Photo Hunt Glass

img_3778a.jpgThis weeks photo hunt is Glass. This is a stained glass Siamese that a friend of the Woman made as a Christmas gift a few years back. It is actually of her lilac point Siamese. She has only made a small one of me so far (can you imagine?!)

This hangs in the office window where she can see it regularly. It is a lovely teal and gray on the cat.

I think there should be a blue and brown and cream one of me, but did anyone ask? Of course not. Do they ever? Sigh.

The light comes in nicely through the glass, although it is on the north side of the house. Finding good light for our stained glass is always a challenge.


  1. Chey, your beautiful stained glass Siamese cat is perfect for this week’s theme. A larger one of you would awesome.

    Mindy & Moe

  2. This is beautiful!

    I hang one up this week too.

  3. That is a beautiful stained glass Siamese! Lovely! There should definitely be a large one of you!

  4. That’s pretty! Too bad it isn’t of you!

    Oh, my OTW says thank you. Thank you SOOOOOO much for that lovely mental image you posted yesterday. She says she’s going to go scrub her brain with bleach now.

  5. That is a beautiful glass Siamese. We like how we can see the different colours where the light shines through.

  6. The woman is receiving great gifts! This is a wonderful stained glass.

  7. Breathtaking. The Zoolatry Human is drooling over this… wow, it’s awesome.

  8. That is absolutely beautiful. Of course, there should be one of you but then nobody could capture your beauty quite accurately enough in my opinion. x

  9. Very cool, you’re giving Mummy ideas now! 🙂

  10. That is beautiful! What a lovely thing to be able to look at every day that you Mom is at work!

  11. How beautiful Chey!

  12. That’s really pretty!

  13. It’s gorgeous! What a treasure!

  14. While this stained glass is very lovely, a big stained glass portrait of you would be ten times lovelier! I am sure that your Human agrees too!

  15. A large stained glass image of you would be ideal for a prominent window of the White House when you move in.

  16. Oh how pretty! We love it!!

    ~ Noah

  17. whoa, that is an awesome picture for this week’s theme.
    How big is the stained glass cat? It look like it is life size in the photo.
    I think you should have a life sized likeness of you in stained glass, too.
    It is very nice!!

  18. That is totally gorgeous but you’re right, Chey, you should have one, too!

  19. What a great picture for this weeks theme!

  20. Now that’s a lovely piece of stained glass! Happy weekend

  21. Chey,that is a beautiful GLASS cat even if it is not you!!
    You would look stunning 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  22. Beans haf a bad habbit of not askin. They should lissen to yoo tho.

  23. You should commission her to do a large one with the proper colors for the oval office.


  24. That is the best PhotoHunt entry I ahe seen yet!

  25. Chey, that is so very pretty, but you need your likeness in stained glass for sure! That would be beyond pretty, it would be totally awesome!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  26. That stained glass piece is beautiful! I am sure you can convince someone to make one of you soon. That would be only fair!

  27. We haf a parshully completed stained glass window dat gramma M was making. We are going to either hafta get mom to learn how to do this so she can finish it or find some one local (that won’t as an arm, leg and one lung) to finish it. It’s of our Punkin and mom really wants it finished. Da brother in law had it in a box, mom sez all da pieces is der…

  28. I bet you cats love that glass

  29. thats a beyootiful piece of art Chey. we shure yur womans werking on getting a lifesize verzhun of yoo.

  30. We luv this!!! Kewl!

  31. The stained glass is very beautiful. The cat is so cute. I agree with you, it is really tough to find a good light for the stained glass.

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