Thankful Thursday

We are thankful that we are once again up and blogging. We almost have our main site up. You might want to take a look. It’s close (although no site is ever really finished). I do have some more recommendations to make. We of course have to write about wonderful things like nip raviolis.

Oh and over there the Male thinks I look old and wrinkly in the photo… I think he needs new glasses.

We noticed today that our server time seemed very slow, so for those of you that notice things like that, please let us know. We haven’t used this host before and are looking for feedback. We have another site that we might end up having to move and we want be sure that we have everything set.

We are all looking forward to some promised nice weather this weekend. What about you?


  1. Looks good!

  2. I found you!

  3. No problems getting here, Chey. Seems like normal speed now.

    Rain coming our way here. The humans had better make sure all us Good Cats get to go outside before the rain arrives.

  4. Chey, are you sure there’s no whapping to do? ::grumble grumble::

  5. Miss Peach says:

    It is getting real warm down here in the desert. I do not think mommy is real happy about it! I am because then I can sleep outside on the patio!

  6. You’s back and looking good.

  7. We see your new site and it loaded fast! We’ll change our blogroll and the sidebar list… 6 paws up!

  8. It is loading as fast as light, Chey! 😉

  9. That’s a terrific photo of all three of you. 🙂 The blog loaded quickly for us, Chey.

    We are supposed to get rain all weekend! But it’s been hot and sunny all week, so we guess we can’t complain.

  10. Your blog loaded quickly for me, Cheysuli. Our weather looks nice for the weekend, but since my days off are Wednesday and Thursday and it is cold and rainy, I feel a bit ticked off. The weather is lovely when I am at work and it stinks when I have time off.

  11. We didn’t have any problems with your site loading. We agree that your male needs glasses – How could he say you look old and wrinkly??

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  12. You’ll need to change your URL the next time you sign Mister Linky! It brought us to your old address!

  13. That is a really nice picture of you all!

  14. We think your new blog is great! We have bookmarked it already.

  15. Wow! Looks good, opens in a snap and hey, we can see da pikshers! Cool!

  16. It’s looking good! I’ve got to change my bookmark now, so I don’t forget.

    Cheysuli for President!


  17. And we are thankful that you are up and running. We see pictures today too! woohoo!

  18. every site runs slow on our antique mac… congrats on moving!!!!!

  19. Oh good, now we can see your pictures again.

    Old & wrinkly! Just why do humans feel free to insult us?

  20. Things seem to be running well for me!

  21. Looking good, Chey! We think your sites look great and they’re working just fine for us!


  22. what a nice photo!

  23. It wasn’t slow for us!

    Wrinkly!!?? I don’t think so!

  24. Yep efurryfing loaded fine furr us too. We had big boomies and flashy lights all last night so mum made us turn the compooter off. Now are sun has gone away and we’re back to rain again.

  25. I wanted to thank you for the Birthday wishes today Mrs. President

  26. the photo on your new page is stunnnnning.

    I adore this one of the three of you. It is a keeper.
    I do not see any wrinkles, what??

    I thought only Blogger was slow. really.
    Have you tried xanga? It’s is fun.

    Have a wonderful Friday, Chey!

  27. I founded yoo! We havvint done ennything to our blog all week tho.

  28. hey there…
    not disappeared, just hard to find these days!

  29. did yoo bitey the male fur saying yoo luked old.

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