you been by the CB today and seen the link to a story on Chase? We got a bit hot and wordy after reading the article and some of the nasty comments about her. Some of those humans should be tied up and used as scratching posts.

    purrs and tail wags

  28. It is loverly, wherever you be, Chey.
    Hee hee, i’s laffing about Kilroy’s “4th Feline Battalion Regiment”. Sounds like an interesting story there.

    Now i’s gotta go back an read them comments about sweet Chasey that gotted Jan’s all stirred up. scratching posts, hee hee.

    Love and Purrs,

  29. Was Ghost and Jade correct? We’ve never been to Betsy Ross house so we wouldn’t know.

  30. Mom says she’s been to the Betsy Ross house many times and has never seen that fountain. She is going to have to look for it now.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  31. Chey, we have no clue where you are at all. Some are saying Betsy Ross house. We have certainly heard of Betsy Ross though.

    Mindy & Moe

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