Meezer Monday

Chey washingWell we have been working hard all weekend to get the new site set to be put up on the host as soon as we get things moved. The Woman is becoming quite the Sql guru here as she digs through everything. We have our new site up on our wampserver and can see it but it is not live. It’s going to be very nice.

So for those who missed Sunday: I will be gone for a short time. How long depends upon how long it takes the DNS to resolve to our new host. This may be at slightly different times for all of us. Then it depends upon how fast my human can get everything uploaded to the new host. Did you know my database was over 11 MG?! I found that most of that was comments

So I am pleased to say that things are going well. Gemini should be able to post tomorrow and then we’ll see what happens!

While you miss me, maybe you should go by a raffle ticket at Cat Friends Helping Friends.


  1. I see you! I see you!! But some of your pictures aren’t loading.


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