Thankful Thursday

This thankful Thursday we would like to offer our thanks to those who have devoted their lives to trying to make the world a better place. The way we would like to do this is to have a purr in for Senator Ted Kennedy who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The prognosis for this diagnosis is poor so as he fights this battle, I am sure he can use all our good thoughts and prayers.

It is interesting that Senator Kennedy is a man who might be seen as being overshadowed by his brothers. He was the youngest and is the only one surviving. History will never forget John Kennedy and certainly Bobby Kennedy made his mark on a nation, despite not living to see an election. Ted Kennedy never grabbed our attention in that way, yet here he is nearly 40 years later serving in the Senate.

Consider that Senator Kennedy is everything the new Conservatives have tried to get voters to hate. He is wealthy, education and above all a man who believes government should assist those who work for their dinner. Corporations couldn’t fight him so they have tried to bring him down.

I am thankful that our nation has had men like this serving it for over 200 hundred years. Let’s purr for Kennedy’s health and purr that our nation will have more men and women like this in the years to come. The Kennedy’s have exemplified that running our government is a service, not a place for self glory. In fact, I am so inspired perhaps I will rethink my bid for presidency as I believe I do it because I feel a need to be worshipped…

Breaking News:  While we added Bonnie Underfoot to our purr list, she has decided to walk her own way across the bridge.  Please go offer her family your condolences.


  1. Yes, men like Ted Kennedy are worth being thankful for. I’m purrin for him.


  2. Health is very important.
    That is the lesson that kennedy family gave to me.

    Thanks for telling me about Ted Kennedy~! I learn something more today.

  3. Chey – you are a very wise kitty. We are purrin’ for him too!

  4. We will purr for him also.

  5. Chey, we are shocked and appalled to hear you say that you feel a need to be worshipped! We’re not shocked that you have a need to be worshipped, only to hear you admit it!

  6. we add our purrrrs and purrayers in with everyone else. we were just discussing with mommy that although his brothers were “more important” and, Senator Ted has lived to do more good for this country (well, except that JFK did stop a nuclear war from starting, so that was really important) than his brothers could accomplish in their short lives. And yet people only remember the bad things about Senator Ted. It’s such a shame.

  7. Your post brought tears to our pet human’s eyes. You are a wise and thoughtful meezer. We support any decision you make concerning your candidacy. (Does this mean Nubi will no longer have a job?… do i need to send more ham?)

    We are at the Kennedy Compound on Cape Cod having a purr in.

    Sending healing thoughts and purrs to our Senator Lion.

  8. We will purr for Senator Ted too.
    You ,on the other hand,will be worshipped reguardless of what you do 😉
    Enjoy your ham from Nubi,heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  9. I am of the opinion that kitty purrs have a healing quality, so I’m sure Sen. Kennedy appreciates your purrs.

  10. Dr Tweety says:

    We iz sure dats your call for purrz will help him Chey. I tinks you are right; we haz undervalued dis remarkabull contrybushun dats da man haz made to us all. Tirelessly servin’… evfun whilez bein’ riddyculed in da past.

  11. Poor Ted Kennedy! Mommy was upset when she heard the news.

    I am very upset about poor Bonnie. I am going to visit Victor now and purr with him.

  12. I agree with everything yoo purred. It takes a speshul cat to be so deevotid to the job when your ennamees nefur rest thare hatin ways. How sad about Bonnie to just be taken like that with no warning. I love you pretty Chey, I want all my furrends to know I love them. Now.

  13. My mom’s father died of the very same tumor in January of ’06. It will be a very hard road for him and his purrs to them..and most definitely to Miss Bonnie’s family and to dear Victor.

  14. We were sad when we learned Bonnie had left her family today. She will be missed.

  15. That was a great post, Chey! One that makes you think about things that perhaps are taken for granted.
    We are so sad about Bonnie too, it was quite a shock to here about her going to the Bridge … we hope Victor and his beans will be okay.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  16. Lovely post Chey. We love Senator Kennedy for sure. My humans lived in Massachusetts for quite a few years and they were always happy to know they supported him. We are purring hard for his health.

  17. I will purr for him, too. This is the first I’d heard about Bonnie; I’m so sad.

  18. Nobody knows what’s going to happen from one day to the next. There are no guarantees; all we can do is try to make each day count.

  19. mom is sad about Senator Kennedy. She thinks he has done a lot for the regular people in his state. As for your mom thinking pugs are cute, if one of us goes missing, your mom better hide from our Black Belt MOMZILLA! hee hee hee. She loves us a lot! And PlusOne would be so unhappy. We wouldn’t mind a short visit, but no long stays.


  20. Rosie and Cheeto says:

    That is vary touching of yoo to say such nice things abowt yer fellow politikal friend. His 200 yeers of hard werk are wondurfulie capshured in this powst.

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