Thankful Thursday

Cats all snoozing togetherThis week I am thankful that it is Gretchen’s birthday! We are all resting up for this wild and crazy party coming up!

We are quite glad to have a party after all our sick kitty friends. I am glad that Storm is doing as well as can be expected.

We have another friend who is a human who is going in for surgery today. It’s “only” gallbladder surgery but she has been sick for five years now and the doctors have never been able to say with what. Even when they do, she seems to create new symptoms that don’t fit–from a Medical Doctor perspective, a naturopathic perspective, an acupuncture perspective, and an energy healing perspective. So we are worried for her and hope that she feels better. I am sure she would appreciate all your purrs even though she has always had dogs.

She was the acupuncture intern the Woman followed around when she was a second year student and had to observe in the acupuncture clinic before starting her own internship. They practiced in the same city for a few years and the Woman continued to learn things from her. Periodically they still get together and share all kinds of things. We really wish her well.

I am glad my leg is okay. Georgia went to swat me as I left from snuggling with her and she can’t retract her claws any more and it got stuck in my heal area. The Woman had to come and rescue me, which I felt was very undignified but I was making little squeaky hissy noises that troubled her until she realized what was going on. I think Georgia felt very badly about the issue too.

So we are going to purr for her for awhile and then we will be up and about to get to that PARTY!!!

Oh and here’s our really bad knock knock joke for Camie’s Kitties:

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Cheysuli Who?

I really need a better publicity manager….


  1. That tea party at Gretchen’s will be a wild one!!! We will be there too – as will the whole Cat Blogosphere I think….

  2. I will certainly be at Gretchen’s tea party. I hope your leg heals up quickly. That must have hurt!

  3. I am also glad that Storm is doing OK so far. I hope that your Mom’s friend surgery goes well and that she recovers quickly and starts feeling better again.

  4. We’ll keep them in our thoughts.

  5. We are sorry that Georgia hurt you – Tiki can’t retract his claws either. Mom is usually the one who is on the receiving end tho. We will be purring for your friend.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  6. Did I hear….party? I’m coming!

  7. I’ll be purring and purring for her!

  8. oh we will purr for your furriend! we hopes that they find out what is wrong wif her. it’s hard to not know.

    sorry that Georgia stabbed you – sounds like a really hurty owie!

  9. We’re sorry Georgia gave you a hurty, Chey. If you were snuggling, we’re pretty sure she didn’t mean to. See you at the party!

  10. We hope that your Mom’s friend surgery goes well today. We’re sorry that Georgia gave you an owie…she didn’t mean it and I know she feels badly about it. The three of you look so lovely snugglin together.

    Hellllllllllooooo Miss Gemini!!!!!!!!!!
    May be I will see you at the party….

  11. We are purring and praying for all those in need. Sorry to hear that Georgia’s claw was stuck in you, Chey, but we are glad to hear your leg is okay.

  12. i might try to teleport over to the Tea Party if I am able…

    thank you again Chey for your continued good wishs and keeping me in your mind, I really appreciate it.

    My Meowmie’s father had his gall bladder removed when he was in his 50’s. Everything went well and the only repercussions are that he has to watch what he eats now, but not to a great extent. So hopefully your friend will be just fine…we will purr and send healing love to her xxx

  13. Ouch! Hope you and your bean friend get all better soon:) xxx

  14. Enjoy your partying, but be careful of hiding paparazzi waiting to take your picture in a comprimising situation.

  15. I hope your leg feels all better soon! I enjoyed your knock-knock joke, it was hilarious (even though I had to think about it for a minute before I got it).

  16. I liked your joke, Chey!

    It’s good to see a picture of you lovely ladies all together.

  17. Funny knock knock joke. Have fun at the party this weekend!

  18. We is definitely purring for everyone! We like your joke too. It was funny.

  19. We really like your knock knock joke. Sorry about your boo boo from Gemini. Why can’t she retract her claws any more?

  20. i can’t wait for the party, i’m dressed and headed there now. i like your joke, i think your PR manager is doing a good job. sorry about your leg, is it OK?

    i hope Storm and your mommy’s friend is OK.

  21. Her clawr got stuck?? How horrible!!! I hope your leg is OK. I am sorry about not posting a picture today, Meowmy just didn’t have any new good ones of me (I know, right??!!).

  22. Oh, to have claws to retract or not! Then I’d show that Victor. *I* think that is a GREAT knock knock joke. We wish your woman’s friend well. Most people in my woman’s family have lost their gall bladders. They ought to be more careful, if you ask me. Purrs!

  23. We’ll see you at Gretchen’s party! And your knock knock joke is hilarious!!


  24. Kitty pile!!!!!! That is what Meowm said when she saw this picture! I am sorry that Georgia got her claw stuck in you. I hope you are okay.

  25. That was a nifty knock-knock joke 🙂
    Mom loves the picture of ya’ll.

    ~ Miss Emily and Napoleon

  26. I’m sorry about yur owie, Chey! I hope it heals up furry soon. And we’re purrin and purrin fur preshus Stormie.

    Gretchen’s pawtay is superduper! Whatta great bash!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. Ow, that sownds hurty!

  28. It’s really lovely to see you three ladies resting up together. We’re sorry dat Georgia can’t retract her claws anymore…must be almost as painfull to her as it is to you.

  29. Oh, poor Chey — so sorry to hear about the owie! We are purring for sweet Storm, and we will purr for your human friend.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  30. You three look so sweet all curled up together like that!

    That’s a good knock knock joke!

  31. We’ll send lots of purrs ‘n purrayers to your mom’s friend. HOpe your leg is much better now, Chey. See you at Gretchen’s party.

    Mindy & Moe

  32. Chey???? You gots da whappee frum Georgia???? What iz happenin’ oevfur dere? Doez I has to come refurry?
    We hopes dats your momeez frend will find a helin’ path dat fits. Da momee here haz a chrinic ting dats she waz born wit… but uze a itty bitty of dis(aaaack-you-puncture) & a pinch of dat(western meddy-sin) & sum of dis (healin’ touch) & den some of dat (life wit cats & gardun), you canz find a way true it. & dat iz my pre-scriptshun fur da day.
    Dr Tweety

  33. harharhar!
    dat’zza grate knock knock joke!

  34. Haha I like your knock knock joke! I’m sorry your foot got hurt, but you three sure look sweet resting up for the birthday party.

    Willow and I are purring for Stormie and will purr for your mom’s friend. Our mom had somewhat of the same thing – didn’t know for sure what was wrong and then had to have gall bladder removed. SIL is having same thing done tomorrow.

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  35. If you want I can send Zeke over to referee. He has lots of experience doing that here!

  36. There where definately some great parties going on today!

  37. Thanks for participating in the knock knock joke blog blast. Every little bit helps. We like the original ones because it shows that people are really helping and being creative about it. Thank you!

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  38. I love your Knock, Knock joke, Cheysuli.

  39. Oh Mom likes that pile of floofieness ~

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