Tabby Tuesday

It’s Tabby Tuesday. So Momma had lots of computer issues this weekend. Our blog was hard to get to whenever she uploaded files but it finally got fixed. She thought the people on the tech support did a reasonable job of tracking down the problem and were aware of it, even though the problem is more of a WordPress glitch where WordPress is not working and playing well with their security. Still it is working tonight and we are happy.

She is less impressed with Comcast who had her check her modem and router for 15 minutes and was going to say it wasn’t their problem when the person finally listed to Momma to check a traceroute.  (Which Momma had been asking for for awhile because it was only one website she couldn’t get to but she does work for this place) While the Comcast assistance did say it wasn’t their problem (well they are our window to the web, it SHOULD be) the problem seems to have resolved (hopefully they will not break it again.

This week on computer problems: Hostgator gets a smiley face. Comcast not so much.

Now, that was a lot of work for a kitty so I am going to watch the birds some more and nap.


  1. A cat’s work is never done! Glad you were there to keep an eye on things.

  2. I’m glad your mom was able to get things working OK, even if the support was less than perfect!

    You look so lovely gazing longly at that plant Gemini!

  3. That’s a lovely photo of you, Gemini. Sorry to hear about the computer problems. Glad that they were resolved and that your hosting company was helpful!

  4. That was a lot to write for a kitty, Gemini. I am glad that the problems got resolved and I hope that they stay that way. Are you thinking about putting the bitey on that plant?

  5. Hi Gemini, you look like you want to pounce that leaf.
    We are glad the compooter problems got sorted. Mum finks ISP’s try to be unhelpful. When we wuz having problems, AOL wuz driving her mad cuz they kept saying it wuz the modem (it wasn’t)

  6. Don’t those people know that we cats need things to work? We don’t need excuses, we just want to hop on the innernets and go!

  7. sownds lyk yoo kuld use a nap after all that.

  8. Boo to computer problems!!!!!!
    maybe the birds can sing you to sleep Gemini 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Oh Miss Gemini that is more than a gorgeous kitty like yourself should worry about…come on over and we can nap together in the warm Florida breezes….

    Your boyfriendcat

  10. Chey, on this Sooper Toosday, I wanted to alert you that I’ve posted about you, the only true Candidate for Cheynge, on my blog.


  11. Hi, Gemini, You certainly have had a rough weekend. Perhaps a long catnap will help you recover from all that WORK?

    We are glad to see Rocky of Artsy Craftsy so involved in keeping Chey’s name before the Democratic party. He sure did a good job of advertising your candidacy.

  12. You definitely deserve a break today!

  13. I love the photo of you Gemini!

    Meowm does not like Comcast! She only has it for cable tv and she isn’t impressed with that at all! Unfortunately she is not in a position to get another cable service quite yet.

    We are glad your issues go solved and we hope they stay that way.

  14. What a beautiful photo of you, Gemini!
    Hope your computer problems are solved.

    ~ Noah

  15. Gemini, that is an absolutely GORGEOUS picture of you! I am glad all of the computer issues seem to be resolved for you at the moment. I’ll keep my paws crossed that nothing else starts acting up. Purrs!

  16. Your Mom sounds really smart. The phone people should have listened to her. Still, you sure do look nice in your picture. It’s good your Mom can count on you always being ready to pose for the good of all the kitties out there!

  17. Dat’s cable fur ya. When we had cable and it would go out da furst thing dey would say is it was da t.v.! On the other hand, yoo look like yoo is functioning purrfektly.

  18. My Meowmy just fought a 4 day battle with Apple and won. She says she was just livid with their “service” and was going to burst with frustration. Luckily they finally caved.

    Comcast is always wrong, its kind of their motto isn’t it??

  19. Gemini you are beautipuss! I wonder what it is yoo are dreeming about? Chickin, ear rubs, mousies, a kyoot meezerboy? MOL

  20. Sorry about your computer problems and we hope that everything gets worked out! Sending kitty kisses from Italy!
    Opus and Roscoe
    ps. You haven’t seen our van, have you?

  21. Sorry to hear about the computer problems… i think it is because Mercury is going into retrograde soon…..

  22. Wow, Gemini! What a gorgeous picture of you. And I’m glad you and Chey’s site and blog is up and running! Technical issues can be frustrating — I’m glad you got the glitches worked out.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  23. Computer problems are the worst. There are just too many things that can go wrong with them. My Mum uses words on the bad word list whenever she has computer problems – then I have to put her in time out.

  24. Gemini, you look fabulously floofy and lovely today! We’re sorry you have computer problems. Mom currently really isn’t fond of WP.

  25. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Wow Gemini, that is a lovely picture of you! Our beans are not fans of Comcast! We let Mommy up from bed rest so that we could visit our friends.

  26. Rargh. The interwebs can suck. When I gets mad, I start to chew on the computer.

    Your picture is purty, though!

  27. Gemini, I have to add to the many compliments on your IS very pretty. If cats ran the interwebs, we wouldn’t have all these problems!

  28. I guess we’ve been lucky that Comcast has never hosed us over, other than when we needed the cable turned on, but everyone else we know has problems with them. They could be less rude in how they say and do things.

  29. Recently I try very hard to comments on your blog.
    But it often fail.
    I hope it will success this time.
    You look very beautiful, Gemini!

  30. Mom hates it when computer people don’t listen to the people they are supposed to be helping. She runs into that quite a bit too. That is a pretty picture of you Gemini.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

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