Photo Hunt High

img_2846a.jpgThis weeks photo hunt is high. I don’t have any good photos of me up high, but the Woman did take a nice photo of Mt. Si. The little treed area is close to the place where the hiking trail summits the small mountain in North Bend, WA.

This is a lovely hike about half an hour outside of Seattle. This was taken in January when there was snow down to the floor of the Snoqualmie Valley. I don’ t think there were many hikers that day. This is one of the “highest” photos we could find!


  1. Looks like a nice place with great nature views. But I’m sure it’s freezing cold which explains the lack of hikers.
    Happy Weekend!

    My PH here & here

  2. What a great view!

  3. I bet that you will be panting away climbing such a high mountain. anyway, it’s better to stay at home where it’s warmer 😛

    Pss.. no wonder I’m putting on weight… lack of exercise.. hehe 😛

    Hop in for some fun
    and/or have a look sometimes why need things to be HIGH
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. That’s huge.

  5. That looks live a very pretty place to go hiking…. in the summer. We have to drive about 2 hours to get to something high like that.

    We are also writing to let you know you came in 3rd in our contest. Please e-mail us at taramorse (AT) aol (DOT) com with your address so we can send you your prize.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  6. G’day Chey – this is Pye’s mom.

    That was a good “high” picture!

  7. Well, it is beautiful, but we think we will stay in our yard! We’d have to have a lot of naps to go up there.

  8. Oh wow! I would like to go hunting birdies there!

  9. That is a great HIGH picture. I would not want to climb up that!! 😉
    Purrs Mickey

    Thanks for the comments about your book. It is sad when ‘authors’ use a book mainly to sell other products! They see a trendy topic and jump on the bandwagon. I will be careful when looking at books in future 😉

  10. great shot – I’ll wait for you at the bottom.

  11. Dat iz a great high place!

  12. Wow, that is stunning!!

  13. High indeed! What’s the view like from up there? Must be gorgeous. Nice entry.

  14. That is a very good picture of high! I would really like to climb a mountain and be a mountain lion…well cougar.

  15. its really a great picture! has a special cool athmosphere:)

  16. Lovely photo! That mountain certainly looks very high!

  17. Acraphobia… agraphobia.. spiders, high places (the ZH cannot remember which & is too lazy to go to the dictionary…) whatever the phobia we got it:
    highaphobia. Yeah.

  18. That looks very high, and very COLD! Brrrrr.

  19. That is very very high. Too high for us, but it is lovely to look at.

  20. cool! that is very high!

  21. Mommy would love to be there and enjoy the beauty!

  22. That looks much too high for me! I will stay on my cat tree and let the beans go way up there!!

    ~ Noah

  23. rosieandcheeto says:

    wowwee, that one high place. Thares lots of wite stuff on it. Is that fur!?!

  24. Great nature views.

  25. Wow! I love your picture, just keep it up and enjoy!!!

    check mine also:

    Happy Weekend guys!!!

  26. That is a pretty good HIGH picture! It must be miles and miles to get to the top! Have a happy Sunday!
    Your FL furiends,

  27. Great photo! Thankyou for dropping by and for all your purrs when I was so ill. I am a bit better now but still feel very weak.Will come again when I feel stronger.

  28. That looks like quite a hike! And a chilly one.

  29. That is an amazing view! A great take on this week’s theme

  30. I love that picture of high. I live up high and have views like that nearby.

  31. Oh pretty! Maw lufs hiking in WA!!!

    Luf, Us

  32. Yike! That sure is HIGH! We nefer saw anything higher than a tree before…

  33. That certainly does look high! Kinda scary!

  34. What a terrific picture for the theme! That looks really “high” up and quite chilly too!

  35. There’s only one reason why I love this shot. Only one: because it is simply amazing. Did you know it looks cool? It also looks like scenes in “Narnia”, “Ice Age” and “Harry Potter” (= Amazing (=

  36. Just stunning! Great photo hunters. Sorry I was late getting around to everyone’s posts.

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