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Photo Hunt Metal

img_3461a.jpgSo this photo is of something metal. Does anyone recognize them? Yes they are a bunch of acupuncture needles the Woman was photographing.

So here is an interesting question. She is wondering what keeps people from visiting an acupuncturist for so long? There are stories on the news and in magazines about how acupuncture can help, but many people still only try it as a last resort (and are surprised when it works.) Leave any thoughts in the comments.


And if you aren’t feeling so well–check out your local acupuncturist. I bet they can help.

Feature Friday

img_3651a.jpgFrom the Cat Post Intelligencer:

In an unprecedented speech, Cheysuli has managed to offend all her presidential human rivals. Cheysuli’s speech attacks John McCain for being “an old white guy with bad hair and no memory.” The McCain camp planned to issue a comment on this, but they forgot.

Next the Presidential Candidate came under fire from the Clinton camp when she called Senator Hillary Clinton a Woman. “This is just appealing to the sexist nature of the race,” stated Senator Clinton.

Finally she came under fire from the Obama camp by calling the senator “A Male, much like the Human Male. Why would I trust him?” Obama supports state that “Obama is not, nor has he ever been in any way related to the Human Male. We resent the implications, Cheysuli.”

Closing her speech Cheysuli said, “I am tired of everyone else getting to play the human version of Thundering Herd of Elephants around the campaign trail. I just want to be a part. If you don’t like what I say, grow up and start talking about the issues. And if you want to bribe me, stop sending me those stupid tickets to Vegas, they keep kicking me out. Play with my feather toy!!! ”

edited note: we believe Senator Obama is offended by being compared to the Human Male *I* live with. I admit it was harsh, but I am honest.


And of course this is Feature Friday so that means that the most intriguing comment will be the Sunday Guest Star! And you know what? This week’s guest star leads off the CARNIVAL OF THE CATS!!! So get your posts submitted so we have a BIG one!

Thankful Thursday

img_3629a.jpgI think today is a wonderful day to thank Mom Robyn and ML for all the work they have done coordinating so much of the fund raising and donations for the Cat Blogosphere all this time.

My human has always been someone who wants to help but has never been certain how. She has also worried sometimes about helping too much with the online community because, honestly, we don’t know who you are. The outpouring of concern and the community here is such that when some of the cats we have gotten to know via the blogosphere have had a need, she has immediately donated. Having helped Robyn set up the baby shower website, and after working on themes for awhile and gone off to see a patient she came home to find Robyn had basically changed it and made it look perfect. Having spent her time working on it, she knows how much time and effort went into that and also how much compassion.

While you may have left the positions of head facilitators and headache bearers for all of us, we are left to be thankful for this community you have created. Many cats have brought us together, each of us finding blogs that we liked and started reading and finding other cats. However, you all created the community that we know and it is a wonderful one. For that we are very thankful.

Meezer Rule Wednesday

thundering-herds-of-elephants-in-the-white-house.jpgMy Meezer Rule this week is: Act confidently and you will be rewarded.

Here I am with my photo already on the wall of the White House. I had hoped not to announce this but Sassy, Karl, Emil, Mrs. Oz, Opus and Roscoe, Ruis, Socks, Scylla and Charbdis found it on the trip through the White House with the Taylor Cats. Ah well, I am outted.

I plan to change the photo when I am inaugurated to something with me in a dark blue dress rather than a blazer. I think it looks a bit on the masculine side don’t you think?

I have to admit, this was a badly needed boost to my campaign, what after that speech that Mr. Obama gave the other day and another today. He already draws more crowds than I do. I am rather miffed. I am the only rock star candidate!

At any rate, thanks to Momo for the wonderful graphics.

We’d also like to acknowledge and offer our appreciation to all the efforts of the cats and their humans at the Cat Blogosphere and the Cat Friends helping Friends and their efforts. While we are sorry that such a wonderful effort has to end (at least for the moment) we do understand why this has had to happen.  We offer our thanks and applause for all that you have done.  In fact, that’s another Meezer Rule–go thank ML and Mom Robyn for all their hard work!

Tabby Tuesday

img_3676a.jpgOh dear. Yesterday was not a good day. First I vomited up two furballs and then I vomited up more bile. I did this all night and I was not a happy cat. I kept everyone awake. Then the Almost Dad got mad at me for purring but it wasn’t me who was purring! It was Georgia. I was a quiet cat trying to get some rest. Then I vomited again. Momma was getting worried about me.

Just when I was starting to feel better, there was a knock at the door. I growled and went to hide. It was the people who were putting in cabinets for our kitchen. They were very noisy and I did not like it at all. It was too noisy. I got locked into the big bedroom. Momma hasn’t found that I have vomited any more though.

