Meezer Rule Wednesday

Cheysuli snoozesAfter all my press troubles, I have had to come up with some new ideas.   So my  Meezer Rule for today is:  When the going gets tough, pick a tougher Campaign Manager.

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Breaking news today is that Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro stepped down not because of his health but because he hopes to become Cheysuli’s campaign manager.

“We are in discussion with Mr. Castro about the possibilities,” stated Cheysuli. “I think that anyone with his credentials wanting to work with me is wonderful.”

Critics argue that Castro is not the sort of person that Cheysuli should be working with. “The fact that he cannot enter the country legally is certainly a deterant.” However, there is some vocal criticism that Cheysuli is going to take the country heavily into fascism.

“Oh please!” stated Cheysuli. “Castro is a communist, not a fascist. I wish these people would get their philosophies straight. Communism is socialism on steroids. Fascism is where big companies or a group of few rule everyone else. Cuba is COMMUNIST not fascist. This makes me worry that some in our government may not know the difference between Sunni and Shia.”


  1. We agree that you need a new campaign manager – we are just not sure that Fidel is the way to go.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. That is a good rule, Chey, although we aren’t sure that Castro would make a good campaign manager.

    That is also a lovely photo of you!

  3. That is a very good Rule, Chey~!!!
    I am sure you will have a very good assistant!

  4. Oh Chey, get someone younger!

  5. My OTW frequently wants to hit people in government with a clue-stick. Today she heard one of your country’s Supreme court justices says torture is not cruel and unusual punishment, because it’s not punishment and therefore perfectly legal and ok to do. Sheesh! She can’t wait until you’re president!

    We’re kinda socialist-leaning, but um….maybe not Castro, ok? How about Stephen Lewis? He’s cool! And Canadian!

  6. that’s a great rule Chey. we are not so sure about Fidel though – he’s really old.

  7. That is a great rule, but we agree…maybe not Fidel!

  8. This makes me worry that some in our government may not know the difference between Sunni and Shia.”

    Can ‘some’in your government even pronounce these words?
    Makes me nervous too 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Chey, you are so photogenic – a good presidential quality.

    PS, I’ll cat sit for you if your mom wants to go to Vegas.

  10. I kind of like Fidel, he is old now though.

    We have to elect a London Mayor tomorow, if ken livingstone loses I reckon he would good for the job!

    Thanks for being there for em Chey…appreciate you words of encouragement so much

  11. This may be a good strategic move, provided a thorough interview process. You do not want him to try to overthrow you! No no, communist he may be but it still doesn’t mean he can lick his own butt.

  12. I like Fidel, he’s a snapping dresser AND having grown up in the vineyards, Spanish is my first language 🙂

    I’d like to announce a modeling contest taking place on my website. Please enter and shake your tushie on the catwalk!

  13. Chey, as your Senior Advisor, I must veto this idea. Nothing personal against Fidel. He’s probably a nice guy and all, but he isn’t known for having fair elections and we must avoid any scandal relating to your candidacy.


  14. I agree with Parker…get someone younger!

    PS Great picture. You should use it on your next poster!

  15. The difference between Sunni and Shia’s? I know that! Part of my yard is Sunni and part of my hard is Shia-dy! See, I know as much as that Condi lady…

  16. Well said, Chey!

  17. Hmmmm. Very interesting.

    Have you forgiven your sister yet for the interview?

  18. Do you think Castro could hook you up with some good Cuban catnip cigars?

  19. That’s a great rule. Just maybe you should think about another campaign manager…a young and handsome mancat maybe

  20. I just about had a little meezer heart attack as I haven’t been able to view your blog all day long. I like the above comment, I think I could be your campaign manager and then we’d be a “power couple”.

  21. What about Tony Blair… he’s not doing anything

  22. Great rule Chey, but as do a lot of the other kitties, we think you should stay away from Castro! How about Morris the cat, he is well spoken!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  23. Oh Chey, politics seems awfully hard!

  24. As you know Fidel and i are old friends.. he makes a great mojito and was friends with Che!

  25. We think it’s time to throw in the whirlybird if you have to take Castro. Unless he really can get us Cuban Catnip.

  26. OK dat’s too many C’s for us. Chey, Catpost, Cooba, Communist, Castro, Critics, an Campaign. Phew. I finks we gots to take a cnap.

  27. I agree that you need a tough campaign manager, but I’m not sure about Fidel. I think you should look for someone a lot healthier.

  28. thats a grate pose Chey. yoo shuld use it on yur campaign posters.

    fanks fur the koncern. ise still not back to meself so ise going to the vet tomorrow…Flair

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