Meezer Monday

I would just like to speak on this Meezer Monday on how sensitive Meezers are. We are caring and considerate cats. Having said that, I should like to add my own self imposed hardship in support of the war–rather like the war efforts of WWII.

After listening to Keith Olbermann about George Bush giving up golf in support of the families who have lost loved ones, I too have decided that I will give up golf in support these families. After all, much of the country feels nothing of the pain and worry that military families go through during this war. Unlike many wars early in the last century, there is not shared burden. Therefore, I will take on the shared burden, along with our president and stop golfing.

I have never golfed in my life but I was thinking I liked those little balls. I am sure my sacrifice will be as great as his. I am still trying to work out how golf is as important as one’s life but I am sure that it is only because I have never played.


  1. Mom says that if the point of Golf is to get the lowest score possible, Why play at all? We do like to play with golf balls tho, although ping pong balls bounce better, and Mom says they are much quieter.

    We like your sacrifice tho.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. Chey, we don’t understand why golf is important. And as a military family, we find the president’s “sacrifice” to be rather insulting. Maybe we’d feel different if we were an American military family, but somehow we don’t think so. Granted, our Prime Minister hasn’t given up anything in support of the Canadian families who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan, so maybe we shouldn’t comment at all.

  3. Miss Peach says:

    Lapdaddy does not golf anymore because mommy does not want to mow the lawn when he throws his back out!
    I had another bath…that’s why I was wet! The nerve!

  4. We don’t play golf but we can’t see how George Bush giving it up is supporting the families who have lost loved ones.
    I don’t like golf balls anyway cuz one hit me on the head once and it wuz hard. Now I’m skeered of all white balls.

  5. we don’t quite understand how not playing golf is supporting military families. after all, some people in military families play golf, and they’re not giving it up, are they? it’s all very confusing.

  6. Cats are superior to humans, so you’re superior to the President, Chey. I’d advise you to also give up tennis, racquetball, croquet and tiddlywinks. And then be sure to let everyone know — “No sacrifice too great for our troops,” etc…. [/removes tongue from cheek]

  7. I thought cats in general gave up anything involving exertion. 😉 Don’t give up napping.

    Chey, tell your mom that she gets the best photos of you. She’ll be your official White House photographer, right?

  8. Gosh you’re just SO pretty! Humans are SO inferior!! Oh, and our office is going to start a blog like yours that we host ourselves. We’re using yours as the example :).

  9. Dragonheart and Merlin–no I think the Americans feel much the same as you–if not in the military than outside it. I am still so trying to figure out how he equates a game with a human life? I have heard though that golfers take their games way to seriously, but this brings that to a whole new level.

  10. we agree and all of us give up golf too.

  11. We don’t understand why chasing a tiny white ball is so much fun…ooo wait a minute…chasing a white ball on grass…what am I saying. I UNDERSTAND! Chey this is a big thing you are giving up, do your supporters understand how much of an effort this is? We cats love to play chase to anything that moves…

    Hellllooooooooo Miss Gemini

  12. Chey, you made mommy laugh.

    I am sure that for us kitties the little golf balls would be fun to chase around and bat, but I am anot sure why it is such a huge sacrifice for W. to give up golfing in support of families touched by the war. Is that the same as me giving up Thundering Herd of Elephants or Blind Whapping or Purring On Mommy’s Head?

  13. My grandpa Sam is a member of a golfing club that’s on a militairy base. He supports others giving up golf. That way he has no trubble getting tea time.

  14. Eh, da shrub strikes (out) again…

  15. we are not impressed with Pres. Bush’s sacrifice, but we are with yours. it is very very hard to not want to chase round rolly toys and certainly golf balls fit that description. good for you Chey.

  16. Ooh, mebbe bad timing at our house… First, The Big Thing decided that mebbe he would START golfing again, because no decision by Pres Bush is EFER a good one! Second, he brought home some plastic golf balls today fer US ta play wif (seein how Ayla was playin wif a real one but it was really heavy ta push aroun)!

  17. Queen Snickers says:

    Momma said they would give up golf too, but sense she and daddy only have time and money to play maybe 9 holes a year it seem like a cheep sacrifice.

  18. you know what Chey…I’m going to give up golf too! I hope my gesture is appfreciated on a global scale, it is a TRUE sacrifice for m, I am always playing golf you see…

    thanks for coming over and wishing me well and stuff, it’s great to read your messages of encouragement xxx

  19. OMG, isn’t his time up yet? Stoopid idiot.

  20. My grandmother golfs and while I think that those golf balls might be fun to play with, if you’re giving up golfing, Chey, I think that I will too.

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  21. Wow! Meowm hadn’t heard of this “sacrifice” that the President is making. Maybe he should lose at least a toe instead…that would make more sense to us.

    You shouldn’t have to lose or give up anything Chey….we believe you are patriotic and feel the loss for the families. Haven’t you had a litter and had to give them up? That is more similar than giving up golfing…..

  22. We thinks you would make a good president cause you have deep kitty thoughts. We wonders who would be your vice president? Would you have a first lady? Would the tux kitties be your secret service? And what can orange kitties expect from the Chey administration? (Hint: ALL FOOD IS GOOD!)

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