Meezer Monday: Is Cheysuli Siamese Enough?

img_3807a.jpgFrom the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Presidential Candidate Cheysuli took more fire today from critics in Pennsylvania. Is she really Siamese enough they ask?

Admittedly, Cheysuli has never actually visited Siam. Her offices state that she has visited Thailand, but many critics do not feel that this is enough.

“If she were really Siamese, she would find a way to visit Siam. It is her heritage. Claiming to go to Thailand makes no sense. She is not Thai-anese, but Siamese. If she were really promoting her heritage she would visit Siam.”

These criticisms come after much fire about Cheysuli being a purebred cat and not being in touch with the real cat wants. “She is a purebred cat who has always had a home and food. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be on the street,” stated a critic.

Cheysuli states that, “My sister is a formerly feral tabby and I live with a cat who made her way in the world on her own. She adopted many people before she finally adopted my current human. Further I have lived a life of uncertainty, having to travel from Klamath Falls to Vancouver, Washington with the Human Male in the car and no inkling as to what my future would bring. For all I knew I was going to slaughter. I was taken from my lovely kits without my permission and thrust in the home of this… Woman.”

“I understand the problems of being a cat. I have had to go hours without being fed. I have had to go days without Temptations. I have had to go without human company for at least 12 hours at a time.

“I realize I have had it easy compared to many feral cats, however, I have good advisors and those in my home who have suffered from this situation. I am not without empathy.”


  1. Some humans are just NEVER satisfied, are they? And really really dumb. Sigh.


    Getting furs on the clothes of the human who likes it least is the most fun! Mommy doesn’t care, ’cause she works at home, so there’s just no point! But I have so much furs I have to put them somewhere! I’m just not the floorfur artist Jack is!


  2. Oh Chey! I don’t even know why you have to answer such ridiculous questions — I think you should answer these questions with your own question…. How about you?

    purrrs for a happy day!!!

  3. Chey, it is owr place as reegul SIAMeeze to make do with all the deprivayshuns to wich we are subjekted LIKE HAVING TO SLEEP ON THE SAME BED AS ROCKY HOO IS A NO-BREED CAT FRUM THE POWND AND HOO REEKS. I never realized yer life was so hard. I cannot IMAJINE going days withowt Temtayshuns. Yoo definitly are prezidenshul materiul.

  4. Chey is purebred USA meezer! That is enough fer us!

    “Chey, Chey, All The Way In The USA!”

  5. Humpf, what would they know, they are just…JOURNALISTS!


  6. Poor Chey. The mud-slinging has begun! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and make sure you sniff their butt so you can tell the difference.

    Luf, Us

  7. Sigh, what to do with that pesky press?!

  8. That is very taugh, Chey~!
    But as Presidential Candidate always need to face this NG stuffs~!!!!

    You are the best Meezer!

  9. Those are some really stupid journalists you have to put up with, Cheysuli. Tell them to show you Siam on a map and then you will go there. I think you understand the needs and wants of all cats everywhere very well.

  10. Chey, clearly the media have no idea what they are talking about. Don’t they realize that Thailand was formerly Siam? Gee, some of these reporters need to do some research first!

  11. did no one tell the press that siam doesn’t exist anymore? i think that’s because Yul Brenner, who was king there, died.

  12. A car ride alone is enough – that’s suffering in my book!


  14. Pfffft. Well, we can be certain of one thing, they are not Siamese enough!! Or Cat enough.

  15. Would you like us to send in a Bite & Run Patrol? That should answer their questions!

  16. Chey, can you sing the “We are Siamese if you ple-ease” song? Then I think that makes you Siamese enough.

    PS: Did your mom give you some ouzo in that photo? 😉

  17. You tell ’em, Chey!

  18. Do not worry Chey, they are just trying to stir up trouble. Of course you are Siamese enough. You’re you!

  19. Chey, I would not wish the suffering I endure upon my worst enemy, let alone on you. That said, you have had it pretty bad – 12 hours without a human slave? Days without temptations???? I had no idea how resilient you were. Gosh, I admire you. x

  20. Would you like to go to Siam? I sent Yao-Lin there. I could send you too. Wouldn’t be a problem. Really. Catatonia Air at your service!

  21. Wow. They’re really splitting furs now, aren’t they?!?

  22. Siam no longer exists! Journalist…they is not the sharpest tools in da shed. It is not yoor choice but an accident, or was dat on purpose, of birth that yoo are purebred and haf always had a home. This does not mean that yoo do not unnerstand.

  23. Well,that comment about you not visiting Siam is the most stupid thing I have heard!
    Has every bean with foreign heritage gone to visit the land of their ancestors? Sheesh!!!
    I would give them a raspberry too 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Chey, you are correct that you have dealt with enough ordeals and have enough other influences in your life that you don’t have to worry at all about relating to other cats. All your friends here in the blogosphere are of all different sizes and breeds and shapes and even species! And who decided that siamese cats need to make a pilgrimage? You’re gorgeous and you’re loud… you’re siamese! And thanks for all your comments on our site, even though we don’t update so often!

    ~Purrs, Harlie

  25. The opposition must feel threatened to be digging up such trivial poop (pardon my French). I fink you have great advisors, and not to mention WE the public are very supportive of you and feel you will be able to address our issues!

  26. I bet those people have never visited their “roots” either!!!!

  27. You have our vote Chey. Kitties is kitties, that’s what we say.

  28. You tell ’em Chey! You are cat enough and just darn fortunit to be Siamese!

  29. Of course you are Siamese enough, those critics are just trying to rub your fur da wrong way, don’t listen!

    Mindy & Moe

  30. You are one of the most beautiful meezers!

  31. I think that they are insane to doubt your Siamesacality. Can they not see you? Can they not hear you?

    Purrrrrs, China Cat (who has never been to China)

  32. Chey yoo shuld be lyk Chelsea Clinton and tell the press its none their business.

  33. um … yes … i am votin fer u.

  34. I love ya, no matter who you
    want to be and where you are
    from. Love those blue eyes.
    Lots of purrrs!

  35. If you don’t have stripes on your legs, you are more Siamese than me 🙂

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