Sunday Guest Star

Well I was surprised that this was not a more famous site.   Derby got it.  I was in Kew Gardens. I had hoped it was famous enough that someone could tell me the name of that building but Derby couldn’t!

Ok mum is tired. If she told your beans to go there, and it is a big place, so maybe she didn’t see all of it. Are you hanging out in Kew Gardens? Looking like the prettiest of the flowers?

Mum says she is brain dead and needs sleep.

And alas my human is not smart enough to know.  I was rescued by a little Welsh Cobb named Phillipa and she was the finest of girls pulling a little cart where I sprawled out until she told me it was time to teleport home.

Sam, Sabrina and Simon were also right, but not as specific. They said I was in a botanical garden, which describes Kew Gardens.

The Meezers say I am in their backyard.   I thought they lived in the states though, but I can understand how this might look like their backyard.  Where, Miles, exactly was the Borg ship that assimilated us?

Mickey and Alexi apparently summer with the Meezers.  Mickey described his summer cottage. Alexi said it was his summer hut (Miles, Sammy and Billy you apparently live in a hut?!)

And Meezers, I would watch what sort of signals you send out. I believe Skeeter, LC and Ayla have figured out why the Borg are always in your backyard:

While I don’t recognize the building in question directly, the pattern of the the shades in the windows is standard Klingon reverse-analog signal code for “Captain Picard’s house in France is very ugly and his wine is even unfit for those drunken Andorian peasants”.

So for all of you who never know where I am, not to worry.   We are interspersing some of these harder ones with other easier ones and eventually I’ll end up some place you do recognize!  And don’t hesitate to make something up.


  1. Just call in to give you two ((((( BIG HUGS )))))) in memeory of Bonnie. Please excuse my recent infrequent visits as we are having some problems and I have to stay rather quiet as SS tries to cope with them.

  2. Good for Derby! Did you enjoy the Kew Gardens, Chey?

    Mindy & Moe

  3. Congratulations to Derby! Since you don’t do hugs, I will stand and admire you from a proper distance.

  4. Congratulations to Derby and hugs to you if you accept them!


  5. Congratulations to Derby! Lots of great guesses as to where you were, Chey.

    *Hugs* from us to everyone at your place!

  6. Derby sure is one smart kitty!
    Have some hugs –

  7. concatulations to Derby!!!!
    Chey, the borg landed right there in the fountain!! Can you believe their gall?

  8. Derby did well! I haven’t the foggiest what the house is called though. It doesn’t seem to match any of the Kew buildings featured on their website. BTW, there are vishus deer in Richmond so I hope you took care. We can’t have the future President of the USA being attacked by vishus deer! 🙂 xxx

  9. Derby is one smart cookie!

  10. Oh-oh- a little Welsh Cobb named Phillipa!! That is where my mama works – in Phila PA

  11. Way to go, Derby! You are smart.

  12. I made mum do some research and the building is called “Museum #1” How boring! Mum knew it wasn’t Kew Palace.
    The linky below explains the building.

    Mum enjoyed going there to see all of the plants

  13. Wow! Does this mean that Miles and Sammy live in a museum?!

    We knew it wasn’t Kew Palace. We have some photos of that and the little summer cottage too AND the pagoda!

  14. Good job Derby!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a smart cat !! heehee
    ((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))))
    Purrs Mickey

  15. I am too serious, Cheysuli..It would never have occurred to me to analyze the windows to see if they were the reverse osmosis of Picard’s wine cellar in his French hut!

  16. Well done to Derby. We were going to tell you it was called Museum 1,and that as far as we know it hasn’t got any fancy name. Mum said they have got seeds furrom all around the world in there, and she’s pretty sure that they have diagrams of all different plants. Schools can go there furr educational visits.
    Headbumps instead of hugs to you.

  17. We have some very smart cats on this blogosphere. They seem to recognize all of your mysetery locations. I’m quite impressed.

    Thank you Chey for coming by and visiting whenever I am able to post. You are a good friend.
    Big hugs,

  18. Congrats to Derby!! I was completely stumped as to the location!

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