Tabby Tuesday

GeminiI had a furry busy weekend. I was interviewed about Cheysuli! The reporters were not so nice.

They asked: Do you think Cheysuli will be a good president?

I said: So long as she doesn’t chase me around.

They said: So you aren’t sure of capabilities as president?

I said: I think she would be good but she shouldn’t chase me around.

They said: You think she’ll be an awful president.

I said: No, I think she will be a good leader but she shouldn’t chase me around.

They said: Does she know that even the cat who lives with her thinks she will be a poor president?

I said: But I didn’t say that!

They said: This will make a great headline.

I said: But it’s not true!

They said: Thank you for your time! It’s a great story!

I will not talk to reporters again. Now Cheysuli is mad at me for making her look bad!

PS. I am very upset about Storm. Please go purr for my friend, who is a nice meezer (not like Cheysuli)


  1. Lets all gang up on those reporters and scratch them and hiss at them!

  2. Yeah, dem reporters is evil. Yoor sisfur should be mad at dem not yoo. And she shouldn’t chase yoo around either.

  3. Never talks to da press wifout yer attorney (or bean) present.

  4. We suspeck Chey probly shouldnt chase ya around durin the campaign! It makes her look mean. But the voters dont want “wimps” eether!

  5. We are sorry that the stupid reporters didn’t treat you very nicely. Maybe Chey should go on The Tonight Show, David Letterman, or the Daily Show – all the other politicians seem to be doing it.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  6. Too much free press and you get these bad reporters looking for the next big (untrue) headline.. *Hiss and use their legs as scratching posts* Muah ha ha
    Thanx for visiting us on our new blog! We are happy to meet Chey, the Presidential Candidate and Fluffy Gemini!
    3 Stooges & Mach

  7. That is a lovely photo of you, Gemini. Sorry to hear the press twisted your words like that.

    We are very sad that Storm’s cancer has returned. We are purring and praying hard for her.

  8. Well, Chey should not have chased you!

  9. Gemini – you should have chased the reporters around! We’re so sad about poor Storm…

  10. Hmmm I think I might know of a rattle snake that can give them nasty reporters a good bitey!


    Thanks for purring for me.

  11. Gemini
    I’ll go and git dos reepoorters furr yu. Dat is da way dey do fings. Juss twist em to make BIG headlines.

    Dis is one gorjuss pixchur of yu…wowie yur eyes are like pools of deep water … juss booteefull. It is gonna be wunderfull today wood yu like to come and snuggle in da sunbeams?


  12. Human repurrters are dangerus. The ones at the CB aren’t so bad. They’d know yoo shouldn’t be chased around!

  13. i knows just what you mean Gemini. I would like Billy better if he didn’t chase me around when I wanted to be quiet. – Sammy

  14. Reporters can be very tricky. I think you should stay far, far away from them! But your picture is very cute. I love all your floof!

  15. Poor Gemini! How dare the reporters twist your words. That is very wrong of them. Would you like me to go whap them for you?

  16. Being the First Cat friend is a hard gig!

  17. I am also completely sad about Stormie.
    Gemini, it is good to just not say anything to reporters.
    From now on, run from them!

  18. Gemini, I think you did a good interview. It’s not your fault that they twisted your words all around.

    I am sad about Storm, too. But I hope she can fight the lymphoma away again.

  19. Queen Snickers says:

    Never trust the press! Thats why I never read the paper!

  20. How could they be mean to such an adorably round puffy girl? From now on, only talk to the CB repurrters. They’re very nice.

  21. Ah, a hard lesson learned. You have to watch every word you don’t say with the press. Because if you don’t say it, they’ll print it.

    Chey, don’t be too hard on her. She doesn’t have your experience with the press.

  22. Poor Gemini – you just didn’t want to be chased by Chey and those lousy reporters turned your words all around. However, that is a gorgeous picture of you today! Such a sweet floofy one, you are!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

    P.S. Willow & I have both been purring for Storm and Orange Boy too – hope we get some good news!

  23. Hence the reason I try to stay below the radar….They’ll get me someday I’m sure.

  24. Press only hear what they want to hear 😮
    That’s why you only say two words “No Comment”
    Purrs Mickey

  25. Poor Gemini! I know how it feels to be chased, misunderstood, and misquoted. I agree with Tara – hiss on the press. Your eyes are simply HUGE in that picture!

  26. Sounds like the reporters from Fox News!
    Would you like us to bite them for you?

  27. Reporters-We need to put together some muskells to take care of those guys-we’d wear tight black t-shirts and Matrix sunglasses and INTIMIDATION!

  28. It sounds like The Press is not very smart…

    Maybe you could do an interview with Larry King Live – he seems smart

  29. poor Gemini! reporters are evil and they twist words. it isn’t your fault. i’m sure Chey will realize that.

    that is a very pretty picture of you!

  30. Those things always happen when you deal with the media (er, like I know or something) … everyone knows not to believe what they read (I hope).

  31. You gotta be careful round reeporters. Do yoo need to hire a pee arr firm?

  32. Georgia my frend,

    Pleeze don’ts let da Chey Cheyse you around! Dis will makes fur a more vindicktuve elekshun. Umm, I haz been meanin’ to askee… is your firstee name “reverund?”

  33. Oh dear, those press people twist everything!

  34. Reporter are a pain, that is direct quote from Momma.

    Are you related to Mistrie, Gemini? Momma says you cud be twins in the picher. Mistrie is so glad the snows is gone, and spends all her time lookin for fairies.


  35. we hope she no chase yoo fur this interveiw.

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