Tabby Tuesday

img_3502a.jpgOh look! Here I am taking my aggression out on the stairs that we have to the bed for Georgia. My feet are bunny kicking so fast they are blurry, aren’t they?

I am very happy that Momma got all suggestions about my little problem. We try to keep my bum trimmed up but I do not like to have that done so sometimes it gets all long and messy. In fact, I am due again. Sigh.

Right now we do not have a kitchen. They came and took the old one out last week and then they have been doing stuff to other things and next week they will put in the new cabinets. I do not like it when people come. I try to hide in my favorite room but Momma wants us all to hide together in Georgia’s favorite room. I do not think that is fair because my room has better hiding places.


  1. Georgia’s bunny kick is so so cute~!!!!! And that white material looks very comfy~!!

    I don’t like strangers come into my house as well~! But somehow I can learn to control my worry~! I hope your new kitchen will be finished soon!!

  2. Miss Gemini

    Momma just had to clean up Abby and she thought this time Abby was actually thankful. She didn’t really fuss too much when Momma cleaned her all up. Maybe that’s why Abby is so crabby, sometimes? you look so cute bunny kicking those stairs. I hope that those people don’t bother you too much today. Why don’t you teleport ofur and that way you won’t even have to be there and we can play in the sunbeams here?


  3. Oh my little girl Delta likes to bunny kick already, I think it’s her you could see in that video of my belly! 😉

  4. Oh, the cute bunny kicking feetsies! Mommy has to keep both the boys …er…clean!

  5. oh poor Gemini! I noticed the bunny kicking action going on there. it’s pretty awsome!! – Sammy

  6. Gemini, you are doing a great job bunny-kicking those stairs! Sorry to hear about your bum-fur problem. We don’t have that problem, but we occasionally get poo stuck on our bums and have to have them wiped. We don’t like that at all.

  7. That is not fair at all, you should be able to have the best hiding places.

  8. Look at how cute you look!! My sister shy has long hair like your’s and has that problem AND likes to bunny kick!

  9. I think you should alternate using favorite rooms, especially since it will take days to get your kitchen back!


  10. I must always hide, too, whenever there is a stranger in the house. But I am allowed to go wherever I want to hide. As long as it is upstairs under the bed.

  11. OOOhhhhh. We hate house renovations!!! You have NO KITCHEN???? How do you eat?

    Luf, Us

  12. You are so cute and your feet are certainly flying. Is that how you stay slim and trim?

  13. You kick it, Gemini! But, hey, you’re missing out on all the fun. When work people come to our house, I snoopervise everything they do!


  14. someone stole yer kitchen? Hmmmmm that gives us ideas ~the FLuffy Tribe

  15. We like having company! And we like snoopervising. We meow at them and rub on them and then they give us extra scritchies. Adn then we purr for them.

    We can never get too many scritchies!

  16. You have very nice form and posture for properly bunny-kicking the heck out of the stairs. It looks like you might put the Bitey on it, too! Good work!

    I have donated 2 of my tents to use as hiding places for Foster cats (when we have them). They make nice portable hiding places.

  17. That’s some good bunny kickin’!

  18. Gemini, that is excellent form you have!
    I love those stairs. Mommie wants to get me some when they go on sale at Tarshay.

    purrrs ladies

  19. Great bunny kicking … I am really good at it like you are! And Momma wishes someone would steal her kitchen so she could get a new one, but having the strangers over would really be a bad, because they’d probably make a lot of noise.
    Purrs and headbutts,

  20. I take to strangers in the house purrty well…but now and then one shows up that I don’t like.

    Don’t feel bad about your bum….even us short haired kitties sometimes have issues.

  21. Those look like very good stairs to bunnykick, they are even fluffy, so you can get some good fluff action going to!

  22. I love strangers, I make them pet me! Even if they don’t want to, hehehe. Empress on the other hand will go hide some where and only peak at them.

  23. Brilliant bunny kicking!

  24. Great bunnykicking, Gemini! Bunnykicking is FUN FUN FUN!

  25. It’s a good idea to keep in practice with your bunny kicking, since a cat never knows when she’ll have to kick a bunny.

    No kitchen? The humans had better leave someplace to feed teh kittehs.

  26. That’s some superduper bunnykickin, Gemini! And I’m sorry to hear that those furs have gotta be trimmed again. Brainball, our big floofy boy with the big shaved spot, is kommizeratin with you!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. Oh, Gemini! You’re such a cutiepie bunnykicker. I love to bunnykick, too — especially catnip bananas and Mom’s bras!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  28. No wonder you’re bunny kicking the stairs!! I would too if I could not get into my room!!
    Purrs Mickey

  29. thats not fair that you have to stay in georgias room. Momma blocked off my favorite hiding places. 🙁

  30. Gemini yoos too cute bunny kickin the steps. luks lyk fun.
    i hafta get myself trimmed up too. raven lyks it but i fite gud. but i still get done and i feel better after…molly

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