Tabby Tuesday

img_3532a.jpgWell, I hope that this photo is good enough to get Ping to pass out.  I mean I don’t really want him reading this post. It is terribly embarrassing.

I had a bad weekend.  See, sometime over the weekend I ate something that didn’t agree with me.  So my poops were not as firm as they could have been. Then they stuck to my furs on my bum.  Momma wasn’t home to notice right away and so by the time she noticed that I was acting funny they didn’t all come out with a bath.

Also she wasn’t in jeans when she bathed me but shorts, so I reached out my claw and clawed the fat beside her knee (she has fat everywhere like I have furs) and my claws were so extended that it went into one side of the fat chunk and came out there other!   My Dad had to really work to pull it out.

Finally after drying me off she went and chopped things out of my bum furs.  However we still have more cutting to do.  But I hate having my bum trimmed.  What do other puffy cat owners do?


  1. Oh Gemini, what indignity! I really feel for you.

  2. Running poops are the worst! Especially when they stick to your furry behind – I know all about it becasue I have an especially furry bottom.

    Thanks for coming to SS’s birthday day!

  3. Oah Dear,
    I am glad your furr is all clean now~~

    You look so so beautiful and shiny today~~

  4. Poor Gemini, how embarrassing furr you.I haf never had that problem, although Eric has pooper trubble sometimes. Sometimes he has hard little bullets and uvver times they are liquid. Mum buys “Grubby Cat Wipes” furr him. They are like giant thick wet wipes.

  5. Oh you poor baby! And oh your poor Mommy!
    We use baby wipes when we get those issues!
    Or, like what happened to Rudy, it’s off to the groomers…

  6. How terrible Germini! We can’t help with a suggestions, no puffy cats here. When ever i get a bit of a runny bum, I bum scoots on the carpet and make momma really mad! But it works.

  7. Oh oh… just don’t let ’em give you the shave… it is BAAAD.

  8. Well in my present condition I can certainly sympathise with having butt cleaning difficulties… Luckily for me I’ve only got short furs, so no baths are involved or butt brushing! *shudder* I believe there are however special grooming combs with blades in them for long haired kitties with butt fur tangle issues, or just tangle issues in general…

  9. Ooooooooooo swoon….teeter…*plop*

    Miss Gemini

    You look so much like a kitty angel sitting there with the sun right behind you. Simply you look gorgeous. I don’t think Ping even read what you said because he immediately went out like a light when he saw your picture.

    Momma says that Abby has troubles all the times with her pooper. The last time she had really BIG trouble she had it all over her back. I MEAN IT WAS BAD! Momma had to wash her down with some baby wipes and still couldn’t get it all. Abby had to work on it herself and she got it all off. Momma has to snip Abby’s bum furrs too. She is so furree in the back!
    Abby isn’t crazy about it either…

    Miss Boo

    :::ooooooooo what happened?::::
    OH LOOK it’s Miss Gemini!
    There he goes again!

  10. Ouch!! That must have hurt your Momma so bad.
    Sumtimes my brofur Timothy has to have his bum furs washed for the same reason. He sends his support!

    ~ Napoleon

  11. Mom says that she had the poopy bum problem before and found that this method works best with the least amount of stress for the cat (or small dog) and the bean:

    Mom thinks the running water sound freaks the cat out more than actually getting wet, so she fills up the sinks before finding the cat.

    0.) Have nice fluffy towels ready beside the sink.

    1.) If you have a double sink, 3/4 fill one side with warm soapy water, and the other side 3/4 full of warm water.

    2.) Now go find the poopy bum.

    3.) Place poopy bum gently into warm soapy water while scritching head and talking sweetly and soothingly to the kitty. You don’t have to get the entire cat wet (unless poop is everywhere). Just let the warm soapy water work its magic while scritching kitty’s head and giving chin rubbies. It may take several minutes for the poop to soften and wash off.

    4.) Place the now non-poopy bum into warm water to rinse.

    5.) Dry kitty.

    The cat doesn’t exactly love it, but usually Mom can de-poop a bum without any cats getting crazy or getting the Paw of Death.

  12. Gemini, you look stunning! My furs are pretty sparse, so I have never had that problem. I am pretty sure if I got bathed that I would do the claw to the knee thing, too.

  13. Two words: Crop Circles

    ha! Thats what I go when I have a klingon. I scoot around on my bum in a circle.

