Photo Hunt: I Spy

img_0545a.jpgI Spy Gemini!

Can you spy where she is?

This is one of our favorite photos of her as we cleaned out a closet once. She is so certain this is a great hiding place. She is very shy and is always hiding.

You won’t tell her that you have spied her will you? She knows you can’t see her under all the clothing and stuff. She can’t see you, but maybe she hears you? Her ears look like they are a little flattened out.


  1. Where is Gemini? I do not spy her. She is doing a very good job hiding!

  2. Oh Gemini, I SPY you in the closest trying to hide!! We love that picture!
    Your FL furiends,

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  4. How cute!! My sister Quest hangs out in the closet often surprising my Momma.

  5. I won’t tell Gemini that I can see her. She picked a good spot to hide.

  6. Oh yes a great hiding spot! 🙂

  7. Where’s Gemini? We can’t see her anywhere!

    Luf, Us

  8. Hi Gemini! Oh, wait, I can’t see you!

  9. No. I do not see her either.
    lots of clothing in your closets, ours look the same over here.
    Plenty for the beans to chose from

  10. What a delightful photo. A really nice place to rest. Have a great weekend

  11. I can’t see Gemini either,
    Hello, Gemini, come out now!!

  12. Amember, if yoo can’t see dem dey can’t see yoo!

  13. That is a great hiding space!! We aren’t allowed in the closet, so you are really lucky.

  14. I love it. Mine is up too.

  15. Where is she? I don’t believe she’s there at all!

  16. [whispering] Oh Chey, what a great photo!! We barely recognized her. Gemini is so sure nobody sees her, hahaha.

    Karl & Ruis

  17. Our kitties get into some strange places too!

    I played too 🙂

  18. Cats find the craziest places to hide don’t they?!?

    Love the picture!

  19. Nope, I do not spy Gemini. The rule is, if your eyes are covered, you are invisible.

  20. Wow Gemini! I almost missed you you are hiding so well!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  21. Gemini…nice to meet ya;
    we luv to play hiding too, especially in our mommie’s closet behind her clothes & underwear;)

  22. Kitties are perfect for ‘I spy’!

  23. Heeheehee!!! That’s a rule, it you cover your eyes,then nobody can see you!!!!!!
    Good job hiding Gemini!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Aww, what a cute cat! Cat’s are always great at hiding!

  25. Nope, I don’t see Gemini anywhere … but she looks beautiful even if I can’t see her.


  26. Great hiding place, Gemini!
    Daphne is very proud of you!

  27. i see nothing but clothes… you are hallucinating.

  28. Oh, how cute.

    We’re also glad the USMC is taking the puppy throwing incident seriously. Someone who would do that and laugh has done it before and doesn’t see it as wrong.

  29. I Spy Gemin-I. But we won’t tell her.

  30. If Gemini can’t see us, then that means we can’t see her……duzn’t it?

  31. I can see you!! Now, can you see me? Wuakkaka… (= happy weekend (-

  32. Hehehehe – there’s Gemini!

    Come visit us tomorrow to see da answer to how many puppies was in da photo.

  33. i found you i found you!

  34. Wow, Gemini, you’re hiding really good in that photo – oh wait, sorry, we meant to say ‘What is a photo of clothes and stuff doing on a cat blog??’.

    Like a few kitties mentioned in the commencts, it is a well known fact that if you can’t see anyone, then they definitely can’t see you.

    Purrs to all

    Gypsy & Tasha

  35. Hahahahahaha! Great shot!

  36. Oh so cute! Love it!
    Reminds me of my dog… we always look for her even though we can see her right under our noses. She just likes it when we are looking for her.

  37. I think I can see her too. FAZ

  38. Oh, what a sweet picture of Gemini hiding in the closet! She reminds of Willow who also seems to hide a lot!

  39. ohh I wanna plays..I-spy…I can’t see you, I play that all the time and put my feets over my eyes and mommy can’t find me…meows…

  40. That is a great photo of I Spy. We love it. Mom says if you want the whole cabinet scoop, go here:


  41. Oooo… she can’t see us with her eyes does not mean we cannot see her? Hehe 😛

  42. We see Gemini! 🙂

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