Thankful Thursday

GeorgiaWe always love showing off Georgia on thankful Thursday. We are always thrilled when we realize she is still with us.

Her appetite is a little off but other than that she does well. She was swatting me earlier today. I showed her. When she went up to nap, I snoozed right next to her.

The Woman has been busy with her offline work lately. She is happy about that. Although now that she has taken on all these other projects it is making her very busy.

I am not happy that she found this website with free online games because guess what she is always doing?  And in fact, it distracted her so much we almost forgot to thank Criz for giving us a “Compassionate Healer Award”.   Jeeze–keep your mind on blogging human!


  1. Uh-oh, free online games spell disaster for me, too. I have to stay away from them or I spend way too much time playing when I should be blogging. I like the way you got even with Georgia for swatting you.

  2. Georgia has such pretty furs! I guess that really showed her when you napped next to her! 🙂

  3. Hi Georgia! You’re looking very pretty today!

  4. Hi Georgia! Big kitty smooches to you!

  5. Georgia is something to be very thankful for! 🙂 We got some sad news that a friends kitty died at just 5 yrs old earlier in the week… 🙁

  6. Online games are indeed very neat! 😉

    Georgia, you look wonderful!

  7. Hugs to you Georgia, you are a sweetheart! And we know how mommas can be distracted, ours was last night watching TV instead of helping us visit our friends. Humans!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  8. Oh,ya gotta watch the beans!! They are easily distracted.They cannot concentrate like we cats !
    Imagine,playing games when she should be helping you blog!!!
    Does she like puzzles?
    MOM!!! Cut that out!!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  9. you showed her didn’t you Chey!!!
    free online games are bad. our mommy thinks that pogo is more impawtant than us.

  10. Georgia
    We always love to see your booteefull smiling furface.
    We are so happy you are doing so well.
    And I know Miss Gemini takes good care of you.

  11. Hi Georgia! It’s good to see your pretty face. My Mommie used to play Pogo, but now she realizes that helping me blog is more important.

  12. Georgia – You are such a cutie! I love your furs!

    And free online games…yes, that does mean disaster! Our mom loves free online games too!! I sometimes have to jump up and stand in front of the monitor for her to pay attention to me. Jeeze!

  13. Hi Georgia! Big hugs to you pretty girl. I hope you get your appitite back. Enjoy your naps.

  14. Hello Georgia!! You’re looking great today!!

  15. She is such a cutie-patootie cat!

  16. Georgia is beautiful!

    Uh Oh, free online games spells trouble – your bean can become addicted and then you have to send them to a re-hab centre.

  17. I am thankful Georgia is doing so well, too!

  18. Awww sweet Georgia! I am glad you are still here too!

    Yes, Chey, we got fed!

  19. If Hillary can raise $10 Million from 80,000 supporters, how come you can’t raise money Chey? It just seems odd. You should have more than 80,000 supporters by now.

  20. Oh Georgia you are so pretty and fluffy looking.

  21. Hi Georgia it’s nice to see you again. We think online games should be banned cuz it means the humans hog the compooter when we should be blogging.
    Uh-oh, Mum you DO NOT want to go and see what Pogo is!

  22. Georgia… you and me. We are old and very very wise.
    we know a good nap and a good whap are beneficial every day!
    purrrs sweetie

  23. Georgia, you are such a pretty girl.

    And Chey, we just noticed your comment on Opus & Roscoe’s. When did you get dumped as prime minister of Italy? We hadn’t heard about that. We hope you don’t lose your run for US President.

  24. Hi Georgia! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  25. Hi Georgia. We are thankful your mommie bean blogged about you today. Those online games can be quite hard to get away from.

  26. It’s so nice to see you Georgia!

    Heeheehee, napping next to her, that’s so sneaky!

    PS. My OTW says Thanks!

  27. Georgia, you’re such a pretty girl, I’ll bet Chey keeps you snoozy warm!

  28. Hi Georgia, it is good to see you looking so great. You are a very beautiful girl!

    Mindy & Moe

  29. Georgia, you are a cutie!

  30. I’m sure Georgia loves having you sleep by her! You are indeed fortunate to still have her!

  31. Awwww, Georgia is purreshus! We Ballicai are glad she’s doin well!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  32. Hi Georgia! It’s so good to see you!

    Luf, Us

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