Tabby Tuesday

Gemini looks at usIt was a little bit sunny this weekend so I was in the sun in the window.  I can see that Momma wanted to take a photo so I looked at her and she did.

I have very big eyes.

Momma has been very nice to be brushing me a lot lately.  I am shedding ever so much.  I also like that she hasn’t been working a lot because then she is home with me more often. I like that, although she says that it means I won’t get as much food. I do  not eat much.

Someone commented on my blog that I looked like a nice fat cat, but really there isn’t much of me underneath my furs!


  1. Yoo is so kyoot and floofy. I think I gotsa get sum brushin ackshun. I gots too many winter furs left. Thanks fur remindin me! See ya latur pritty girl!

  2. That’s a lovely close-up of you, Gemini! 🙂 You certainly aren’t fat, just fluffy and floofy! You have beautiful eyes. 🙂

  3. Gemini, so happy to see you~!
    Very very lovely expression indeed,
    must because you have very good brush time lately:)

  4. Oh Gemini, you are such a pretty girl!

  5. You have a very purrty face and lovely eyes! 🙂

  6. somebody called you fat? you’re just fluff! and you have beautiful big eyes!

  7. Time for your close up! I enjoy sitting in the sunbeams with Pooh. 🙂

  8. Gemini, what a beautiful picture. Your eyes are so big and pretty!

  9. Yes, floofy is much nicer than fat … That is a great picture, and nice of you to sit so still for your mom.

  10. Gemini, I think this is the bext picture of you yet! Just look at all your lovely floofy fur, and those eyes!

  11. We love the foof!

  12. Well that’s just plain rude that someone said that about you! I actually find that lots of floofy cats are pretty small underneath.

  13. We luvs your big shiny eyes! They looks like big marbles.

  14. Gemini, how beautiful you look! We agree, you do have great big eyes!

  15. Oh dear, I don’t think it was very nice of someone to call you fat. That is very politically incorrect!

    Gemini,you have the prettiest eyes!

  16. Gemini, I think your eyes are stunning! And you do not look one bit fat.

  17. Such a splendid picture of a pretty lady cat.

  18. You are a pretty floofy girl Gemini. Floofy is the best!

    Please give Chey and Latte belated congratulations on their anniversary.

  19. I don’t think you look fat. I see that you are a fluffy cat. It’s good you have your bean home more to take care of you.


  20. Gemini dear, you are beautiful. And I’m sure you’re not FAT!!

    Your friend

  21. You have big,beautiful eyes!! That’s what makes you so pretty 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  22. You do have the most beautiful eyes Gemini! And I love the color of your cute nosie! I am floofy and people might think I am fat, but we both know that is only our furrs. Now my brother Sam, that’s another story … hee hee! Happy belated anniversary, Chey and Latte!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina (and Sam and Simon too)

  23. You look super sweet. Bet you’re up to mischief!

  24. Gemini, you’re not fat, your fur just makes you look poofy! Your face is very sweet!

  25. Gemini you have the cutest face and such lovely eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen such a good picture of you!

  26. Oh, Gemini, what a gorgeous picture of you!

  27. That is a wonderful picture of you, Gemini!!
    Beautiful eyes…

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