Sunday Guest Star

Well Pepi and I managed to fool everyone. I thought maybe you East Coast Cats would have a better chance at this one. Pepi sent me to the Healing Garden at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA. It’s not far from where the Hottie’s live.

Many of you were able to guess that it was a Botanical Garden. I give Dr. Tweety a thumbs up for Guessing Bastyr. Bastyr University is only a short way from our home and has a wonderful healing garden (but not quite this wonderful!)

I liked the comment that Camie’s Kitties had:

It looks like you are on one of the garden sets for the Star Trek:TOS. The sky doesn’t look quite real, and everything else looks too perfect to be real either, so it must be a television set. And we are guessing you are picking Star Trek in honor of Karl and Ruis.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

I thought that was a very good comment. Daisy also had an intriguing comment:

Is it where the Matt proposed to Shayne on The Bachelor? It always happens in a round garden-type spot.

Junior was thinking along those same lines. As I haven’t watched the Bachelor, how can we know it’s not the garden? Perhaps Pepi will come by and tell us?


  1. maybe yoo kuld launch a cat bachlorette, since yalls all girls.

  2. We had no clue!

  3. The Taylor CatSSSSS says:

    Well, it was a beautiful place to be! Must visit!

  4. It was very pretty, even if we had no idea where it was!

  5. Maybe I’ll be smarter next time!

  6. Oh, you have to watch The Bachelor! Well, right now, The Bachelorette is running.

  7. Well we were baffled! Of course we don’t watch TV so we don’t know about some of these things!

  8. The botanical garden was the easy part, only which guessing which garden was the hard part! It is a really pretty place, that’s for sure!

  9. Dr Tweety says:

    I can only say dat my meddy-cull trainin’ helped out. Of course, since da College of Naturopathic Meddy-sin waz named after da goddess Bast, I tink it waz only reezonabull to make dat a guessee. Howevfur, I reely didz not know where da nice healin’ gardun waz reely at. Good fur Pepi!
    I likes da commints madez by Camiez Kitteez & Daizy & Junior. I haz nevfur seen da batch-helder-ate either.

  10. It’s a beautiful spot, and I’ll bet that at sunset it’s a good place for romancin’! You should bring Latte over, Chey, and take a turn in the garden together!

  11. Jan never takes us anywhere, so unless you ever post a picture of our yard or where we take our daily walks …. Bit we can enjoy the guessing posts, at least.

  12. It is a pretty garden even though I have never heard of it. It is really nice at this time of year in all the gardens here, lots of things growing and smelling nice, lots of birds tweeting!

  13. That is a furry pretty garden. Betcha it’s jus beautiful. And there’s lots of fev-vers to chase and eat, err, I mean, to appreciate.

  14. Well done Pepi furr fooling efurrycat. We would never haf guessed where it wuz in a million years.

  15. Jeepers!!!!! I need to get out more 😉
    Way to go Pepi 🙂
    Great guesses too everycat!!
    Purrs Mickey

  16. We are glad you liked our comment. We still say the sky doesn’t look real. It is a very pretty garden.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  17. Yall can all come visit and we can go to the gardens any time 🙂
    your bud Pepi

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