Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_3580a.jpgFor my Meezer Rule Wednesday, my rule is that you take the argument to your strong suit. Cecil had it right. What’s important in a candidate? Who can lick their own buttocks? I haven’t seen any of the other candidates even try it. I think you need to be able to do it. This will keep them from getting their head stuck in it later if they get stressed or nervous.

As a corollary to this rule, I say be sure it doesn’t get sidetracked onto something you are not good at. Everyone is commenting on Obama’s lack of bowling skills. I must stand up for him. After all, being president does not require fancy dress bowling evenings with visiting foreign nationals. And, as a cat, I don’t bowl. This could mean I would be forced to have the Woman bowl for me. She is the only person in the US who has bowled a worse game than Obama. Not only did she bowl a 22, she dropped the ball behind her as she went to send it down the gutter.

Yeah, let’s stick to what we are good and avoid sidetracks. This election is about buttock licking!!!! Now let us hope google doesn’t pick that search phrase up for me…


  1. You are a really long cat!

  2. Sounds like a new type of event for the Leather Festival…

  3. WOW Chey I never realized that you were so long! I am long too! I like having many things in common with my President!

  4. My little brofur Sol is long like you are, he can stretch all the way around his circle bed.
    i don’t fink bowling should be impawtant fur a presidenshul candidate.

  5. Hah Hah!! Buttock licking. Personal parts licking! Yay! Flexibility is what a president requires. Yup.

    Maw does that drop the ball behind her thing too. She once bowled next to a family who were very outspoken about how dangerous and ridiculous she was. She used a lot of words on the bad word list and there were little sticky people involved. Maybe your Mom & Maw should be in a bowling tournament for McCain. Heh heh.

    Luf, Us

  6. This is called the siamese stretch – you can see almost an identical pose at Pyewacket’s blog site.

  7. Excellent rule, Chey! Who cares if the President can bowl? We certainly don’t.

  8. Well, we sure don’t bowl, but we’re good Lickers and Bunny Kickers!

  9. Ummmm, I think that you are going to get a whole new class of searchers now! HaHaha!

  10. I just hope the other candidates don’t try buttock licking. There seems to be a high enough interest in that part of the bady as it is among humans 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Well buttock licking is a sign of cleanliness, which we think
    should be a major issue for the candidates, obviously Chey you set the highest standards.

  12. I think you should be invited to say these things on David Letterman.. after all he just had the old mcman on last night…..

    oh… how can my pet human email yours about the info she has?

  13. I have heard that politics includes a lot of “arse kissing” *blush* at least with your being a cat you are able to do this yourself and therefore have no need to waste good public money employing someone to do it for you! 😉

  14. Butt-tock (makes me think of Forest Gump) licking as a part of the political process…well my oh my that probably has been in practice since politics began, but to think of it I haven’t SEEN any politicans do it. Good point Chey.


  15. great rule Chey. To make your woman feel better, our mommy bowled a 9 once. for the whole game. she knocked down 9 pins TOTAL. we hope that this makes your woman feel better to know that there is in fact someone worse than her who should never ever be allowed in a bowling alley again.

  16. Queen Snickers says:

    What a great stretch! My momma can’t bowl either. Unless it is on her Wii.

  17. The other candidates cannot lick their back ends because they have not managed to get their heads unstuck from between their cheeks where they have firmly wedged them.

  18. Buttock licking is an important skill. Nobody likes a stinky butt.

  19. Not only buttock licking, but buttock cleaning as well. Cuz we all know there’s a lot of s&^T in politics. LOL

  20. Hey, be glad you won’t have to get Jan to bowl for you. She didn’t just drop the ball (this was 200 years or so ago when she was a teenager)in the gutter, it flew back and nearly landed on her date’s foot.

  21. I am not sure we are waiting for a buttock lickink Obama, Billary or (brrrr) McCain, hahahahaha.

    Chey, I want to THANK you and Gemini for purring so hard for my sister Miral!! You made a miracle happen!!!!! (ask the other candidates if they can do that too … 😉

  22. Niiiiice stretch!!

  23. Cheysuli, once again a magnificent rule. HOW are you not president of the world? I mean, with thoughts like that…you should be ruler divine. x

  24. Happy butt licking!

  25. Hahahahaha – that’s a good one!

  26. We can butt lick wiv the best of them, but we can’t bowl.

  27. Yawns are contaygiss. So are pitchurs of stretches. I’m gonna do that in a minit. Looks so good!

    Hey Chey, I tagged you for a book MEME!

  28. Yep Mom says she’s voting for you Chey. She would rather see a smart cat in office who licks her own butt for cleanliness than some ‘bean who kisses others butts for no reason. ~The Fluffy Tribe

    VOTE FOR CHEY!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Chey. I knowz nuttin’ bouts no bowlin’ but I sure likes to lick my b—-!
    By da way, you looks fabulous in dat nice “watermelon slice” pose. Da momee here callz it dat. I haz know idea why. She iz furry strange fur a momee.

  30. :Sigh:
    You are brilliant and coordinated, all in one. And, you are awake at 3 AM to answer any phones!!


  31. I agree with the others that it is much better to have a President who can lick her own butt than have one who needs someone else to do it for them.

  32. Monty Q says:

    Bum licking? I missed something somewhere…

  33. I’d have to agree … more butt licking, less bowling! (I wonder if our comments have a lot of butt licking in it that will move you up in the butt licking search on Google?)

  34. hehehe, us Ballicai agree — self relyance is furry impawtant. Much bettur to be able to lick yur own butt than get othurs to do it for ya!

    And bowlin? My momma hasn’t bowled fur years but she rememburs she’s good at guttur balls!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  35. *giggle*, buttocks licking is an important issue! Human politicritters engage in that sort of thing far too often — with one another! It’s really quite counterproductive. It’s much better to be able to take care of one’s own Derriere Hygiene!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  36. Chey, you are so funny!! I hope google doesn’t pick up that quote either!
    Our local papers have been making a field day out of the bowling fiasco!

  37. grate pose Chey. yoos so looong. yoo shuld use those pics on yur campayne posters.

  38. Campaign slogan:

    “Chey in ’08: The only buttocks she licks are her own.”

  39. Well, we, for 9 (there are 9 of us, remember), would like to see a butt-licking contest of the candidates. Chey, you would win, hands – uh, paws down, of course, but still … Never overlook an opportunity to show the voters you excel in a particular area.

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