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gg.jpgWell there were a lot of interesting proposals this week for my financial fiasco. I think though that I have to say I found Gandalf and Grayson’s comment most intriguing.

“We don’t understand finances at all, Chey. We just tell Mom we want something and ::poof:: it’s here. Perhaps you Mom’s poofer is broke. Do you think Gemini may have damaged it in the poopy bum incident?”

What I like about this comment is that it means that perhaps it is really my human’s fault that I can’t pay this bill. It even goes so far as to place the ultimate blame on Gemini. I mean her poopy bum could have caused all kinds of havoc that we don’t really know about. I mean this is unusual for my household, which is fortunate. I do not know how Yao-lin manages with Baby Mao.

So now I must go off to figure out how to fix the Woman’s poofer. And if that doesn’t work, than I will do as Forty Paws suggested and hold on until the tax rebates are here…


  1. I like the way you get to blame both your human and Gemini! At my house it is always the humans’ fault when there are financial problems.

  2. Hahaha good luck mending your mum’s poofer.

  3. hahaha…indeeed, you’re employing your humans;) we like it!
    that’s the feline way…

  4. The “poofer” is very important. There are magic words that make my Mommie’s poofer work. It goes like this “Daisy, do you really need that?” And then poof, it appears!

  5. We’re glad we could help, Chey. We find Mom’s poofer very useful. Just yesterday we mentioned that we wanted some new toys and ::poof:: they were here.

  6. I like it anytime you can blame the Mommy! G&G are smart kitties!

  7. that’s prolly true. when the mom’s poofer goes haywire, all havoc breaks out!

  8. I think they may be onto something because it does work much that way around my house as well. I just ask and :poof: I usually get it.

  9. I am sorry to hear about your financial troubles, Chey. Maybe instead of getting your own credit card you should just have used your mum’s. Then the money people would be chasing her instead of you!

  10. i wanna come plays outside with yoos.

    my mommy’s poofer is great. You should borrow it for a while. but only if you let me plays with yoos.

  11. Oh what a wonderful comment. I sincerely wish that my human had a ‘poofer’. I howl, I whine, I claw, I bunnykick and I STILL don’t get what I ask for. I want steak – I am served lamb chops. I want salmon? I get chicken. It’s a terrible state of affairs. Thank you for acknowledging my terrible life with stinky baby Mao. I don’t cope – it’s true! I don’t!

  12. I am very sorry to hear that the poofer is broken. I do not know what I would do if my humans poofer was broken because I demand a lot of things.

    But you get to go outside and play without a harness and lead, and I am jealous of that. So maybe we can switch famblies for a day! You can have my human poofer and I can go in your yard!

  13. I sure hope you get your mom’s poofer fixed soonishly!

  14. hahhaa! Maybe her ::poofer:: is broken, that is very funny. It is also sad if it is true. Forty Paws is right – wait until the tax man send a check.

    I have exciting mews, Chey! My new fur sister is here! She is a blue Siamese! Please stop by and say hello.

  15. My Mommy’s poofer is broken too. She says it will be fixed when she goes back to work and gets full paychecks instead of the 1/2 pay she has been getting while home with me.

  16. I always blame my pet human when my bills are not paid. Sometimes i blame nubi too.

  17. Hah hah! That is a good one. We think our Maw’s poofer is intermittent.

    Luf, Us

  18. A broken poofer!! Hahahahahahaha!
    That really needs to be fixed 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  19. Not to be mean but I think if Hillary got a call at 3am in the morning the person would ask her if she knew where her husband was, ha, ha,ha. Oh, maybe that isn’t nice to say. I’m sorry. Delete this if you want.

  20. Oh it’s not good when the poofer is broken ~

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