Thankful Thursday

pinkg.jpgWell here it is. Georgia’s leg looking a bit pink. This is pretty good considering the paint color is called “Red Red Wine”. This is great. At some point as her leg mats back up we will cut it out.

We are thankful that we were able to get that much out. We are also thankful that she can’t wash herself back there so we don’t have to worry about her licking something she shouldn’t.

We are happy about good news at Jan’s Funny Farm. Roscoe wasn’t really a stray, he just seemed like it. We are happy this his owners were found. I am sure they were even happier!

Also, Yao-lin had a birthday. Had I know, I would have gotten him something. Maybe Baby Mao painted in Red Red Wine… I think he’d have liked that!

We are also thankful that Chase was feeling so generous as we answered the question at the same time as Queen Snickers, but I think her connection was a bit faster as it showed up when we posted our response… Darned wireless…


  1. Pink leg!

  2. Ugh, colour! But pink does not look sooooo bad. Imagine it was blue. That would have been bad. Hope that you get it all out of the fur.

  3. Pink leg looks good to kiss for Michico. Be careful Georgia, Michico likes to kiss cats.

  4. The color is not so bad! And Chey, I would never thinks of running against you for President of the U.S. You have my vote and quite clearly are the purrfect choice. I am just a small cat with big dreams of being President of the world someday! Mommie says we should dream big! You are my inspiration!

  5. Hee hee, is tha pink leg like mine golden paw?

  6. We are glad that you were able to get most of the colour out. That does look very pink!

  7. Awwwww, poor baby! You got a lot of it out though!

  8. Pink looks good on Georgia!!!

  9. We like the pink leg! It’s pretty!

  10. While pink is a very pretty and girlycat colour on the whole, I do think it was very unwise of Georgia to have tried to turn her white furs all pink! 😉

  11. Perhaps you can send some of that wed wed wine over here. That Thing woves PINK, so maybe I can paint him up and then he’ll end up pink wike Georgia!

  12. Chase says your package is on the UPS truck or something like that. One of Meowmy’s favorite songs is Red, Red Wine by UB40. It was her theme song as she was learning how to drive oh….10 years ago.

  13. Wow, I am very jealous! I want to turn my white furs pink.

  14. The pink leg is of the same pink as the disinfecting cleaner used on my tummy after my big operation, that stuff took a few weeks to come off! I think Yao-Lin would have thrilled with red red wine on baby Mao…

    Purrrs, Tamra

    P.S. I really don’t consider that intruder kitten a good thing and I am definitely NOT thankful!

  15. Now Baby Mao posted in Red Red Wine is something I’d like to see.

  16. It is a good thing you do not live in Boulder, Colorado or they would fine your mom for having a pink sister like they did that lady with the poodle.

  17. Pink works fine on a lady cat like Georgia. Kind of an accent color in this case.

  18. Actually, I think the color is becoming.


  19. Nothing wrong with PINK! 🙂

    Chey, we are VERY thankful for what you did for us in Italy!! A few of us were really scared they would be arrested (especially Asta), and only for a little playing thundering herds of elephants on an OLD tower. Pfff, that thing was already leaning 3.97 degrees…

    Karl & Ruis

  20. Pink is a furry becoming color on yoo.

  21. It’s good that Georgia is mostly cleaned up 🙂 Now,she’s pretty in pink! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  22. I think a little bit of pink suits her!

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