Tabby Tuesday

img_3676a.jpgOh dear. Yesterday was not a good day. First I vomited up two furballs and then I vomited up more bile. I did this all night and I was not a happy cat. I kept everyone awake. Then the Almost Dad got mad at me for purring but it wasn’t me who was purring! It was Georgia. I was a quiet cat trying to get some rest. Then I vomited again. Momma was getting worried about me.

Just when I was starting to feel better, there was a knock at the door. I growled and went to hide. It was the people who were putting in cabinets for our kitchen. They were very noisy and I did not like it at all. It was too noisy. I got locked into the big bedroom. Momma hasn’t found that I have vomited any more though.

Maybe it’s because I am not an Irish cat but I have greenish eyes?


  1. I have greenish eyes as well~!!!
    You have very lovely eyes 🙂

    Changing weather so we are changing fur. Maybe you could ask your mommy brushing you more~~ It will be a little help~~~ I know you have very big fur, so it’s very easy eating too much~~

  2. Oh, Gemini! I’m sorry you’ve been barfin hairballs and feelin icky! I hope yur feelin bettur soon. It sounds really rough bein a floofycat sometimes — Hairball barfs Brainballs, too; oopsie I meant Brainball barfs Hairballs, too! hehe

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  3. Oh no, Gemini! We hope you are feeling better and don’t throw up again. Sending healing purrs your way.

  4. Ooh I do so hope you’re feeling better soon! I shall purr for you…

  5. Is it furballs? There’s been a few furball yaks around here. Mommy thinks it’s ’cause we are getting our Spring furs…
    I hope you feel lots better!

  6. We hope you are feeling better.

  7. Oh no, KidBean was almost puky last night, so I hope you’re doing better. Puking is no fun at all.

  8. Poor Gemini! I am very sorry you bomited. I hate it when that happens. I sure hope you are feeling much better today.

  9. Poor baby! We hope you are feeling better. That is a great face you are making!!!

  10. You poor dear… hope you feel better real soon.

  11. Oh, no, Gemini – it feels so yucky when you have to yak. We hope you’re feeling better now.

    Rocky & staff

  12. We hope you feel better today. Too many sick cats and dogs already. Stay well!

  13. Ooh Gemini, so sorry I’ve been there. It is NO FUN. When it gets to the point your yakk’n up water, bla. Momma has found some good tricks that help with the furball yaks. Do you eat crunchies all the time? If so this is a good one. Get your momma to feed you your favorite stinky goodness with Vetbasis Hairball Gel (Momma’s tried lots and this has worked the best, plus you can put it on food and I eat it all up) on it. Momma discovered that the stinky goodness goes down my pluming better and takes stuff with it. Mine yak problem was so bad I got sick every day. Now I have crunchies in the morning and stinky goodness everynight with the Vetbasis a few times a week. My yakking problem is 99% better. ~Queen Snickers

  14. You poor thing! We get kicked out for purring (well Kaze gets us kicked out for it). It must be hard to have such long furrs because you must get lots of hairballs.

  15. ohh poor love…get well soon, purrs and purrayers furr you.

  16. ohh poor love…get well soon, purrs and purrayers furr you.

  17. So sorry to hear that you are ill, and I hope this does not derail your campaign. The humans making all that noise with the cabinets will NOT help. Please be very careful and do not lick any construction dust off your paws.

  18. Oh Miss Gemini

    let me rush to be by your side…I did not know you were not feeling well. Maybe it was that green mutter’s milk we had that upset your tummy….I will be ofur with a warm blankie and some chicken soup and take care of you…


  19. Gemini,

    I yam sorry to hear dat you haz had da heavz. is iz not a good ting my frend. I hopes you iz restin’ from da pukeez & dat you are gonna drinks lots of fluidz today.
    Didz you gets a itty-bitty hung-oevfur from da beer or waz it da mousiez? deze parteez are takin’ da stuffin’ outta me!
    Dr Tweety

  20. Oh NO! I hope you are feeling better and don’t vomit anymore!

  21. oh Gemini, maybe it’s stress honey!! i thought your almost dad was your already dad now?

  22. Ugh, hairballs are horrible. And at my house, it always happens at night and then I step in them in the morning when I’m still sleepy.

    Sure you guys don’t do this on purpose? 😉

  23. Oh I do hope you feel better soon!!!! Please keep us updated! x

  24. i am very sorry to hear you been vomming 🙁 maybe you ate something you shouldn’t have? i hope it has stopped now and you are feeling much better. i don’t do hairballs sicks – but i am all too familiar with vomming.

    how is beautiful chey? we haven’t been blogging lately so are seriously out of the loop!


  25. have yoo been to yoor vets lately? maybe they could give yoo sumtin to settle yoor tum tum.

  26. Sebastian always have so hair ball catastrophes! Especially at like 3am, he vomits lots of hair balls.

  27. Oh no, Gemino, it’s always something with you, isn’t it? Yaks are yucky. Bleck. We hope you’re all better now.

  28. Did you have too much green beer yesterday? Did that make your tummy all icky?

  29. Aww, poor Gemini! It’s good that you still have an appetite. It’s hairball season, so maybe that’s all it is. Nico eats Cat Lax sometimes for that. We love that picture of you! It’s great!

    Thanks for coming by and wishing Virgil well. He’s feeling much better now.

  30. We would luv to see you decorate da white house!

  31. Gemini,

    I am so sorry that you aren’t feeling well. I, myself, also yakked up a hairball yesterday morning and my dad was not happy cleaning it up. However, my mom was happy that dad was the one to find it!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  32. i hope continue to feel better. by the way i like your eyes i hope i have the same eyes like you.

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