Tabby Tuesday

cheysplace-2.jpgLook at the lovely graphic Zoolatry made for ME! ME–Gemini! It was Momma’s favoritest ever. She loves the way I am peeking over the edge.


Anyway, the kitchen is almost done. We have tile but it will be sealed tomorrow and then I think on Wednesday we will have a sink. Momma is so happy about that.

She has been really lazy and kind of depressed lately. Business has been so slow she did not even make enough to pay the rent last month and this month she made enough to pay the rent, but not the phone. And so she is sad about that. She is making a little bit creating a help desk for another site but that is just getting started so she is not that busy.

Ann at Zoolatry made her feel good though ’cause we got an award that we need to find a place for on the blog too. But you know, when you are not busy but are just lazy, things don’t always get done…


  1. That’s a beautiful portrait!

    Our Maw suffers from that laziness syndrome as well. We really have to crack the ol’ cat o’ nine tails or whatever that thing is.

    Luf, Us

  2. What a nice picture they made for you!!

  3. That is a beautiful pitcher! As soon as Chey is president you will not have any more money worries! Chey has all my votes, I think I gets as many votes as I have toes!

  4. Oh we just love your eyes peeking over the bottom of the picture.

  5. We love yoor eyes, dat is a furry nice grafik! We know all about lazy mom’s…we may have to get dad to help us.

  6. You are absulotely beautiful, Gemini~!!!!

  7. That is a lovely graphic of you, Gemini! We are sorry to hear that your mom isn’t getting much business. We hope it picks up for her!

  8. what a great graphic!

    awwww, your poor mommy. we hope business picks up soon! it’s so bad efurrywhere!

  9. Wow that is a wonderul picture! I am sorry to hear about your human’s money worries. Might I suggest that you and Chey take out a joint application for a credit card and go on a theraputic shopping spree? I know it won’t help matters for the human but you two will surely feel better! I may even join you! x

  10. That is a very nice pic of you!

  11. Lovely photots of you!

  12. Yur eyes are like pools of dripping emeralds wif ear puffs as soft as puffy clouds…oh I am juss purrin while I look at yur lovely portrait done by Maggie and Zoey…how booteefull yu are and what terrific werk they did to capture yur beautee….

    your boyfriendcat

  13. I wove your pictor too! Mine Mummy also suffers fwom the wazy syndwome. And I think she’s past any hope for wecovewy.

  14. I love the portrait!

    I’ll purr that your mom gets busy and has enough money for everything, plus “fun money” left over!

  15. Gemini, that photo makes you look tres chic! I like the peeking over too.

  16. You look lovely!

    Tell your mom to cheer up- things will pick up soon. It seems to always slow down right around this time of year.

    Maybe Chey will lend her some money!

  17. Queen Snickers says:

    What a great image, we hope thinks pick up for your momma! I a time remember when momma was looken for a job and she got all lazy and depressed ‘cus all she had to do was clean house.

  18. April Fool’s day, Chey!!!

  19. We are thinking about your Mom and hope her troubles will be over soon.

    That is a great graphic of you, Gemini. It matches your purrty green eyes. You have such a kick-butt name, too.

  20. Lovely graphic!!

  21. I don’t want your mom depressed at all, that’s not good. However I see a nice usefulness to her being around a lot. Perhaps we could swap humans? Not that mine makes tons of green papers but she is working tons. She says there is a disconnect but I don’t see where.

  22. I made you a LOL-CAT! Come and see it!

  23. That’s a very lovely graphic. Zoolaty does such great work!

  24. Gemini, you look so pretty!

  25. That is a great picture!!!!!

    We are sorry your Mom has not had enough business. We will add her to our purrayers.

    Yes, Meowm says that she knows the longer Orion is around the more she will get attached. Course, she says she was attached the minute she first picked him up!

  26. What a pretty picture!!

    We will be purrrayin for your bean and hope that she gets more business really soon.

  27. Gemini! Look how goegeous you are! Mom just our email and we got some Zoolatry images too — before Easter! Talk about lazy!

  28. Maggie and Zoey are so creative and generous. We hope your mum does better soon with earning money. It’s not fun having to worry about that sort of stuff is it. FAZ

  29. Oh, such a beautiful picture Ann did for you, Gemini! Willow and I will purr for your mom that she gets some more work to get more green papers. Our mom hasn’t been working much and she’s being lazy too!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

    P.S. I was tricked by all of the blog swapping today but it also made me laugh! I had a fun April Fool’s Day and hope you all did too.

  30. Lovely picture of Gemini!!!!
    Big purrs for your Mom .
    Hope you guys will be OK.
    Purrs Mickey

  31. We tried the automatic upgrade on our blog after Mom’s blog fiasco. Our upgrade totally killed our blog. We have the backup but we’re back on blogger. Mom says 3 upgrades in 2 months is SO not worth the cleaner themes.


  32. Gemini,
    You haz furry purrty eyeballzez.
    Now da momee here sez to your momee,” Don’t worry Genmini’s mommy. I used to have the same types of problems. But you know what? You will survive.”
    See Gemini??? Da momee here iz really a Zen phee-losopher. She iz rootin’ fur your momee. & sendin’ lots of BIG bean medy-tashunz.
    -Dr Tweety

  33. Oh,Gemini, what a wonderful picture, that is perfect. We’re sending purrs to your mom so she’ll feel better.

    Mindy & Moe

  34. That is a beautiful graphic! Sending whooshes of good wishes to your momma!

  35. Chey we will keep you in mind for helping with CFHF. We are just getting started so stay tuned.

  36. What a wonderful stretchy picture!!!!

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