Thankful Thursday

Georgia watchingWe are thankful that our friend who had surgery last week is home and doing very well.  This is very good news because so many things have had complications for her.

We are also thankful that Zoolatry gave us this wonderful graphic of Georgia.  We meant to post it last week but then we got started with something else… sigh.

We are thankful that it seems to be a better week for most kitties around the blogosphere and that we aren’t having to purr so hard for so many people.  Our motors were needing a rest.

Georgia isn’t doing very well right now.  She is still mostly happy but she’s very restless again and is starting to hide more which probably means she is more uncomfortable. But we are always thankful that she seems as happy as she is and still loves her cat food.


  1. I sincerely hope Georgia will be completely recovered~!!!
    I am purring and praying for her!!!

  2. We are sorry to hear that Georgia isn’t doing so well. We are always purring and praying for her.

  3. That is a lovely picture of sweet Georgia. We’ll send healing purrs right over to her.

  4. That is a beautiful picture of Georgia, she is so sweet! We are purring and purraying that she starts feeling better really soon …
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  5. What a beautiful picture of Georgia! Please tell her that we are sending her well wishes and purrs!

  6. What a beautiful picture of Georgia. Please tell her that we are sending well wishes and lots of purrrrrssssss!

  7. Purrs for Georgia.

  8. Good things to be thankful about 🙂
    I will,however, purr for Georgia as she is feeling a bit under the weather 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  9. oh sweet Georgia, we is sending some soothing purrrrss your way.

  10. I love that graphic of Georgia! I keep purring for her.

  11. That is a pretty image of Georgia! I am sorry that she is not doing as well right now. Sometimes Pixie has bad weeks and we fear for her, but then she gets better again. I think Georgia and Pixie are tough ladies!

  12. Georgia is so amazing! She is such a role model for all of us. As always, we purr for her.

  13. What a beautiful graphic of Georgia …

    Purrs to her,

  14. Georgia, we are so sorry you’re not feeling well. We are purring for you to perk back up again soon!

  15. That is a furry nice picture.. (and a good song, too)
    I hope you are feeling ok, Georgia

    Purrs and Purrs
    Katie, Greta, and Icon

  16. Well, our purrers are still working and we can certainly purr fur Georgia…we hope she’s not hiding cuz she is in pain!

  17. Georgia, Please have a better day tomorrow.
    You are a sweet girl and I love it when you are happy and comfy.
    Purrrs to you <3

  18. Georgia, I’m purring for you! And, yes, Cheysuli, it is good that things have settled’s hard when cats and/or their people are havin’ tough times.

  19. Dear Frend Georgia… I mustee say dats you looks furry lady like in dat purrty fur coats of yourz. We knowz dat you & Pixie & Prinnie & Auntie Stinkie mustee takes it eazee sometimez & nots stress. We do nots want you goin’ anywhere fur quite awhile yet… so all of us iz gonna purr dis weekend.
    We lovez you,
    Dr T & da Gang of Five

  20. I am so glad that your friend who had the surgery is at home and doing well. I am sorry that Georgia isn’t feeling too well. I hope and pray that she will feel better soon.

  21. We think what Daisy said, sums it up. She is a tough lady. We will be purring for her.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  22. aahhhh poor Georgia we hope she feels better soon. its gud yur furriend is better after his surgery.

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