Photo Hunt Different

img_2746a.jpgWell, a photo of me could have been used because I am a different type of politician but the Woman decided that perhaps we should go for a different cat. Then she remembered a photo of her Siamese Cat earrings, which she liked because they were Different.

We also felt that this continued our Siamese theme and as the earrings were not ME, they were a Different Cat so fit the bill for the week of Different all the way around.

So I guess that means you will have to survive DIFFERENTLY this weekend as you will not have me to gaze upon.


  1. They’re very purrty! 🙂

  2. Looks like an earful…

  3. Wowww….this is really unique!!!!
    I love this art style!!

  4. I like those earrings and they are very true to life, complete with a spot 13!

  5. MOL-cat bum! 😀

  6. Yep we like those earrings too, and they are different. We haf never seen earrings wiv a spot#13 befurr.

  7. Coming and going, complete with a spot 13!

  8. Cute! I have kitty earrings too, but mine don’t have all the detail on the reverse side like yours do. ; )

  9. Your human does not mind having a cat butt so near her nose when she wears those rings on her ears? My Mommy always says, “Cecil get that stinky thing out of my face!” when my butt gets too close to her nose! Hmph.

  10. Heehee! Earrings with a Spot #13!

  11. Oh, those are such kute earrings! hehe Furry kool. And furry annatomickally ackurate!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. ohh that is really neat earning..;) Great entry for this week theme..Have a wonderful weekend too;)
    Life’s impression

  13. Leave it to you Chey! Too funny!

  14. Your Mom is actually wearing Spot 13?

  15. Hello! I’m fine! Everything went well. Beanies have been taking good care of me! thanks for checking in!

    My beans and i appreciate your kind words!

  16. Those earrings are really cute, and different, yes!

  17. Those are adorable earrings — simply charming! And *giggling* at the spot 13 view!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  18. Haha tose are great! Happy weekend

  19. Those really are some “different” earrings! My Lap Lady has some kind of like that too!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  20. Yep, not yoo and not your sisfurs is different. They’s at least Meezers tho!

  21. Mom likes those earrings!!!
    They really are DIFFERENT!!!!
    Miss your pretty face 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  22. These earrings are actually very unique and beautiful. Each and every girl in this world would like to wear these beautiful cat earrings.

  23. Those earings are funny! They show spot 13 at its bestest 🙂

  24. We didn’t get to do the Photo Hunt, but wanted to say we like your ‘Different’ 🙂

  25. Those earings are hysterical.

  26. Wasted.. I can’t wear earrings.. haha. Cute pair you have there 🙂

  27. Lovely earrings, but are they heavy?

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