    Chloe used to have a problem with stuff sticking to her. Kitty never had issue with that.

  14. Well, these things happen. No need to feel embarassed!

  15. There’s always the dreaded lion cut! They take stinky rental cat to the groomers, but then they have to trim the mats and stuff out of him too. So I guess cutting is normal for puffy cat owners.

  16. Gemini, that is a lovely picture of you. Don’t feel too bad . . . you couldn’t help it. Luckily mommy caught me in time after my “accident” and was able to wash me all clean, although I admit that I found the whole thing very embarrassing as well.

  17. Gemini I feel your pain. I usually make Ma chase me around the house for awhile. I hate that paper towel or anyone touching my butt. It is MY butt leave it alone people. Last time Ma got smart and tried cutting it out. That worked better cause it didn’t hurt but she has to be a lot faster cause Im not into that. -Sultanfus

  18. It is Nefer a good idea ta claw the Bein what feeds ya. I did that ONCE and dinner was 10 WHOLE MINUTES late. They get vishus when clawed!


  19. Gemini your bath experience sounds like the ideal punishment for the human. Well done with the claw work – you really nailed her! haha x

  20. Aww, poor Gemini! And poor Mommy, too!

    Hopefully you won’t have bad poops again for a long time, if ever. Nico hasn’t had this problem yet, but Westley did when he first came to live with us. It took a LONG time to wash it all out.

  21. Oh, that doesn’t sound like funsies at all, for Gemini or fur her Momma! Brainball’s our floofiest Ballicus and sometimes he has poo on his butt fuzz and almost-dingleberries and stuff and Momma has to wash ’em off. Brainball doesn’t like that furry much but if Momma’s fast, she can usually do it without too much angst frum Brainball!

    I’m glad I don’t have a floofy fuzzbutt, I tell ya what!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. Oh, Gemini, I’m so sorry to hear this, dear! I’m sure that was very unpleasant and stressful. I have had a couple of mortifying experiences with dingleberries, but I’m not quite floofy enough for mom to have to trim my butt — thank goodness!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  23. Sorry posted this on Meezer’s bit before. Keep that butt fur short less trouble. Sympathy sent to you both , its hard on both the human and the cat.

  24. Ouch!! Talk about embrassing… well at least now that the fur is trimmed you wont have to worry about it for awhile.

  25. mommy hadded to trim Gramma Trixie’s butt furs too. It’s ok Gemini – it happens to lots of kitties. you look very beautiful

  26. I skreeeem really loud when the beans try to wipe my butt. Darn them. No touchie the butt!!

    Gemini I feel bad for you. Great raking there. Always good to get the chubby parts! I hope your mommies tetanus shots are upto date (every ten years mombean tells me)


  27. Well. I’ve had to have baths before because i had poopie problems… but, i dont have puffy furs… i know at mommy’s work they shave the problem right off, this way they don’t accidentally cut the kitty.

    oooohhh that would be hooooooorrible…

  28. Yoo should not be barassed, it effun happens to short hair kitties when da poops get runny. Mom used to take old Punkin in to have da area around her spot #13 shaved all da way up to da base of her tail cuz she had what mom calls “furry unner pants” on her butt.

  29. Gee,that’s too bad Gemini 🙁
    Sometimes a butt trim is the way to go or a comb with a flea comb.That should gather everything butt the smell,heeheehee

    Purrs Mickey

  30. wow, Ping really loved that photo! I can see why. We’ve all had pooper problems, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have short hairs so wipes work for me, but my floofy cousin needs the trimmers

  31. Oh don’t wowwy Gemini, that was just an accident!

  32. Gemini, my only advice to puffy cats such as yourself is … never show your butt! Of course, that doesn’t apply to shorthairs like me – I show my butt all the time.


  33. Momma says there isn’t much you can do. She got some cat wipes at Wal-Mart. I guess it is one of the things us long-hairs have to deal with. Sounds like you fixed your Momma’s leg purrty gud.


  34. Oh that must haves been embarrasing, thankfully moms doesn’t have to do that wif me but I can’t image your mommy had much fun doing it.


  35. Oh Gemini, what a horrible thing to have happen to you! I am so sorry (& for your mom’s leg)!

  36. Oh Gemini, our Sophie is fluffy like you, but she’s just a kitten without a poop problem yet. We’re reading eagerly the advice you get because we want to know what to do for Sophie if she ever has a similar problem.

    We’re hoping you don’t have any more problems sweetie.

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