Sunday Guest Star

So you wanted to know where I was? Well here it is.  I was in London looking down from the top of the Wellington Arch.

Derby was the most correct cat when he said

I see you on the right, don’t get trampled by the horsies. I know your beans were in London, it it some statue in London, with you making it pretty.

He was also the most logical (and flattering!)

We quite liked Daisy’s response as well

It’s the start of the Kentucky Derby! Run, Chey, run!

And so I am busy running and running.  We were very sad about the horse who fell and had to be put down at the derby.  We hope Derby’s Derby Day was better for him!

Sam, Sabrina and Simon also thought we were at the derby, but they did not say it quite as colorfully as Daisy!

We were surprised at the number of people who all thought Dragonheart and Merlin were right.  We have never been there, but I might have to wander over!  And because so many people liked his answer, we thought we had to acknowledge that it was a very good guess!

So congratulations to Derby (and what a week for him to be a winner!) and Daisy and Sam, Sabrina, Simon and Dragonheart and Merlin!


  1. Congratulations to Derby~!!!

  2. I am ashamed to say I didn’t make a guess because i hadn’t a clue where you were. Isn’t that awful? I have actually been to that statue as well! I hang my head in shame! Please remember, I am Siamese not British. x

  3. um…er..if i had visited on Friday I would have guessed….honest! 😉

  4. We watrched the Derby with our Grampy. We were very sad then that lovely horsie broke both ankles. Is there a brige for horsies, too? We sure hope so!

  5. The Derby broke our hearts. We feel awful for that poor horsie. She gave her all and now she is at the Bridge…

  6. That is quite an impressive monument Chey … you must have been able to see a lot from up there! Our momma watched the derby and couldn’t believe what happened to that beautiful horse, it was so sad 🙁

    Have a great Sunday, and purrs and headbutts to you!

  7. Good for you Derby! You are good at guessing.

    Mindy & Moe

  8. That is really impressive! Congratulations to Derby. We watched the derby and were saddened about Eight Belles, too.

  9. Great Job, Derby! That is a very good look statue.

  10. wut do i know? i’ve onlee been in da parkin lot, on mi roof, an in da back yard.

  11. Wow Derby. Good guess.
    Daisy had a good guess too haha
    and Of course DH and Merlin… always an intelligent answer!

  12. Good job Derby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  13. I never could have guessed where those horses were but hooray for Derby! Willow and I were very sad to hear about the poor horse at the Kentucky Derby too.

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  14. Chey I, or rather mum, has been so busy I haven’t had much time to blog or check blogs. Lucky guess sort of or a semi-educated guess!

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