Maybe it’s because I am not an Irish cat but I have greenish eyes?

Meezer Monday

cheys-inaugural.jpgFrom the AP

How Will Presidential Candidate Chey Hussein Suli take the presidential oath of office? It is well known that she follows Bast rather than Christianity. Will she refuse to take the oath of office on a Bible if elected or will she choose some other more pagan oath?

“I believe we swear on the Bible because it is something sacred,” stated the Presidential Candidate. “I believe the Bible is a sacred book. I just choose to follow Bast. This does not meant that I don’t believe that the Bible is sacred.”

Evangelicals are offended by the statements made by Cheysuli and call for Bast, her personal spiritual adviser to step down.

“Bast is not the sort of Christian advisor one ought to have,” stated one critic.

Cheysuli stated that she supports Bast as her spiritual adviser and Bast will not be stepping down. “I’d rather talk about the issues than the non issue of Bast,” came a statement from the Cheysuli campaign.


Special thanks to Zoolatry for her great artwork, no matter what the critic have done with it! :).

Sunday Guest Star

2007jffcrystal.jpgI cannot tell you all how touched I am that everyone supports me in spite of being a little bit naughty. I am so glad everyone appreciates my honesty about all my little mistakes.

It was a tough choice on the Guest Star. I had several favorites but we went with Jan’s Funny Farm because they have not yet been recognized this year. You will agree that they had a very intriguing comment.

As we have posted on JFF, we back you all the way. And we’re grateful you have the integrity to be upfront about your personal scandals so voters will have all the information necessary to know 100% without a doubt true-blue (or is that Siamese brown?) you will never look them in the eye and lie to them. We are lucky to have you as a candidate and we will support you all the way to the White House.

Yes, we’ll support your right to use a credit card even though you hadn’t any money. We’ll support your right to be both Prime Minister of Italy and President of the Us. But we’re sorry can’t support you financially. We don’t have any finances.

I believe it is true blue (because after all my eyes are blue blue). I am so pleased that you support me despite having no finances. I think you too should get a credit card so that you can support me that way too!

It was, of course, tough to choose just one photograph from your site. I hope you don’t think I am playing favorites by choosing Crystal.


Photo Hunt: I Spy

img_0545a.jpgI Spy Gemini!

Can you spy where she is?

This is one of our favorite photos of her as we cleaned out a closet once. She is so certain this is a great hiding place. She is very shy and is always hiding.

You won’t tell her that you have spied her will you? She knows you can’t see her under all the clothing and stuff. She can’t see you, but maybe she hears you? Her ears look like they are a little flattened out.

Feature Friday

Chey washingCheysuli answers questions on whether she is fit to run for President:

Have you ever solicited a man in a public restroom?

I have never been in a public restroom, so no.

Have you ever been involved in prostitution?

I was a Siamese breeding queen. Define prostitution.

Do you have any ties to organized crime?

I wouldn’t call Tony Soprano and his associates particularly organized.

Have you ever called a phone sex number?

Only when trying to activate my credit card.

Have you ever appeared in questionable photos?

Umm… hello? Are you BLIND? And it wasn’t my idea!

Do you have any illegitimate children of mixed race?

All my children were illegitimate, I was a queen, but all were purebred. Hence the breeder status.

Have you ever been accused of a felony?

Is forgery a felony?

Can we see your tax returns?

I have never earned money so do not have one but if I did you would be welcome to it!

Can we check your campaign finances?

Absolutely, this is where you will find reference to that silly forgery thing.. and um… I believe fraudulent credit card practices…

Do you have any secrets that will keep you from being elected to the office for which you are running?

I have no secrets. My scandals are an open book and I am proud of them!

There you have it. Cheysuli: a little bit naughty, but honest.


Remember it’s Feature Friday. Most intriguing comment will be featured as the Sunday Guest Star

Thankful Thursday

pinkg.jpgWell here it is. Georgia’s leg looking a bit pink. This is pretty good considering the paint color is called “Red Red Wine”. This is great. At some point as her leg mats back up we will cut it out.

We are thankful that we were able to get that much out. We are also thankful that she can’t wash herself back there so we don’t have to worry about her licking something she shouldn’t.

We are happy about good news at Jan’s Funny Farm. Roscoe wasn’t really a stray, he just seemed like it. We are happy this his owners were found. I am sure they were even happier!

Also, Yao-lin had a birthday. Had I know, I would have gotten him something. Maybe Baby Mao painted in Red Red Wine… I think he’d have liked that!

We are also thankful that Chase was feeling so generous as we answered the question at the same time as Queen Snickers, but I think her connection was a bit faster as it showed up when we posted our response… Darned wireless…