Meezer Rule Wednesday

Cheysuli recouperates after injuryMy Meezer Rule for today is never go hunting with Senator Clinton.

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Presidential Candidate Cheysuli and Senator Clinton went hunting today. Cheysuli challenged the Senator on the hunting skills she professed to have in an speech last week. The candidates did not have time to find a wilderness so they walked through Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington.

Cheysuli immediate chased three small dogs and caught two birds. Clinton had yet to fire a shot. However, when Cheysuli went leaping after a quail, the Senator fired, spraying Cheysuli with buckshot.

In a situation eerily parallel to that of Vice President Dick Cheney, police were unable to interview the Senator for 15 hours after the incident. Cheysuli was taken to a nearby hospital and she is in good condition.

Unlike Cheney’s hunting partner, Cheysuli was sprayed in the buttocks.  The quail was uninjured.


  1. Sounds like a funny hunting story. I heard Senator Clinton learned to hunt ducks from her daddy.

  2. If you were hunting with Cheney, you would fare much worse than the buttocks!

  3. Oh no! Chey, are you going to be okay? :0

  4. WOWY – you all has been furry busy lately!

  5. Ouch Chey! I hope your cheeky buns are ok!

  6. I bet that smarts! Glad you wuz okay.

  7. Whoopsa! Watch out!!!

  8. Owie! That’s a wise rule. Gotta’ stay away from politicians and guns.Bad mix, bad mix indeed!

  9. Chey, hope you have recovered! Very smart rule! Gotta watch out for those politicians with their guns!

  10. oh no, not butt shot!

  11. Oh my goodness Chey! What a horrible experience. We think that is an excellent rule!

  12. Now you have something in common with Forest Gump, you were shot in the butt-tocks. 🙂

    I sure hope you beat her out for the nomination. I dislike the garbage she spillso ut of her mouth on a daily basis.

  13. Shot in the butt-tocks. Oh, no!! Rest. Then Retaliate! Wait… The quail was uninjured? Why didn’t you catch that quail, Chey?

  14. Oh, Chey, never, never, never, ever turn your back on a politician with a weapon of any sort. You just can’t trust them.

  15. Ouch Chey, we hope your buns get better soon! Definitely keep away from hunting politicians, period!
    Purrs and headbutts!

  16. Furry gud roolz!

    Oh Miss Gemini dat partee wuz fabulous made even better becuz yu was by my side…


  17. I’m still looking forward to pictures of you biting Hilary’s head off…

  18. Poor ol’ Chey… sounds like Hillary was into the Crown Royal and beer again.

  19. Oh no! We hope you are OK.
    Wuz she still drinkin’?

    ~ That Gracie and Miss Emily

  20. Chey, thank you so much for writing emails to help stop the unfair closing of the cat rescue in our area. We’ve also posted in a number of Catster groups, so I expect the city officials are going to be bombarded with emails protesting their actions. Cat power will prevail!!


  21. Thank Bast you’re OK, Chey. The country is counting on you!!

    By the way, the other candidates are being provided Secret Service protection. Where were YOUR guys when you got hit?

  22. I didn’t know that about hunting and Clinton, I did know that you don’t want to for sure go hunting with the Vice President. Maybe the Secret Service is busy because the Pope is visiting and it watching him.

  23. Senator Clinton should be tossed in jail! How dare her take aim at you!!!!!!!!

  24. Chey, could you ask your mom to forward to me the email you recieved from the city of Brazil about the Rothrocks? I’d like to compare it to those received by others. So far the city is not presenting the situation very honestly.


  25. Oh no Chey, I am really hoping that your buttocks is ok. It is an important part of the body! I use mine to let Daddy know that I am the man of the house. He Who Has the Smelliest Poops Rules the Roost.

  26. Thank you so much for coming to our blogoversary party and celebrate with us! It wouldn’t have been as much fun without you – and we hope you had a great time too and not too much of a hang-over, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
    Good thing there are no firearms around our house!

  27. Oh my gosh! We’s so glad yoo’s ok!!! CAreful huntin wif them humans. They ain’t so good at it!

  28. Well how about that…
    This is quite obvious that Clinton is not a good shot.
    Stay away from her!

  29. The lesson learned, stay away from politician with guns! We hope your bum is gonna be okay…

  30. Good gosh, Chey..shot in the buttocks! Sounds like a remedial class in firearm safety is in order for certain for you, stay away from pseudo-hunters! And you deserve that quail roasted for dinner!

  31. That is a very good rule. I hope you were not seriously injured. Buckshot can hurt though!

    My Zeke says you can chase him but he does not promise to run very far. He is a bit old and fat and prefers to just sit or lie around.

  32. That’s a ‘bummer” !! :0 Sorry I could not resist.
    Unlike your NRA, I do not approve of having guns!
    They are dangerous in the wrong hands!
    Thank heaven you are OK!
    Purrs Mickey

  33. Chey please be careful, Hil is not Annie Oakley!

  34. Yike, THAT is hard campaigning!

  35. Oh Chey! We hope your ‘tocks are ok!!!

    Luf, Us

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