Weekend Cat Blogging Is HERE!

To start off our Weekend Cat Blogging post is Jack, who was the first cat to guess that I was in Crater Lake! Congratulations Jack.

I also need to recognize Ping, Derby, Skeeter, LC and Ayla, Zippy, Speedy and Sadie, and Miss Peach. They all got Crater Lake (and we’ll believe the didn’t just peak at Jack’s comment!).

I have to say I quite liked Gandalf and Grayson’s comment of

Clearly, you need a larger island to contain all your Meezer-Marvelousness

Clearly they are very smart cats! Now on to the Weekend Roundup!

Kitikata-San has lovely fur and I think you’ll be itching to pet it.

Stellaluna is fighting off the paparazzi.

It is the first Sunday after Pentacost. Your reading is here

They’re melting over at Sher’s in the heatwave (sounds like us!)

How can anyone wonder if they need a cat on their desk?! Of course they do–even if it’s cluttered over at Zazmataz

Go welcome Bake My Day to Weekend Cat blogging. They can’t decide in or out–just like a regular cat huh?

Kashim is mad mad mad and I don’t blame him!

Bustopher is showing us exactly what we need to do about getting him his favorite treat.

I think someone needs to be fed over at Ilnfidel.

Someone else is stuck outside at Imeowza. Is there a problem here guys?

CatSynth is up for WCB in spite of the heat!

Samantha and Tigger are giving us some eye candy!

Rosa’s Yummy Yums certainly has a yummy looking Fridolin!

Dragonheart and Merlin are doing Cat Art Sunday.

Yao-lin continues to suffer through his servants ineptitude…

Remember, if you have a link, please add it in the comments!

Wow! What a list! And what a community of helpful folks. You know we now have our own REAL charity at Cat Friends Helping Friends and this week we have a fantastic raffle. Go check it out. It goes through Monday at Midnight and be sure to check out the new Auction and raffle coming on Monday!


  1. Hi, we waited til mom went to get a cup of tea and crept in here to say hi to you.

    She is always on the computer making digital scrapbook memories, or making one of her new books – (she has made 4 and is working on the 5th – by blurb.com) or doing something called PhotoHunt.

    So we wanted to say, “How YOU doin’?” 🙂 You know Joey from the TV show Friends? Well, you have to say it in his voice. 🙂

  2. Hi Chey. I am glad you stopped by my blog today. Yes I know there are dogs at my house and we do not chase them very much. I am not sure but I think we would get into some trouble if we hurt any of them. They are not going away any time soon so I have learned to like Sushi and Zeke. I did chase the visitor Jasmine but I did not hurt her either.

  3. Chey, my woman posted me grabbing for treats like they’re candy. Even better, she spilled Temptations at my feet! It’s been a good day.

  4. Hi Chey,
    yoo gets arownd alot. always traveling to egggsotik locales. yoo shuld get yur own pleane

  5. I got the name of the island right, but I couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Oh, well. That is a nice bunch of links.

  6. Darling – I have today posted a stern message to my human! x

  7. Great round-up, Chey! 🙂 Thanks for hosting! Here’s our post for WCB:

    Cat Art Sunday.

  8. We haf not been able to post comments here, tried a couple of times – maybe now?

  9. Now here’s our link
    Mindy & Moe

  10. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Great “round-up”, Chey!!! Thanks for letting us know all the news!

  11. Hey Chey, Great job on the Weekend Cat Bloggin. We are sorry we missed submitting this weekend. We had fun reading it though!

    Sebastian & Yaffa

  12. Crater Lake fur petes sake. Thanks for the round up Chey!

  13. great round up Chey! thanks for hosting!
    purrrs and kissies K&O

  14. Great post as always… Crater Lake huh?

  15. Hello my darling Chey and Gemini

    Thank you for continuing to pop over and see me and send me strength and purrs. I ate lots of salmon today cos tomorrow i am getting weighed at the Vet Place, and I need to be heavier than I was on Friday!

    It’s a busy old weekend for cat blogging! I shall try and visit some of those linkies.

    Love Stormie x

  16. Why can’t I be as clever as G&G are in their comments? That is perfect! I can’t wait till the next contest.

  17. Saw that you stopped by and wanted to come over and visit with you two. It is always fun to see you. Take care.

  18. Dr Tweety says:

    Chey!!! I saw da Fry-day postee & I knew it wz somewhere in Orygone.. but da momee here waz so fuzzbrained frum da muskull reelaxants dats she could not hits da right keyzez!!!! Hmmmph!!!! I yam glad howevfur, to see dats severull catsez gots dis right. Obveeusly dey haz better typists den I do.

  19. Way to go Jack!!!!!!!!!!
    I also love the comments by Gandalf & Grayson 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

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