Sunday Guest Star

samaantharedcarpetbuzz.jpgWell, each person seemed to out do the last. It was a tough choice. I mean Miles gave me a ham farm (how could you top that?) and then Parker gave me a ham dispenser (WOA! Now that’s useful with a ham farm). And Yao-lin–he came to the party as himself. How could I complain with such a divine gift? Luxor was right–there was nothing he could give me that would compare to Yao-lin’s! Well, you know Skeeter, LC and Ayla gave me Italy and France. I am not sure what to do with France. They have a President now after all. It should, however, make a great vacation country!

Still, I think I quite liked Samantha and Tigger’s gift and so I am featuring them.

They said:

Happy Almost Birthday Chey! We hope you have a wonderful day! We will be by to see you tomorrow! We would like to give you the key to the White House! You would do such a great job there!
Your FL furiends,

And of course you all know I will. It’s lovely to have the key to the White House early, so I can start planning where I want my stuff and doing measurements so it’s not all so very last minute you know. Of course, the current occupants need to be out before I got in (lest I get the urge to bite and run and well you know that would poison my delicate system…).

Now, the Sistine Chapel does not know we were there. If anyone asks, we did not walk on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I discovered that my credit limit on that card would not cover repairs so I have decide that we will deny the incident ever happened. No one can prove that we were there or than anything happened. No one got a claw stuck in God’s eye. No one tried to repaint it with watercolors (Miles) and has really made the damage stand out. We know nothing–okay?


  1. I am so glad that your party went so well. The key to the White House was indeed the best gift. I know absolutely nothing about any kitties walking on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

  2. Okay. And I’ll alibi you and say you were at the opening of Black Cat Pub.

  3. Dang-it LC, I TOLD you Italy AND France wasn’t gonna be good enough. I WANTED to give her The White House, but NO, you said that would just be briberee.

    So guess what, LC, NEXT TIME remember that the biggest briber wins…

    Ya know, I tell her an tell her and tell her, but she jus doessn’t accept how the rulz work. Ya GOTTA lasso the moon these days…

    Skeeter; sufferin advisors who lack “scope”…

  4. The perfect gift! And I know nothing about any chapels, nope.

  5. Chey, please accept our humble apologies for being late in wishing you Happy Purrthday. We’re glad you seem to have gotten lots and lots of presents, and had a really good time. About the alibi, we’re prepared to say that you were in Australia whenever anything you need to deny might have happened.

    Purrs & headbutts

    Gypsy & Tasha

  6. We don’t know nothin’ about no ceilin’. Chey, who?

  7. As I always say, no pictures, no proof. 😉

  8. The key to the White House is the perfect gift for you!

    I do not know why they made the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel so weak that it cannot hold up to a few clawr marks.

  9. Chey~!
    Hope you healthy and happy everyday just like your birthday~!

  10. We noze nuffink!

    Luf, Us

  11. We had such a wonderful time at your party. Thank you so much. Dancing on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was a blast.

    So glad you have the key to the White House. …… perhaps it will make the next Bite & Run much easier!

    Happy Birthday

    oh by the way…. i think they do know about last night…..

  12. Don’t worry, Chey. I was ever-vigilant and keeping strict surveillance over all, and no one saw anyone walk on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, which no one did, no way.


    PS: We’re having a big clearance to help raise funds for the Cat Blogosphere, if you’d like to sneak over and see.

  13. Those were some cool gifts to choose from, glad you had a good party!

  14. I’m glad you had a nice birthday! I am so sorry I missed it.

    Happy Birth Yesterday!

  15. did we go to the sistine chapel? i have no memory of being there. dancing on the ceiling? what? do you think we’re philistines? we were all in australia visiting gypsy and tasha.

    happy birthday!

    i’d like to be on your italian cabinet. i am sometimes called ‘benjamino’ after all.

    i’d also like to head up your office for the licensing of professional feline adoration (professional kitty huggers).

    can you make those happen? i’ll toss a few temptations your direction to pay your credit card bill.

  16. oh chey – happy birthday for yesterday! sorry we didn’t make it in yesterday – meowmie wasn’t around to help us. but we sneaked in last thing and grabbed a salmon and crab treat and a niptini too! 🙂

    happy happy birthday beautiful! x

  17. Sistine Chapel ceiling? No, of course not. It was fun though!

  18. Chey when you get to the White House, could you please do something about the gas prices? They suck and we can not afford to go anywheres anymore around here! Maybe some of your super smart cabinet guys can figure out a way to recycle kitty litter and make it into something that can power cars!!?? That would really help out the beans so they can take us to Petsmart and Petco and other fun places!
    Signed Miss Peach Washington district Pasco

  19. If anyone had walked on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which they didn’t, and put claw marks in it, which they didn’t, we are sure a few water colours would haf added to it’s beauty. But of course we know nuffin about anyfing.The keys to the White House wuz a great gift.

  20. Happy Birthday a little late Chey! We are am sorry we missed your birthday.

    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  21. What ceiling, we don’t know any sistine ceiling…

  22. BTW: I apologize for not getting you something earlier, so I hope you’ll settle for this Small offering of cash.

    I realize that it’s such an impersonal gift and all, but I was fury busy with the opening of the pub….

  23. aahh oohh yoo didnt leafe paw prints on the ceiling did yoo??? we hope they dont get owt the pa print kit.

  24. I’m so sorry that I missed your birthday. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. A key to the White House, how fun! How I would like to explore it with you. Maybe you could rent it out to raise campaign money.

  25. The key to the White House – what a fantastic gift! Too cool!

  26. oh wow, that is a grate green papur yoo got! And a key to the white house…how awesome!!

  27. Whoa, great Chey! Your very own green paper. Way to go!
    Oh I definitely no nothing. About anything. Just ask my sisfurs.
    your bud Pepi

  28. Oh Chey, thank you for making us your Sunday Guest Star!! We are very honored! So sorry it took so long to respond so many things happening at once! So glad you liked the key to the White House. We thought you could take a peek and see what needs to be done before you move in!!
    Your FL furiends,

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