Meezer Monday

Chey\'s tummyI am so loathe to show off my tummy for the camera but there you have it–the Woman was snapping photos and puts them up on the blog. What will I do when the tabloids get a hold of this?

Ah well, I’d like to see any of the other candidates show of their tummy like this.  Perhaps not.  It is sort of an eww thing don’t you think?

I’d like to say that I knew this particular Find Chey would be difficult. While I do not expect to make them easy, some will be easier than others, so do not despair for those of you who want to get a right answer!  I have a few photos that are a little more recognizable than that one and I will probably wander over into them!

My human has finally gotten Desktop Tower Defense mostly out of her system and can now move onto far more important things, like keeping me happy, rather than playing that stupid mindless game.  If anyone gets past level 77 (really that only takes about half an hour in the fun realm) let her know…


  1. Oh cool, I’m gonna grow up lookin a lot like you! Long an lean, cool an elegant, stretchy an slender.

    That’s lots better than bein like LC, who is short an fat and big hips. I was worried…


  2. Hehe, Chey, you have the cutest tummy! You’re right, none of the other candidates will probably be caught doing that stretch.

  3. The difference is, Chey, that you have a lovely tummy. I would definitely not want to see McCain’s tummy. Obama could probably get away with it.

  4. Now there is a tummy just begging for a rub!

  5. We are certain the other candidates would not be seen as cute should they dare to bare their tummies.

  6. uh oh, you’re gonna be all over the tabloids. but at least no one can say they see a baby bump

  7. Chey wif a tummy like that you need to show it off more…

    hello Purrty Miss Gemini…come over and check out my picture where I am dreamin about you…


  8. Eeewwwwwww the thought of John McCain’s tummy is repulsive!

    Please excuse Nubi from work this week. He is in the hospital and my pet human is beside herself …….say a big prayer for him.


  9. I am very impressed with how toned your tummy is. Mine is very hangy.

  10. Droollll……………

    GRRR to any man cats looking at that belly!!!

  11. Your tummy is lovely, Chey!

  12. I think you have a delightful tummy!

  13. I see a scandalous tabloid photo coming up!

  14. Ahem….ha ha hi there Chey. Ahem, may I just say that you have a very cute, er…nice tummy. ::blushing:: My sisfur wants to know how you get that nice flat tummy of yours?


  15. So? You were already on the cover of Play Pet. What could possibly be more scandelous?

  16. You’re right – you’re the only candidate we’d like to see a tummy shot of.

  17. Nice tummy!!!! 😉
    Now that you posted a link to the games,your audience may suddenly disappear for a bit!! 😮 Heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  18. Mommy duz this thing called ‘music scheduling’ for her raydio stayshun so I kno how boreing that can be.

    I think the uther candidates wont show thare bellies cuz thay know yoo gots the best one. Can I hire yoo as my purrsunul trainer?

  19. You could earn a fortune as a poster cat! Very exotic looks and such a nice furry tummy

  20. You did NOT just turn my Staff on to that GAME! Cheysuli…now you’ve done it…there she goes, I’ve lost he…r….

    P.S. Your belly shot has just become viral!


  21. It shows how fit you are Chey. Nice abs.

  22. You do have a long furry tummy.

    I’m so glad you’re coming to my party.


  23. Hello Chey~!
    It’s not very often having chance to see your tummy~!
    However, it’s a great pleasure and joy to see today~!!!!
    You look excellent, and you have very flat and healthy belly!

  24. You certainly do have a very long tummy! Very nice! My Lap Lady just tried playing that game and she was pretty much worthless at it… On the easy level even…

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  25. That is one awesome tum!

  26. Must. Snorgle. Tummy.

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