Tabby Tuesday

Gemini on the cat stairsI am so glad Momma is back. I hid from our pet sitter the whole time. She was very sad cause she did not get to see me. But she brought a friend with her one day and I did not like that at all.

I ran to see Momma when she got back on Sunday. I am mad at her now, though, because she didn’t brush my furs until tonight. I was getting very puffy and would have had another furball.

However, I chased Cheysuli all over the house last night.  I think that was a good thing, even if Dad gets mad at me. It was Cheysuli who used her claws, I know. I would not do that.


  1. Oh Sweetie, we are glad that your Mommy is home! Sometimes we hide from the sitter too (actually Seaborne hides)!

    Were you making sure that Chey got her exercise?

  2. Thank goodness she’s back and life is normal again. I don’t like changes either!

  3. Gemini, you do look furry angry. but you’re still cute!

  4. You poor dear…. you should not be made to suffer. Come on over for some ham and nip tea.

  5. oh boy oh boy oh BOY>>>>>>
    What a booteefull pixchur of Miss Gemini…look at all of her gorgeous furrs…someone left a gigantic hardball for Momma to clean up, it wasn’t me because the hair was dark. Momma thinks it was probably Jinx. IT was huge…she thought it was good she wasn’t home when it happened because she is sure that whoever it was sounded like they were in bad shape with the size of the hardball.


  6. How awful to be left alone. I don’t like being left alone either.

  7. Oh yes you’re always a good girl and it’s Chey who’s the naughty one… 😉

  8. You sure do look ticked off!! I completely understand… my mom was gone for over a week but my dad was here most of time. But I like when my mom brushes my furs. She’s the best!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  9. Poor Gemini, I understand how it feels not to be brushed, too! Our long furs make it necessary or we get all messy looking! You look lovely today in your picture. We know you were just playing with Chey as you chased her all around! So glad your human is back to help you blog!
    Your FL furiends,

  10. Gemini, of course you are a perfect angel! You would never use your claws first, I just know it.

  11. Gemini, we are glad that your mom is back. It’s too bad you hid from the cat sitter.

  12. We know exactly how you feel, Gemini! We did have it just a little bit easier than you & Chey, though. Our Nana & Grampy stayed home with us; it was only Mom that abandoned us for the weekend.

  13. It was good of you to hide with the cat sitter because you know your mom will give you extra love now. Guilt is one of our most powerful weapons.

  14. Poor Gemini, you do look a little bit cranky. But I know you would never use your claws.

  15. Oh, Gemini, I feel for you. My mom just got back home, too, after leaving us for three days. This must stop!


  16. Who do these humans think they are dumping us cats???? Ours will be leaving us behind for FIVE DAYS! Sigh. Glad yours is home though and we hope that furball is a thing of the past. Happy Earth Day!
    Opus and Roscoe

  17. Did she bring you any treats from LaConner?

  18. What a beautiful girl you are, Gemini. Brushing you should have been the first thing your mom did when she walked in the door. After all, you were traumatized all weekend and you needed some special attention. Cleaning up the mess Chey and his friends — uh, the mess an intruder made could have waited. After all, the mess was already made and the mess wasn’t in danger of hacking up a furball.

  19. Well,I’m glad your Mom is back!!
    Imagine leaving you!!!!!!!
    You gave Chey her exercise woukout? Heehee 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Gemini I feel very sad for you!
    I hope you got extra attention today.
    Maybe the sitter brought a friend to see you. I know about hiding though. Sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do!


  21. we is glad your mom is back; we don’t like it when we has a pet sitter, even miss debbie from next door, or even our Boy Bean! nitro, for all his bluster, is the hidin’est cat efurr.

    it’s not allus a good thing to forgive negligent moms an’ dads too quickly–it makes them think we’re ok wif bein’ left home like ol’ stuffed toys.

    you look mos’ beautyful in your picture, though! brushing is certainly worth it!

  22. Poor Gemini! At least you mom is back now to give you cuddles and snuggles.

    I’ll be visiting with the boys, Opus and Roscoe, for the next week! Please visit us at their blog at to see what we are up to.

  23. We’re glad to hear your mom is back. Don’t blame you for hiding, cause we would do the same thing… dare our beans go and leave us wif sitters sometimes!

    Mindy & Moe

  24. iz glad yoo mommeh iz back. Its good when mommeh comes home. I knows. When she gets home from werk, i run up da chair and headbutt her face. Iz good.

  25. I cannot believe that your Mommie did not pull out the brush and start grooming you the minute she walked in the door! How rude of her! First she leaves you alone and then makes you wait!!! YOU are the cat, not her! YOU must be waited on!

  26. Glad your mom is back. Hiding from sitter is key. We do that too!

  27. Did you git yer brushin’? Yer furs look furry nice!

  28. I’m gwad your Mom is home! I do not wike any sitters as well!

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