Weekend Cat Blogging

Hey–remember Weekend Cat blogging is here!  I hope it’s a good one.  What are you waiting for?

I need some links!!!


  1. We aren’t doing anything this weekend – it’s too hot.

  2. We’ll get our link in early since we have been missing WCB for a while!

    Thanks for hosting Chey!


  3. We’re melting here. It was 101 today and will be as hot tomorrow. Ugh!!!!! Here’s our link:

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Hi! We’re Milo and Nana and this is our first entry to WCB.

  5. Hi Chey and Gemini,

    here is our link for WCB this weekend: http://catboys.paulchens.org/?p=338

    thanks for hosting!
    purrrs, K&O

  6. Bustopher is showing us exactly what we need to do about getting him his favorite treat.


  7. I left my WCB entry in your previous post about a fantastic trip to an island! You really a big kitty, almost as big as the island! Are you an Amazon kitty? Anyway, here is my WCB link again, http://kitikata.blogspot.com Thank you for hosting WCB! Meow!

  8. Hi, thanks for hosting. The boys have posts http://iinfidel.com/2008/05/17/its-caturday/ and http://imeowza.com/2008/05/17/caturday-6/now I must go and let them in.

  9. Here is our post Chey for WCB. Thanks for hosting! We have some EYE CANDY for you all to see! Have a great weekend!

  10. It’s never too hot for weekend cat blogging! Here’s our link:


    Thanks for hosting.

  11. I put up my Paw-Fu article! Whooo! That falls into the realm of the WCB, right? Mommy says I blog too much. Whooo!

  12. Thanks for hosting this week’s WCB!

    Here’s my link:



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