Back Again

Okay this time I think I have most of the photos back too! Woo Hoo!  I might just be back in business in time for Thankful Thursday!


  1. Yes you are!

  2. Um, we see da blog but not da pikshers…

  3. wow now this looks great here! nice new place Chey!

  4. I see you. Congratulations on making the move so successfully. I like the way everything is set up.

  5. Miss Peach says:

    Welcome back friends! I think the secret service did a great job keeping you safe!

  6. You’re here for us, Chey! 🙂

  7. Hi Miss Gemini…
    We see ya, we also see some pictures but not all???

    your boyfriendcat

  8. Concats on your new domain ~ it looks purretty cool!

  9. Of course you’re here. Where else would you be?

  10. Yes, you are! But only some of the photos made it!

  11. We can see your text but not the pictures. It doesn’t matter if we’re on Firefox or IE, there’s just a red “x” in the picture place.

  12. Laila and Lilly reporting in. We see your letters, but no pictures.

  13. You look like you’re here to me! Not sure bout the pix, I see some, will holler later if I can tell what I’m seeing. hehehe

  14. Oh, I figured out the pix thing — it’s still referencing your old blog url for the photos that are in the posts. So they’re not there.

  15. Hi Chey! You are here but we cannot see any pictures.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  16. You’re here, but we can’t see pics either!

  17. This place is great! Congrats on the move!
    See you at the party..thanks for giving Nubi the night off!

  18. Hopefully yer hangin’ out in a cool house today (it’s 99 degrees at our house!)

  19. welcome back! i’m seeing all the stuff OK. we’re glad you found a host that will keep you happy and let you get out all the information on your campaign without issues.

    mommy sayz she’ll update my blogroll tomorrow (yeah, we’ll see about that…)

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