Purring Hard

This is just horrible. I know it’s in the wee hours of the night for most of you and perhaps by the time we wake we will have news–maybe even good news. I am purring that the fireman Deb talked to was thinking of the wrong apartment. I can hope, can’t I?

It just hits so close to home, because there was nothing at all that could have been done.   Suddenly Laura’s life has changed–and she doesn’t have any way of knowing what has happened to her cats.

This has got to be the longest night.


  1. I am purring hard and hope that there will be some good news in the morning.

  2. We are doing the same thing. The fireman said the entire place was a pile of ash, no walls, ceiling, nothing that could be recognized. The only hope was the cats escaped through the sliding glass door and down the balconies. We are clinging to that bit of hope, that in the mornings light, when the fireman goes back to check again, they will find the three cats, Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris, either in the nearby woods or someone had picked them up. We can’t give up hope.

  3. Oh, this is just horrible. My heart is breaking for Momma Laura — what she must be going through. I am purring with all my heart that precious Lilly, Mu Shue and Iris were able to escape and that they will be found, safe and sound, to reunite with Momma Laura. Please, please, please.

    A miracle. PLEASE.

  4. We Ballicai are so worried!!!! What a terrible thing. Such a sudden and skeery and awful thing — poor Momma Laura, and those poor preshus kitties. We are purring and purring and purring with alla our might and alla our strength that they gotted out, that they will be found, that they are okay.

    Like my sistur said, please please please please please a MIRACLE, PLEASE…..

  5. So many lives changed in that fire yesterday. We’re purring and praying for all of them.

  6. I am very scairt for them, too. I am purring and purring that maybe there will be some good news this morning. What a terrible tragedy.

  7. I am heartsick 🙁
    After all that Mom Laura has gone through
    and expecting twins,now this!
    Our eyes are leaking at the thought. We can only purray and hope for a miracle. I am very scared.
    Purrs Mickey

  8. Our prayers and healing thoughts go out to all. We are purring for a miracle.


  9. We’re just sick about this. Mommy can’t imagine…well…it’s just terrible.

  10. China Cat and I were so sad to find out about this fire first thing this morning at the Cat Blogosphere. Our Food Lady is praying and we are both purring as hard as we can for the safety of everyone in Mom Laura’s building, especially for Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris.

    Hope we get some good news today!

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  11. We are purring and praying hard. This news is so sad.

  12. I is puwwing and puwwing for them too! That is so tewwible! I weawwy hope we’ll get some good news soon!

  13. Fire is one of the scariest things … I’m so purring everything will be okay,

  14. We are purring and praying for Mama Laura and for our furriends, Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris.
    There is a tiny bit of hope that they were able to get away and we are clinging to that. Just keep praying that they did and will be found today.
    :: leaking eyes ::
    Love & Purrs,
    KC and The Sherwood Bunch

  15. I am purring and praying for the best here. I was in San Francisco during the Loma Prieta earthquake and I know many animals ran away and hide when that happened. It was frightening and my brother waited two weeks in the wall of the house until he would come out. He was very skinny. I know how awful natural disasters can be.

  16. We just saw the news of the Auction Blog – what a wonderful idea! We definitely have some items to auction on it, and we’re making some new ones, too.

    Rocky & Mom Sharolyn

  17. We so hope that everyone made it out of the building ok. We are purring and praying our hardest!

  18. We realize that this is a night of bad news for Lily Lu et al and for Ruis losing Miral.

    But this is Saturday an you choose the Sunday morning Guest Star on the basis of comments provided this day.

    We choose not to wittily comment today. No offense, but it just doesn’t seem right THIS day. We are collecting together here to purr VERY hard for our lost friends and our friends whose fates we do not know…


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