No So Thankful Thursday

Not looking at you.They are leaving me. I will not look at them. EVER. I do not like being left alone. They will pay.

I hope everyone has a very nice weekend. I will not being doing Feature Friday/Sunday Guest Star this week, as I am without staff. How will I ever manage?!

Maybe I should have a party and trash the house?


  1. no staff?
    i hate dat.
    ware ar dey goin?

  2. Oh Chey, How dare they leave you!

  3. Trash tha House parties are our specshulty.
    Pleeze let us know when to be there.
    hee hee.

  4. Why not teleport over here and come and play with the kittens? After that we could all help you trash the place to show your staff your disappointment in them, after all kittens are the best at trashing stuff! 😉

  5. Oh dear, Chey. How horrible! No Staff?

  6. This is…well…stinky!

  7. Sorry to hear your humans are going away, Chey. We hope they’ll be back soon!

  8. Hide in their luggage. C’mon, your smart, you can do it! We usually find these little zippery pockets that are a good fit. You deserve some “get away time” too… just be sure to pack your Temptations.

  9. They are leaving you….well if you decide to throw a “TRASH THE HOUSE PARTY”…count us in!

  10. No staff….well you gotta make the most of yer situation and haf a……trash party.

  11. um, we’re on our way for the party! Bill can trash the house all by hisself!

  12. Party! Party! Party! Party!

  13. House trashing party??? count us in, then you can come and help trash ours in just over a weeks time. We are being locked up furr two weeks then.

  14. opus and roscoe says:

    That really STINKS! Sorry you are stuck without a staff. Do you want to come hang out with us this weekend? Come on over! You don’t have stay there without your staff!

    So sorry to be the one to tell you, but the Italians went back to the poll this past Sunday and Monday. Berlusconi is back….ugh

    Much love,
    Opus and Roscoe

  15. Did I hear partee?

    Chey it is a good way to keep you from feelin alone…
    Miss Gemini I will be rite ofur to hold your paw…

  16. Trash the house! Trash the house!! Pull out all the stops and have a blast!!

  17. Trash the house party sound like fun!

  18. How dare they! Party at Chey’s! We’re gonna do some trashin’!

  19. We will be right over. Spread the word! Party at Cheys!
    Shall we bring some tequila and ham?

  20. yay! Paaaaaaaarty!!!! we are on our way RIGHT now! xxx

  21. No staff? Bring out the Nip!

  22. They are leaving you?!?!?!?!

    Definitely throw a party. And ignore them. For as long as it takes. Make them grovel with guilt!

  23. Trash party, fur sure! The staff should know better…but humans sometimes forget and it’s up to you, and all your frends, to remind them that it’s not a good idea to leave us “home alone”. mwahahaha

  24. Chey – I’m So there! Where shall I start? Curtains need ripping? Yes? x

  25. Chey, you must not allow your humans an vacation time! This is crazy, you need your staff! Giving them the cold shoulder is a good idea so that they know not to EVER do this again!

  26. Kool Beanies!!! A Trash the House Pawtay! That sounds like so much funsies! Brainball will chew up alla books, Marilyn will shred the papur towels, and me and Dorydoo will whap efurrything inna house that’s whappable! hehehe

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. Oh, no! We’ll miss you. And if you throw a trash the house party, count us in. Buddy and Samaritan are big enough to move furniture for you.

  28. Oh yes, you should definately throw a party and trash the house. What time shall I teleport over?

  29. Yeah a party that is what we need.

  30. They better make it up ta you when they return! Like with some Superdelegates and Toona! And Nip!

  31. No Staff? How horrible! I think a trash-the-house party is just what you need.

  32. What the heck is going on, Chey? Staff takes off with no backups in place? Well, you can’t stop them from going, but you can make them sorry they did… if you get my drift.

  33. O Chey! {{{Chey}}}

    When does the party start? 😉

  34. Ours leave too!!!! They will even LOCK us in on Saturday as they will stay overnight!!!! We will not be able to go outside, let alone blog!!!!
    Staff shouldn’t be able to get days off.

  35. Whens the party?

  36. did you say – party!?
    I hope your people have a nice weekend, even though it must be hard to have a nice time without YOU and Gemini…

  37. That is definately unfair! Did I hear the word party?

  38. What? how rude of them to just up and leave!
    I recommend pooping on the pillows
    Pierro can come over and help….

  39. Trash the house? I’m there!!!! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  40. Party! Party!Party!

  41. Woohoo!!! Yippeee! I sure yam glad dats I brought oevfur some of da new greeesee stuffee from da Itty Bitty Cafe’! We canz throw da bonez oevfur on da sheets & wipe our pawzez on da rugz & den hide da lefteeoevfurz betweenz da sofa pillowz!!! hahahahahaha! & den, when we are done wit dat, we can doez it all oevfur again! & of course, hawk ups da stray furball here & dere.
    If you gets a chancee, you should tellyport ovefur & haz a niptini at da new Itty Bitty Cafe’ tomorrow. You don’t needz your momee to do dat.
    In da meantime, here iz a package of nice nip chip cookiez fur you to try out.
    Dr Tweety

  42. Well that sux.

    Luf, Us

  43. My peeple came bak last nite and I kood only hold out two hours in givin them the big ” yoo abandoned us! ” rootine. Then I curled up on Mommy and purred myself to sleep cuz I wuz so reeleefed she wuz home. I bin waking her up all nite to get even fur leeving us.

  44. Oh, you got abandoned TOO!!! What is wrong with these humans?


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