Meezer Rule Wednesday

Siamese BeautyMeezer Rule Wednesday: While the other candidates duke it out, take a nap.

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Candidate Cheysuli is still struggling for support in most states.  While she has a broad appeal, she can’t seem to manage to overcome the disadvantage of being a third party candidate.

While Obama took North Carolina and Clinton appears to have taken Indiana by a small margin, Cheysuli has won none of the states.  While she wins her party’s nomination, she is their only candidate.  However, Critters for Total World Domination voters are trending in the teens, which is not enough for them to put her over the top in the fall.

“We are certain that as the election goes on we can generate some more funding.  Pet food companies are scrambling to assist us in any way they can.  Big Catnip keeps the money trickling in,” stated one campaign insider.

“Really,” said one critic, “I think she takes too many naps to be a good leader.”

“Yes but at least she’ll be ready for that 3 AM phone call,” stated a Cheysuli surrogate.


  1. You nap too much? I say they nap too little!

  2. I don’t haff deep pockets, well I don’t haff ANY pockets, so I don’t haff anyfing to contribute to yore campain. Momma has a lot of MyCokeReward points (she drinks LOTS of Diet Coke) so maybe she can giff yu some of THAT! Good luck wiff the elekshuns.

  3. You must be really tired after winning party’s nomination~!
    Please sleep more!

  4. Just so you know, I’m willing to take a bribe from those catnip companies! If they offer you tonnes of free ‘nip, well I’m your cat! 🙂 Oh yes I can go from ‘nipless to stoned out of my little mind in milliseconds and keep on snorting the ‘nip for hours… It’s a skill I’ve worked on all my life and I still feel the need to practice daily! 😉

  5. Never trust anyone who does not nap!

  6. That’s a great rule, Chey! After all, napping is important to health and well-being! Too little sleep can cause all kinds of problems.

  7. um, doesn’t our current president take lots of naps and go to bed at like 7pm?

  8. Chey, your naps are power naps and are VITAL for running the country. No, make that VITAL for running the world! Honestly, what the heck are your critics thinking!

  9. Foolish reporters ! They do not understand cats!
    Naps are important! It’s what keeps us fresh and active 🙂
    We are always alert,even at 3AM!
    Purrs Mickey

  10. That was a good rule Chey! Us kitties can never take too many naps, especially a highly regarded political figure like you! Nap on, sister!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon 🙂

  11. Napping is very good for everyone! Then you will be alert and ready for action!

  12. Maybe we should throw out all the states where you weren’t on the ballot!

    And I want to come catsit in Seattle on the one day a year where you can promise me it won’t rain. 😉 I want to visit Seattle, but I hate rain.

  13. Don’t listen to them, Chey . . . I know you need your beauty sleep.

  14. Maybe if the current administration napped more we’d be in a better place!

  15. What a great strategy! Let them tire themselves out while you rest.

  16. I agree with Latte! If Dick Chaney took more naps maybe he woodint be so grumpy.

  17. Hmmm, things don’t look good for your campaign, Chey. We’d better schedule a nap…uh, I mean an advisory meeting to think things over.


  18. Someones got my vote! ….if kitties were allowed to vote. No matter, a fake mustache and I can easily be disguised as human!

  19. It is impossible to nap too much! If beans napped more we would live in a much better world!

  20. Oh dear, how can the beans think you nap too much to be a good president? Naps are essential to good health and clear thinking! And cats know this, just as they know so many common-sense things which seem to elude beans altogether!

    Exactly why we need you, a kitty, for President!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  21. We wouldn’t worry about the election. You will win just by outnumbering their voters, hahahahahahahaha

  22. Queen Snickers says:

    Beans with sleep deprivation make poor choices. That where you will come in ahead! The fresh decision maker!!

  23. Those other candidates could use a few good naps. Keep up the good work.. we support you!

  24. It must feel good to have your party’s nomination locked up. Keep pressing forward.

    Don’t forget the surprise birthday party over at CrizCats. There is a ton of food. They are in a different time zone and tomorrow is already today. 🙂

  25. Naps. Too. Much.

    Huh. We’re trying to get our brains around that.

  26. completely agree. What a mess… what Chaos – hahahahaha
    Purrrfect time to take in a nap.
    You look beautiful here

  27. When the voters are caught between the Republicats and Democats in the Fall, an dont like eether one, they will turn to you, Chey, as the one honest candidate who has had the best spin on many scandals. The best spin means you would be the best leader…

  28. Oh, indeed, napping is a most important attribute in any candidate for office!

  29. Well yes Chey, nappin’ iz da number one consirn of da UHMERRYCAN dreemer. Da longer dey sleeps, da less anyting matterz!
    Now dis will all change, tanks to you. You will takes a cat nap & den you will takes charge. Dis iz da mark of a true leader. “Yes we Cat!!! Chey! Chey! Chey!!!”
    Umm, mebbe I gots a itty bitty eggzuber-ate. Sorry Chey..
    Dr T

  30. Even Mom has learned the power of a nap. She naps every day for at least half an hour. She says she wishes she could take a longer one, but half an hour works well.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  31. Don’t they know those naps are POWER naps, meant to ENPOWER u Chey, so u can be a POWERFUL leader for the country?
    Purrs and Zzz,

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