Thankful Thursday

img_3713a.jpgWe have many things to be thankful for. Last Thursday I got a lovely package from Latte and Chase in the mail. I got some lovely toys for being the second (by seconds) to guess the correct answer in Chase’s contest. Latte sent me a lovely note. I have to admit, Georgia has been all over the toys.

First, Georgia was grabbing at the old feather toy that Latte sent me (it still had some feathers on it, so I had to destroy it). However, Georgia had to play with it first. Then she had to play with the pink ball that they sent. Since then, I have whapped it all over the house and now I have hidden it.

Here is Georgia on our new floors. We choose bamboo flooring. We did get engineered wood so it would be as hard as mahogany on the “janka ball” scale. But we got it from a company that has high enough standards on low VOCs that they can sell their products in Germany.


  1. That is wonderful that Georgia has been playing with your toys. Maybe your human should get her some more toys to play with. We like your floors. It looks like it would be really fun to play Thundering Herds of Elephants on.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. Oh I love the new floor, I’d like to get bamboo here, but I’m sure the buns will protest.

  3. It is very nice of you to share your toys with Georgia, even if only for a short time. I like your new floor. It looks like you could really slide on it.

  4. Good for you for hiding the pink ball from Georgia. I used to have to hide my stuffed monkey from The College Kid. He used to think we could play with it like a football.

  5. So glad Georgia is playful, that’s good ta see.
    Mine Mommy loves bamboo. She even has some shirts made out of it. Tha floor is nice, she said she’s furry jelous.
    Purrs, KC

  6. That is wonderful you got present and very nice to you sharing toys~!!!

  7. The floor looks great! We are glad to hear that Georgia has been playing some! That’s wonderful!

  8. Hooray! Georgia is playing and having fun. Your new floor looks great!

  9. Ooh you have purrty wood floors a bit like ours now! šŸ™‚ We have oak ones like that, engineered wood so it’s really hard and we can’t muck it up easily, nor can D’boy! šŸ˜‰ I trashed a feather wand last night too, it’s just the bestest fun! šŸ™‚

  10. Oh, that new floor looks great, bet we could slide on that real fast! That would be tons of fun. We have wood floors too, but not nearly as nice as your new one.

    Mindy & Moe

  11. I guess georgia has not lost the ability to have a good time šŸ™‚ Those floors are lovely too !
    Purrs Mickey

  12. Georgia is having fun playing with your new floor. your floor is very shiny i think Georgia love to slide in your floor.LOL

  13. MomBean likes your new floors!

  14. We love your bamboo floors! We have tile on the first floor, but when we are ready to replace the carpeting on our second floor we are thinking of using bamboo, too.

  15. Nice floors. And, did you snoopervise their installation?

    (It’s easier to snoopervise your own people instead of professional installers.)

  16. I think you need more toys since Georgia “shared” yours!
    She looks great on that flooring. Mommy and daddy wish they could have put “green” and healthy flooring in but they couldn’t afford it when they built the house. It is still something they want to do someday. Enjoy clicking your claws in it in the night!

  17. I bet the new flores are fun to slide on. But its all fun and games til sumkitty slides into the food bowl and sends crunchies flyin. Not that I’d know or anything…

  18. What a beautiful new floor! I bet it ranks very high on the cat sliding scale!


  19. Mom is so jealous of your bamboo! She’s waiting to replace all our carpet with that! Chey, we are very proud that you shared a little bit. It is very hard to share.

  20. That is very good flooring, it reminds me of the flooring in mine own living room! It is very good for sliding around on!! Daddie sometimes pretends I am a broom and places his foot on my tummy and wipes the floor with me! This is a very fun game you should try!

  21. Oooh, bamboo floors are pretty. They’re also good for cats to slide on. šŸ™‚

  22. I love that picture, and your new floors are just beautiful (great that they’re bamboo, too).

  23. Very nice floor. We are so happy to hear that Georgia still likes to play with toys.

  24. I’m very happy to hear that Georgia got a lot of enjoyment from the toys!! I like your floor, it is very ecologically sensible and pretty.

  25. Those toys sound like fun! That is a lovely picture of Georgia on your lovely new floor. Mommy has always wanted a bamboo floor, so I think she’ll be jealous!

  26. Yay, Georgia is playing! Mom would like to do our whole house in baboo floors like dat. Dad prefers carpeting…so mom makes him vacuum hehehehehe

  27. me want wood floors!!! Wants to slip and slide!

  28. Love those floors. Bet we could skate across them with no problem.

    Sounds like you and Georgia are having fun with your prize toys.

  29. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is cool and has a lot of good information on it. Thank you

    God bless

  30. ConCATulashuns on yur package! And that’s great Georgia has been playin!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  31. Enjoy your package! And I love your wood floors *smile*.

    I am happy to hear that Georgia has been in a playful mood — that is great news!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  32. Lucky you for getting a package! Hope you have fun with toys.

  33. It has really been a long time since I have visited your site. I am just now seeing the new layout. It is great! My Lady loves the new design and so do us kitties.

  34. I like that floor. I showed it to the Woman and she LOVES that floor. Now she has floor envy. Floor envy is a terrible thing to live with, you know…

  35. Cool bamboo flooring you have there. I heard that it will create a cooling effect during humid weather. You can try planting some bamboo plants outdoor too. Maybe you can attract a panda to your house for tea.. hehe

    Psss… by the way, the panda is me with black eye rings due to sleepless nights accompanying Janice who was down with a fever šŸ™

  36. Awesome floor! Maw would luf bamboo or cork floors so that it would be easier to clean up our yak and pee when Obi gets the pee scared out of him.

    Luf, Us

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