Meezer Rule Wednesday

Cheysuli washes her leg while debatingMeezer Rule for today: When people pick on you, it is always smart to take the high road.

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Presidential Candidates Obama Bin Laden er… Senator Obama and Chey Hussein Suli decided to capitalize on their rock star like status with the public and somewhat lower popularity from the press by holding their own mini debate and round table discussion.

The mini debate was scheduled in response to rumor that the press adores the wonderful and joyous and soon to be the best president ever John McCain but not so much the other two losers. Such rumors were started when McCain was treated to his favorite donuts by the AP. Senator Obama was treated to questions involving a man who is no doubt his close relative, Obama Bin Laden. Candidate Chey Hussein Suli was not even invited.

Although the two losers have rock star like followings and needed a large place to hold the mini debates, the only secure place that could house the two on such short notice was the Cle Elum jail. The candidates graciously stated this was acceptable. No one was allowed in except for the candidates and their three closest advisers.

A 14 year old journalism student was allowed to video tape the debate for Utube, thus proving there was no bias against the two who discussed plans to end the war, bring healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans and why being unable to bowl was such a big deal.


  1. Who would pick on you – you’re a meezer! Send them our way and we’ll give them a toothy death.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. Yeah, the toothy death to picker on’rs of Chey!!

  3. Fabulous rule, Chey! You look like you are enjoying your sun spot. 🙂

  4. Someone would DARE to pick on you?

  5. just another person JEALOUS of your popularity and afraid of the inevitable total werld domination that will follow your victory

  6. Being a cat,it’s easy to take the HIGH road 😉
    I’m with Cammie’s kitties,a toothy death!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Great rule Chey!

    Helllllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini

  8. Oh bowling is dangerous!! You have to watch out for Wii-motes! Just ask Kaze.

    I’ve been making plans for an extended weekend for our first anniversary next Monday. Do you have any preferences or would you like to stay close to home considering how crazy all of this election stuff is going?

  9. That sunny spot looks very, very nice Chey!

    ~ Anna Sue

  10. That’s a great sunspot, Chey. Good rule!

  11. Obviously the press has yet to learn that there can never be anything wrong with a meezer. Meezers are perfect.

  12. Turning the other cheek is the classic way to deflect unjustified criticism… but y’know, every so often you should WHAP the critic to keep him/her honest. 🙂

  13. Bowling very important. If you do not have bowl, where will they serve your stinky goodness?

  14. Queen Snickers says:

    Thats a great picture, we have missed visiting you blog and its unique in sites!

  15. I am sure you handled it very well Cheysuli.

  16. Who would pick on you? Did you tell your Mum? I bet she would beat them up for you, just ask her.

  17. Yep. Great rule!!! Hard to follow, sometimes….

  18. That’s a very good rule, Chey. You look as though you are enjoying that sunshine!

    Mindy & Moe

  19. Grate rule Chey

  20. Hehehehehe – Obama bin laden — dat’s what we call’im. It’s all in da name yoo know. We still wants to know how on earth anyone named anyting close to Osama efur made it dis far.

  21. Shall we organize another bite and run on your behalf? Say the word!

  22. I’ll send Orange Boy over. He may lack brains but he is all muscle. He’ll protect you!

  23. Chey, it really does not matter if you were at the debate or not. I mean I really don’t fink anyone trusts or will vote for a candidate who cannot do good yoga poses or lick their own butt. Not possible.

  24. I still vote Chey for President!

  25. Chey,

    Iz it reely important abouts da name? I don’t tink so. But den, I mebbe shouldz not quote my momeez polly-ticks. Fur in polly-ticks, dere semz to be so much blood suckin’ offa da peoplez. I hopes dat you remainz above dis all. We wants to be abull to support a meezer!

  26. we can’t believe you weren’t invited, it’s jealousy of your popularity Chey

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